SECOND CHANCE (Chapter 25)

the music concert was held in another college. all had reached there except Ragini. Sanskaar had told Ragini that he would pick her up but she refused saying she would reach there with the help of GPS.

some of the performances were over and still Ragini didn’t reach. the dean and some of the other teachers had been asking about her, while Sanskaar was constantly trying to contact her. just then they see her approaching them.

she was wearing the same dress that Sanskaar had liked for her at the mall, with her hair left open and Sanskaar was stunned to see her in it. he was just staring at her without blinking his eyes while she greeted all and said sorry for being late. then all the others except the four left them alone as it was their performance next.

Ragini waved her hands infront of Sanskaar who was still staring at her and he came to senses.

S: This dress……..

R: I saw you looking at this dress at the mall and also the smile you had on your face when you saw this.
I knew you were about to show me this dress but your phone rang. so, after all the purchases, i went in again and bought this one.

S: but I never thought you would look this beautiful in it.

Ragini blushes. they have an eye lock which was broken by Naynish who coughed to bring them back from their dream world and both stood there embarrassed.
later the name of their college was announced and soon all the four were on the stage ready with their instruments.

It was like an Indo-Western combination with any two of them playing Indian and other two playing the western, at a time, and after sometime the first two playing the western and remaining two joining them with the Indian music.
like this there was a combination of all the four pairs and the whole auditorium was dumbstruck with their performance, along with singing skills of both Sanskaar and Ragini.
after their performance the whole auditorium stood up to give them a standing ovation.

soon all the other colleges also completed their performances and the time for the results arrived. the II and III prices were secured by other colleges’ and now all where on the thorns to hear the first place winner.
the whole crowd was shouting and cheering the name of RSA collage and obviously they secured the first place. all the four were jumping with joy and had a group hug. then all of them along with the dean went up the stage and received the price. they then got down the stage and again shared a group hug and the dean left them alone.

R: guys, I think we should celebrate this.

T: hmmm. lets just go on a drive and then have food from some restaurant.

S: sounds cool.

N: ok then. plan fixed.

suddenly Ragini’s phone rings and she attends it.

R(turning to the trio): ok guy, I’ll be right back.

She goes and Naynish were talking to each other so Sanskar thought to just look around the college and excused himself.
then he comes across a lone corridor without anyone around. he was just walking through the corridor when he heard two boys talking while standing at the corridor.

Boy 1: yaar, have you noticed the girl from RSA college? the one in that peach dress. pattaka lag rahe the yaar.

Boy 2: hmmm…..what was her name? ha, Ragini, she was super hot man.

Boy 1: her eyes, her lips and everything was so tempting now and only if I…….

before he could complete he felt a tight punch on his cheek and he fell down. when he looked up to see who had hit and he saw Sanskar staring at him with bloodshot eyes and clenched fist. he got up, while the other boy tried hitting Sanskar but instead got punched himself. they were having a merciless fight while Sanskar was blabbering:-

S: how dare you…. how dare you talk about my Ragini like that?

meanwhile Ragini came up to Naynish and on not finding Sanskaar with them, enquired about him to them. when she was told that he would be roaming around she went in search of him.

while walking through the corridors she heard some noises and followed it, while an unknown fear crept inside her, making her pace faster with each step.
on reaching the origin of the sound she saw Sanskaar beating up two boys blue and black. she ran up to him and pulled him.

R: Sanskaar….what do you think you are doing???? why are you beating them up????

S: Ragini, you just stay out of it. you don’t even know what these bastards were talking about you.
(he turns to the boys and sews them gone). why did you stop me? I would have killed them. now see they are gone. how dare they????

Ragini immediately hugged him and he too reciprocated her hug and hugged her even more tightly.

R: Sanky, leave it na, you had beaten them enough. you just don’t pay any heed to it.
and…….as far as I know, I’m the boxing champion not you.

S(still angry): but they deserve it.

R: Sanky, leave it and come lets leave. Naynish would be waiting for us.

she dragged him along, who was still very angry.

T: what happened Sanskaar? why do you look stressed???

R: nothin Tani. (assuring through her gestures). can we go out some other day.

N: sure.

R: ok guys….then you people take Sanky’s car and leave. we will come later.

T: cool, bye then.(they leave)

Ragini takes Sanskaar from there and they both sat inside her car and drove off. Ragini could easily feel that Sanskaar was still miffed. so, Ragini stopped the car at a place which was completely aloof.

R: Sanky, just leave it na. jho hua so hua. (she makes his head turn towards her) pls… mere liye.

S: but how could they….. (he raised his hand to express his anger and that is when Ragini noticed that his hand was bleeding)

R(cutting in): Sanskaar……(holds his hand) your hand is bleeding. now, why didn’t you show me?

S: chodo na Rago, its just a small bruise.

R(annoyed): Just a small bruise! its bleeding god damn it. wait, I’ll do the first aid. (she starts doing his bandage from the first aid kit she had in her car).
Sanky, you should control your anger. why can’t you just take care of yourself?? (completes doing the bandage) ho gaya.

S(still angry): you know what, if you hadn’t come there, then I would have killed….

before he could continue further, Ragini placed her lips on Sanskaar’s making him quite.
they then parted and by this time Sanskaar had cooled down.

S(smiling): you really know how to calm me down, right????

Ragini blushes. soon they drove off and Ragini dropped Sanskaar at his house and after a brief meeting with his parents she left to her home.


Days flew by and soon their final exams started and all were busy with their studies and works. in between they had their send off party and all were a bit sad in the corner of their hearts as now all of them would be parting their ways.

on the last day of their exams, the college ground was fully decorated and there was a huge crowd in the middle of the garden. In the centre of the crowd, Tanish was on his knees infront of his lady love with a ring held in his hand. Ragsan who were among the crowd seemed super excited at the moment.

T: Nayna, I know this is our last day in this college and after this all of us would be parting our ways. but I would like to be a part of your future journey and walk along with you throughout your lifetime. I want to live my life with you and cherish each and every second with you.
so, miss Nayna Takur, will you marry this idiot boyfriend of yours and take the risk of handling me throughout your life???

Nayna had tears in her eyes and she immediately said yes and he slid the ring through her right hand ring finger and stood up and hugged her. the whole crowd began to clap for them and one by one all came to congratulate them and after sometime the disappeared except for Ragsan.
Ragini then rushed to Nayna and hugged her congratulating her then did the same with Tanish. Sanskaar also hugged the both of them.


Soon their results were out and all had passed with flying colours with Ragini topping the uni.

Nayna who wanted to be independent had taken up a job in an MNC while the other three, i.e, Tanish and Ragsan entered into their paternal business.

All the 4 of them used to take out time from their busy schedule for hanging out and chilling.

Ragsan decided to talk about their relationship to their families and both the families agreed with them as even they were really fond of their children’s partners.

One Fine Day
@ GM During Dinner

SG: princess, we are having a meeting with the Malhotras at Delhi. so, both of us should be leaving within 2 days.

R: that means on Thursday, right????

SG: yup, actually the meeting would be on Saturday but we should get fresh and then crosscheck the presentations and all. that is why we should leave by Thursday.

R: but dad, if both of us leave, what about Mumma????

JG: don’t worry about me Princess, I’ll be fine.

R: No way. dad, lets do one thing, I’ll go Delhi, you stay here with Mumma.

SG: but beta….

R: no but vut…… I’ll manage dad, don’t worry.

SG: ok then, I’ll book your tickets.

In Ragini’s Room

Ragini was calling Sanskaar and after a couple of rings he picks it up.

S: hello, soon to be Mrs. Maheswari. were you missin me?????

R: Sanky…….vaise, we are not even engaged yet, aur shaadi tho dhoor ki baath hai. so….., technically, I’m not gonna be Mrs. Maheswari so soon. It will probably take quite some time.
haan, ab yeh sab chodo, I called you to tell you that I would be going to Delhi this Thursday for a meeting and would return only after 3-4 days.

S(dull): hmmm…… that means I will have to spend these 3-4 days without seeing you.
(suddenly his face lit up as if he got a solution)
Rago….. what about me accompanying you???? I mean after your meeting we could just roam around Delhi and enjoy. arre, I could show you all around Delhi.

R: but Sanky…., what about your office works and all???

S: you don’t take tension about it. I’m coming with you and thats final.

R: but….

S: pls Rago, pls pls plsssssss

R(smiling): ok fine. I’ll ask dad to book tickets for you too.

they then talked for sometime and Ragini informed her parents about Sanskaar accompanying her to Delhi for which she got a little bit of teasing from them.

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