SECOND CHANCE (Chapter 26)

Sanskaar and Ragini reached Delhi by Thursday evening and both checked into their rooms which were adjacent to each other.
during the initial days Ragini used to be busy with her works while Sanskaar with his but even then they used to take out time to be with each other.
on Friday night, when Sanskaar had went to call Ragini for the dinner, she had told him that she would have it later as she was busy with her last time alterations. Sanskaar had complied to her after much try, only when she assured him that she will not skip her dinner.


Ragini gets up and freshens herself up and gets ready for her meeting. she then goes to Sanskaar’s room and knocked the door twice to get no response. then she entered the room to see Sanskaar sleeping on the bed peacefully while some if his files were scattered around him. he had a smile on his face.
seeing him thus, she could make out that he had slept late the other night. she thought of not disturbing him and stealthily went upto his bed arranged all the files that were spread around him. she kissed his forehead to which he smiled in his deep sleep and kept a note on the table and left.

Sanskaar wakes up yawning from his peaceful sleep. he looked around him and saw his files and laptop arranged on the table. a curve appeared on his lips thinking about the person who would have done this. he then looks at the time.

S: oh damn!!! its already 11:30. Rago might have left and I couldn’t even wish her.

just then he paper kept on the table adjacent to his bed. he picked it up and started reading it.
It said:-

” Good Morning Sanky,

when I came to bid bye to you before I leave, I saw you sleeping peacefully. so I thought of not disturbing your sleep. I know you might be feeling bad about not wishing me before I left, but I can understand Sanky, that you were up the whole night, so don’t worry.
I’ll back soon. bye.


Sanskaar was really overwhelmed reading the message she left. he was happy to know how well she understood him and how she could read what was in his mind even before he thinks about it.

@ Evening

Ragini directly entered into Sanskaar’s room after coming back from her meeting. Sanskaar who was on his couch studying some files lifted his head up to see the intruder. as he saw Ragini, he immediately went upto her and hugged her.

S: hey Rago, sorry yaar , I didn’t wake up before you left.
by the way, how was your meeting????

R: it’s ok yaar.
vaise, the meeting went well.
I am happy that now I would be free.

S: Rago, u r fine, right?(cupping her face) why do you look pale???

R: nothing yaar. ab yeh sab bathein chodo. I will be right back once I freshen up. vaise bhi, I’m really hungry.

saying so she left.

Sanskaar was waiting for Ragini from the past 1 hour and there wasn’t a trace of her. so he decided to check on her and went to her room.
he knocked her door twice and on not gettin any response, he opened the unlocked door.

he looked around and didn’t find anyone and he called out for her and didn’t get any response either.
he just scanned the place and saw Ragini lying on the floor, unconscious. Sanskaar stood there numb. he felt as if his muscles had stiffened and a lump formed in his throat. he felt it difficult to move but then he had to. he proceeded tentatively towards her. tears tripped from his eyes.

S: Rago, open your eyes Rago. look at me. what happened to you. Rago wake up you damn it.

he had kept her head on his lap and was continuously patting her face. he immediately informed at the reception and asked them to get a doctor as fast as possible.
he then lifted her and placed her on the bed. he sprinkled some water on her face as an effect of which she half opened her eyes and closed them again.

soon the doctor arrived and checked her.

S: what happened doctor? she is fine, right??

D: yes, Mr. Sanskaar. its just because of tiredness. she was weak. maybe she hadn’t had her food properly.
anyways, there is nothing to worry. I have given her an injection. she would wake up within an hour or so.

S: thank you so much doc.

D: thats fine. I will leave now.
take care that she have something when she wakes up and let her rest for today.

After An Hour Or So.

Ragini wakes up slowly opening her eyes and she notices Sanskaar staring at her while holding her hands tightly secured in his.
she tried to get up.

S: don’t. just lie down there itself.

R: but….

S(angry): no buts and ifs.

she tries to sit up and Sanskaar helped her in doing so. he was visibly angry at her.

R(making a cute face): Sanky…..are you angry on me???

S: aur nahi tho kya.
just tell when you had your food for the last time?

R(pouting): yesterday noon.

S: Rago, are you nuts????
why can’t you just take care of yourself?
now why didn’t you had your food?

R: actually, there were some last time alterations with the presentation and I was busy with it. and in the morning I was in a hurry. so…..

S: that is not a reason to skip your meals, you idiot.
you can’t even imagine how I felt when I saw you lying down.

R(holding her ears with both her hands): sorry.
I swear I won’t repeat it.

S: ok now, wait. I’ll bring food for you.
and don’t get up from here. doctor had asked you to rest for today.

she nods like a child. Sanskaar smiled at her and goes and brings food for her.
he then starts feeding her while she too does the same.

S(while feeding her): Rago, when I saw lying on the floor, I felt like my world stopped. I couldn’t even make a step from where I stood (a tear escaped his eye and he chocked while he spoke). I was….

R(interrupting): Sanky, I’m fine. don’t worry.

Sanskaar keeps the food tray aside and holds Ragini’s hands.

S: Rago, promise me, promise me that you will never leave me.

R: Sanky, I promise that I will be there always by your side.

they immediately hug each other. they then talked for a while.

S: Rago, I’ll leave now. you just sleep. I’ll come back in the morning.

Ragini nodded and Sanskaar left after planting a kiss on her forehead.

Next Day

Sanskaar opened his eyes to see Ragini staring at him with a smile and she wished him good morning.

S: Rago, why did you get up from your bed?

R: offo Sanky, I’m perfectly fine. see (turning herself around).
now you get ready fast. we should go explore Delhi.
come fast, we have only 3 days.

S: fine. (moving towards the bathroom) just give me 15 minutes.

after almost half am hour, Sanskaar came out and saw Ragini waiting for him.
they then had their breakfast and went out for sightseeing.

they had explored almost all of Delhi’s places and had a great time together. those three days were filled with joy and happiness and both were completely lost in each other.
Ragini was amused with each place she visited.

on their last day at Delhi, they decided to visit the Taj Mahal.
it was a full moon night and the river Yamuna twinkled with the light from the moon. the whole atmosphere was magical and Ragini was really excited to see the place.
after a while of roaming around, Sanskaar took Ragini to the middle of the garden.

he then went on his knees.

S: Ragini, the day I met you, I felt like I was connected to you. my whole life, my happiness, joy and everything revolves around you.
even a day without seeing you or talking to you, felt like a decade.
my heartbeat increases whenever I’m with you. it feels like I’m at the top of the world. I can’t even imagine a second with you in my life.
you completes me Rago and I love you more than anything else in this world, more than even my life.
I love you and I promise to always keep you happy. I promise you that every hardship that comes to you should first deal with me before it reaches you.
(he takes out a beautiful diamond ring from a velvet box that was kept in his pocket and forwards it to Ragini)
Miss. Ragini Gadodia I love you and I want you always by my side.
so, will you marry me and be mine for always, in this life and the even the next seven?

Ragini who was by now standing there with her eyes filled with tears says a yes and immediately forwards her hand to which he slid the ring.
Sanskaar then stands up and both hugged each other tight.
Sanskaar then breaks the hug and makes Ragini turn the other side. now Sanskaar was facing Ragini’s back. he then slides her hair to one of her shoulders and then placed a neckpiece on her neck which was a beautiful heart shaped pendant fully studded with diamonds and there was RS inscribed on it in an Italian font.
Ragini was really touched with his gift that she immediately hugged him thanking him.


Ragini and Sanskaar reached Mumbai and since their whole journey was a hectic one they decided to go to their offices only by the next day.

the next day both Ragsan were called by Naynish to discuss something and the 4 of them met at the bubblegum restaurant after their office timing.

S: so, guys, what is it that you people wanted to tell us personally, that too face to face??

T: vho Sanky, we have decided to keep our engagement function next week.

R: what? so fast?

N: just the engagement yaar. wedding would be only after an year or so.

S: oh. so what about all the arrangements? I mean its so soon.

T: ho jayega.

R: hmmm
guys, have you done the shopping and all.

N: nope. we were waiting for you people to come back.

S: tho date fix kiya?

T: hmmmm. we were planning to hold it on Sunday.

R: cool. mumma and dad had went back to London for some business reasons. even they would come back on Sunday morning.
I think we could go for shopping tomorrow, what say?

T: no yaar, I have an important meeting tomorrow. how about day after tomorrow???

R: ya, I’m ok with it.

S: me too.

N: ok then, thats fixed. we all would go for shopping day after tomorrow.


Ragsan and Naynish were on the store selecting dresses for them.
after almost what it seemed like 3 hours, they finalised the clothes for Naynish.

Ragini then bought a three piece suit for Sanskaar and showed it to them.

S: yaar, yeh inn donom ki engagement hai. I will have to wear something like this (pointing at some sherwanis)

R: what? even you will wear them. I thought only they were supposed to wear dresses like that as it was their engagement.
noe, leave, it you want those sherwanis and all lets get them.

they then select a peacock blue sherwani with a deep v neck and white pyjamas for Sanskaar.

S: ok then, now lets go to the lehenga section to get you one.

R: are you kidding me? I won’t wear a lehenga. I have never worn one.

S: there is always a first time na. aur vaise bhi, its an engagement function not any regular party.

R: ok fine. but I won’t wear those glittery, shimmery ones.

they then selected a white lehenga with peacock blue color floral design printed on in which was covered with white plane net and having peacock blue border. the choli was exactly the same blue color and the chunni was made of white plane net with blue border.

after their shopping and all, all the four friends spent a gala time together and then they all headed towards their homes.

I’m really sorry for the typos. actually was in a hurry.
hope you all like this one.

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