SECOND CHANCE (Chapter 28)


5 Years Later

5 years can bring a whole lot of changes in anyone’s life. changes that happens from the smallest of small to the largest of large things. but there are still some things that remains unchanged.


A big mansion is shown. Inside the kitchen of the house AP is aligning a tray with breakfast for someone. as soon as she is about to pick it up another pair of hands took the tray.

AP: Nayna beta, thum rehne dho. I’ll give it to Sanskaar.

N(smiling): no Aunty, I’ll give it to him. you take rest. aur vaise bhi, you haven’t even allowed me to help you with any of the works.

AP: but beta, its not good for you to climb up and down the stairs like this. see, its your 7th month.

N: but Aunty, I’ll get bored sitting idle and you have been working from morning.
you are having your flight back to Mumbai in almost 5 hrs. so I suggest you take rest for sometime.

AP(smiling and caressing Nayna’s hair): fine. but be careful while climbing the stairs.

AP leaves to her room and Nayna heads upstairs. she reached infront of a room and knocked at its door. from inside a voice asks her to go in.
she gets in and sees Sanskaar immersed in files.

N: Sanky, see I’ve bought your breakfast. now come and have it fast.

S(keeping his files aside and going towards her): Nayna, why did you bring this? you could have asked Ramu kaka (servant) to do it. you shouldn’t be moving here and there like this. anyways, keep it there (indicating the tray). I’ll have it later.

N: not happening. you are having it now and thats final.

Nayna keeps the tray on the table beside her and signalled Sanskaar to have his food. Sanskaar silently went towards the table and sat on the chair and started having his food while Nayna made herself comfortable on the chair opposite to that of Sanskaar.

S: when is mom’s flight?

N: at 6. we hardly have 5 hrs before she leaves.

S: hmmmm

N: Sanky, actually, aunty is really upset that you hadn’t even fir once visited Mumbai in tbe past 3 years. she wants you to move back and you know……

S: Nayna, pls don’t bring out that topic again.

Nayna just nods her head and a deep silence prevails between them. Sanskaar finishes his breakfast and picks up his plates.

N: Sanky, give it to me. I’ll take it downstairs.

S: no need yaar. I’ll take it myself and you should take rest and no more arguments, OK.

he then leaves with the tray and decided to check on his mother after keeping his plates in kitchen.
Sanskaar finds AP sitting on her bed caressing one of the photo-frames with his photograph in it.

Sanskaar slowly goes in and AP on seeing him keeps the frame aside. Sanskaar goes and sits on the floor kneeling, with his head on her lap and she softly ran her fingers through his hair.

S: mom, you could have lied down and rested na.
aur vaise, what were you doing with my photo? chori karne ki irada dhi kya?

AP(hitting on his shoulders): thum bhi na. but ha, when I don’t have my son beside me always, then I believe mujhe photo se hi kaam chalana padega.
(continuing after a bit of silence)
Sanskaar, come back na. I agree that we sent you here 3 years back but that doesn’t mean you never come back to Mumbai again.

S: mom, you know na. there are many things that connects me to this city. I like it here.

AP: par beta, kab thak you will stay like this?
Sanskaar kya mein thumse kuch maang sakthi hu?

S: hmmm

AP: just gimme back my old Sanskaar. who used to laugh from his heart and not for others. who used to be always happy.

S: mom, its nothing like that. I’m really happy and……

just then they heard a knock at their door and the duo looks up and both their faces lit up seeing the person and Sanskaar immediately went and engulfed him into a hug while AP caressed his hair.

S: Tani, you were coming tomorrow, right?

T: haan, but then I thought since aunty would be leaving today, I should come meet her before she leaves.

AP: accha kiya beta, vaise, have you informed Nayna about your arrival?

T: nahi Aunty, I thought to surprise her.

S: tho jaldi chalo, she might be in the guest room. I had asked her to take rest.

T: tu bhi aana.

S: kyu?

T: arre, I hadn’t called her for past 1 week and she might be angry on me. pls na, only you can pacify her.

Both went towards the room where Nayna was lying on the bed closing her eyes. Sanskaar knocked the door while Tanish stood behind it so that she couldn’t notice him. Nayna sat upon the bed and Sanskaar sat next to her on a chair.

S: Nayna, Tanish would be back by tomorrow, right?

N(miffed): how would you know? your dear friend hadn’t called me from the past 1 week neither is he picking up my calls.

S: so……., you are angry on him?

N: aur nahi tho kya. let him come back, I’ll show what hell is.

just then Tanish comes in and closes her eyes from back. she immediately identified him and a small curve crept up her lips which instantly changed into annoyance and she jerked his hand at once.

N: Sanky, tell your friend that I’m not interested in talking to him. he doesn’t even remember he have a wife who is pregnant and even for once didn’t tried to contact her a week.

T: Sanky, pls make her understand that her husband was busy speeding up his works so that he could meet her as soon as possible.

the both were indulged in their verbal debate while Sanskaar was adoring their cute nok jok. he then notices Tanish holding his ears while saying sorry and Nayna forgiving him after putting forward a pact of do’s and don’ts. the couple then hugged each other and Tanish was even talking to her baby bump.
the trio then sat talking on random topics.

S: vaise Tani, haven’t you bought anything for Nayna?

T: laaya haina.

he takes out a box from his luggage and gave it to Nayna. she opens it with utmost curiosity. the box contained a small music box completely covered with Naynish’s photographs and once on opening it, the box played Nayna’s favourite song. Nayna was so overwhelmed by the gift that she welled up a bit.

N: wow Tani, this is so beautiful.

T: well, from now on whenever you miss me then you could share everything with this.

N: oh ho…. patidev aaptho romantic ho gaya.

they share an eye lock.

S: guys, I think I should leave you people to do the rest of your romance alone.
I’m going to my room.

on entering his room, Sanskaar bolted the door and took out a crystal ball from his cupboard. the crystal ball had a couple inside it with snowflakes always falling on them. the ball was illuminated by blue color light, which gave it a magical look. on the surface of the ball there was a cute and beautiful heart shaped pic of Ragsan and ‘I love you’ flashed on the pic.

Sanskaar securely held the ball in his hands while tears were oozing out from his eyes. he sat on his armchair with his eyes closed.
Both Sanskaar and Ragini were sitting on a rock beside the seashore with both their legs in water while the gentle waves ruffled against their legs.

S: Rago, why do you wanna go alone? even I’ll join you na.

R: no Sanky, I don’t want you to skip all your works just for accompanying me.

S: then why do you wanna go Delhi all of a sudden?

R: you know na, I need to look after the business there too. infact, I just love Delhi. that place is so beautiful.
Sanky, can I ask you something?

S: from when did you need permission for that?

R: shaadi ke baath, we will shift to Delhi with our parents.

S: Fine.
but Rago, pls I’ll come with you na tomorrow.

R: I very well remember how much over time works you needed to do, because you had accompanied me last time. I don’t want you to stress too much.

S: but how can I stay without you. I will terribly miss you.

R: well I have a solution for that.

S: what?

Ragini takes out the same crystal ball from her bag and gives it to Sanskaar.

S: wow Rago, this is so beautiful.

R: Sanky, now whenever you miss me or you wanna talk to me but I’m not with you, then you could tell everything to this and I’ll know it.

he takes it from her hands and they both hug each other.

Tears were rolling down Sanskaar’s closed eyes. he slowly opened his eyes and held the crystal ball more closer to him.

S: why did you leave me Rago? see what had you made me. I had tried a lot to move on from your memories but always gets more dragged into it. I have been trying really hard to make others believe that I’m happy but what about my self conscience?
it should have been me in your place. why did I allow you to take my car? just come back to me. plssss. I won’t be able to live without you anymore.

his chain of thoughts were broken by Tanish who called him downstairs. he wiped his tears and freshened up and went down where the 3 friends along with AP had a good time.
after a couple of more hours Naynish left to their house while AP and Sanskaar left in their car to the airport. the whole journey was accompanied by silence within them.
soon they reached the airport and as AP was about to enter inside, she hugged her son while few tears escaped her eyes and even Sanskaar welled up a bit.

AP(holding Sanskaar’s hand): I just hope that I get my old Sanskaar back.

S: mom……, you are…

AP(cutting in): Sanskaar, I’m your mom. you can lie to the whole world but not me.
just move on beta. find someone for you…..

S: mom pls….

AP: Sanskaar just think, whether your Rago will be happy seeing you like this. atleast for her.

S: I’ll try mom.

AP then again hugged him and she left. after a while Sanskaar also left the place. he roamed around the city visiting all of Ragini’s favourite spots. finally he reached the Taj Mahal.
he sat at the loneliest part of the place. memories of Sanskaar proposing Ragini at the spot and their cute moments flashed in front of him.


after Sanskaar and Shekhar’s return from the accident spot, Sanskaar was seen as a lifeless body who tightly held on to the Ragini’s pendant.
after almost a week, Shekhar and Janki decided to return back to London as they believed they could feel their daughter’s presence more there. after that they had never returned.

Sanskaar had locked up himself and didn’t even step out of his room for almost 2 years and AP and DP were very much tensed about his state.
but after 2 years there were changes in his behaviour as he started talking and behaving normally with others as if he got some reason to live.
by this time Tanish had planned to establish his business in Delhi and DP and AP had convinced Sanskaar to join him. soon the two shifted to Delhi and started their own business along with managing their paternal ones.
Tanish then married Nayna and as the couple shifted to Delhi, Sanskaar moved to his own house which he had designed according to how Ragini would like.
Sanskaar used to occasionally visit Jankhar at London.
he used to talk to the crystal ball thinking it to be Ragini.


Sanskaar’s chain of thoughts were broken by his phones ringtone, which was Ragini’s favourite music. he saw Tanish calling him and immediately attended it.
soon he left from there to Naynish’s home were they had their dinner. later they were sitting at the hall talking.

T: Sanky, we need to go to NY for a meeting, after 2 weeks.

S: then what about Nayna?

T: well, I was planning to send her to Mumbai till we come back.

S: ohhhhhhh

T: so, I would be leaving with her. I’ll directly reach NY from Mumbai.

S: thats fine.

T: but Sanky, its okay if you have any other works here, you could stay back.

S: no, its ok. I’ll join you.

they then talked on some random topics and after a while Sanskaar left.


Sanskaar was sitting in the lobby of the airport. Tanish had already informed him that he had reached. their meetings were to take place after 2 days of Sanskaar’s arrival.
suddenly Sanskaar felt his heart beat skip for a second. he was feeling solace at that moment. his heart felt immense pleasure and a soothing wind touched his face.
he felt as if his Rago was around him even when he was sure that it could not happen even in his wildest dreams.
hr felt restless and he got up from his seat and took his suitcase, his only luggage and was about to move when he heard a lady voice saying “sorry” to someone. he was damn sure that he can never misinterpret that voice even in his semi-conscious state.
a single tear tripped down his left eye and he turned with at most shock on his face.
as he turned around he saw a young lady kneeling down and picking up her fallen luggage. she was wearing a high waisted denim shorts with white crop-top and her open hair had fallen covering her face. she picks up her bag and stands up. as she adjusts her hair behind her ear, her face was easily visible to Sanskaar.
he stood numb at his place and the only word that escaped his mouth was “Rago”.

hey guys, sorry for being late. I know its almost a month now. actually I had planned to end it by the previous chappy itself but then decided not to end it on a sad note and I thought as I hadn’t mentioned about ending it, you people might be waiting. sorry for making you all wait for such a long time.
also my update won’t be any sooner because I’m busy with my exams. but I’ll try to post it before 31st of this month.
hope you people liked this and wishing you all a very late diwali wishes.
take care.

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