SECOND CHANCE (Chapter 27)

On The Day Of Naynish Engagement

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Sanskaar came to Ragini’s house as they had planned to go to the engagement venue together.
Sanskaar went in and one of the maids directed him towards Ragini’s room. he was looking really handsome in his sherwani.

Sanskaar entered into Ragini’s room and saw her adorning herself with her diamond stud earrings. he goes upto her and hugs her from back. Ragini who recognised his touch looked up and saw Sanskaar through the mirror and smiled at him.

Ragini was in her lehenga looking as pretty as always with a pair of diamond studs and also wore the same pendant Sanskaar gifted her. her hair was in long wavy curls.

S: you are looking hot and beautiful.

R(blushing): even you look no less. u r looking really handsome.

Sanskaar turns her towards him and holds her by her waist while she keeps her hands on his chest. they share an eye lock.

S: I think I will have to deal with a lot many people who would be drooling over you today.

R(blushing deeper): Sanskaar…….

S: ok ok.
I think we should leave now.

R: ya Naynish would be waiting for us. by the way we had promised them to reach early.

Ragini then proceeds to leave and Sanskaar holds her wrist and pulls her back. now both are standing facing the mirror.

S: perfect couple.

R(smiling): hmmm.
ab chalo, we are gettin late.

the both then leave in Sanskaar’s car.

they both came to the hotel were the engagement was supposed to be held. different rooms were booked for Naynish to get ready. the engagement was held in the grand hall of the hotel.
Ragini and Sanskaar entered into Nayna’s room and saw that Tanish was also present there. both were completely ready in their outfits and were talking to each other.

S: so, you can’t even wait till the engagement to meet her.

Tanish and Nayna blushes.

R: oh ho… some people are blushing.

T: stop pulling our legs guys. remember, we will also get the same opportunity.

just then Ragini’s phone rings and she picks it up.

R(on call): haan dad….. oh… I will be there…….. are you sure?….. pakka na…….. ok then…… bye……see you soon.

S: kya hua?

R: Dad and Mumma have arrived at the airport. I told them that I would come to pick them up but they refused saying they would go home on their own and then come here after freshening up. vaise bhi, engagement ke liye, abhi time haina.

S: hmmmm

just then Ragini’s phone rings again.

R: office se phone hai. I’ll be right back.

saying so she moves out and after a couple of minutes returns.

R: guys, I’m really sorry, there is a very urgent work in the office. so, I need to leave now.

N: but…

R: pls yaar. its really urgent. but I promise I will be back before you people exchange the rings.

S: ok then, I’ll also come with you.

R: no Sanky, you stay here with them. I promise I will be back on time.
aur haan, I would need your car. since we came together I don’t have any other vehicle to go in.

S: ok. (he hands over the keys). take care.

Ragini moves out and she was about to step out of the hotel when Sanskaar called out her name and came running to her.
he immediately hugged her.

R(breaking the hug): what happened Sanky?

S: I don’t know yaar, I’m having a gut feeling like something bad is gonna happen. are you sure that you don’t want me to come with you?

R: Sanky, relax. nothing is gonna happen. thum bekar mein tension le rahi ho.
now let me go and I’ll be back in a jiffy.

Sanskaar was not convinced but then he thought to let go of those thoughts. he kissed her forehead and caressed her face.

S(keeping his forehead with hers and whispering): take care.

Ragini went out and drove off in Sanskaar’s car, waving bye to Sanskaar. he too waved her back and stood there looking at the disappearing car while an unknown fear clutched his heart.


the functions were on full swing. there were dance performances, small small competitions to brighten the environment and in the centre of the dice Naynish were seated enjoying them.
but among all these Sanskaar was standing tensed due to reasons that were even unknown to him. just then Jankhar arrives and after meeting Naynish they went to Sanskaar.

SG: hey Sanky.

S: hai uncle, hai aunty.

JG: I think you could call us Mumma and Dad, just like Ragu call us.

S: ji Mumma.

SG: vaise, where is Ragu? she is not seen anywhere.

S: vho, dad, she got some urgent work in office. so, she went there. I think she would reach soon.

JG: yeh ladki bhi na, why can’t she just skip those things for atleast today.

SG: chill na jaanu. she will be back soon, wait I’ll call her.

Shekhar tries calling Ragini but her phone was switched off. so he thought she might be busy and decided to call her after sometime.

soon even the ring exchange ceremony was over but there was still no trace of Ragini. Shekhar was continuously trying her number but it was of no use. Janki was visibly tensed while Sanskaar’s heartbeats were also fastening.

SG: lets do one thing, I’ll go to the office to check for once.

S: dad, let me try calling her for the last time.

he then checks for his phone in his pocket and that is when realisation struck him that he had left it in the room itself.
he then rushed to get his phone and came back with it.
by this time, almost all the other guests other than the families of the 4 of them had already left.
Sanskaar was about to dial Ragini’s number when he noticed a voice message from Ragini that arrived almost more than an hour or so.

S(confused): Ragini ka voice messages??

SG: accha, toh play it na.

he plays it. it says:-

R(almond in a crying tone): Sanky, I believe this is the last time I would be talking to you.
the car’s breaks have malfunctioned and also I’m not able to slow down its speed. I’m sure I won’t be saved now.
Sanky, you should take care of yourself and our both parents. never let Mumma and Dad to break down. tell them that their princess is always there with them.
inform Naynish that I’m really happy for them and let their jodi always be like this forever.
(after a pause)
Sanskaar, I know you love me more than yourself but I think we weren’t destined to be together but I’m happy that I got my true love.
Sanky, you should forget me just like a dream and move in in your life. I’m sorry I couldn’t fulfill my promise of never leaving you.
but I want to tell you that I love you more than anything else in this world.

just as the message ends the phone fell down from Sanskaar’s hand and he stumbled at his steps and Tanish held him so that he doesn’t trip. everyone present there was crying there hearts out while Janki fainted.

the place that had been filled with happiness just a little while ago was now completely filled with silence except for the occasional weeps from the people present there.
Sanskaar was sitting on a corner just like a lifeless body not responding to anything. he was totally going blank.

just then the police arrives there. they tell them that they had come here as they traced down the number that had been last dialled from a phone that they got from near a blasted car. they had come for verification. they confirmed that it was Ragini’s phone.

Sanskaar and Shekhar went with the cops and once they reached the spot they got down. they noticed something like a car almost blasted to ashes on the side of the road. they went upto it.

cop: we believe that the car already crashed onto the tree and it is only after that it blasted. and even if anyone might have been inside, there are no chances of even getting his/her ashes, you see.
the whole thing is completely burned.

Shekhar had already broken down and Sanskaar was standing there numb unable to make any movement. just then his eyes fell on something shiny lying on the ground. he went upto it and picked it up.
he saw that it was the same chain and pendant he had gifted Ragini.
his eyes blurred his vision due to the unstoppable tears that were forming in his eyes.
he held on to the pendant tightly and screamed his lungs out calling Ragini’s name and started sobbing his heart out.

sorry guys if it is boring and I think thus turned out to be a shock. but I couldn’t help it, sorry. again sorry for the short update.

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