SECOND CHANCE (Chapter 24)

The practice sessions were on full swing as the concert was nearing. Ragsan used to stay back even after Naynish left and chat and most often play the tune that Sanskaar composed. that music had become an important part of their lives as whenever one is angry or sad the other used to play it to lighten the mood.
Amidst all the tight and busy schedules, Ragsan never failed to spend time with each other. they used to go on long drives, sometimes accompanied by Naynish while sometimes not.

One day Sanskaar was standing by his window, enjoying the cool night breeze and the full moon shining in the sky, giving it a mystical look. he was deeply immersed in his thoughts about his Rago, when his phone rang displaying her name. he smiled thinking of how their hearts are connected and attended the call.

R: so, you were thinking about me????

S: how do you know????

R: the smile on your face when you saw my call. vaise, you look good in this blue T-shirt.

S(turning here and there): but how do you know what I’m wearing???
(after a pause) Rago, don’t tell me you are here. (Ragini giggled) that means you are really here somewhere, haina???

R: look outside Mr. Maheswari. towards your gate.

Sanskaar looks towards his gate and saw Ragini’s car parked near it and a smiling Ragini waving a hand at him through the opened window. he widens his eyes in shock and immediately went down towards the car, without making noise. he then got in it immediately.

S: Rago, what are you doing here? that too at this hour?

R: I wanted to have ice cream. so I just thought we could go out to have one.

S: you idiot, have you even noticed the time? it’s almost 10. from where will you get ice creams now??

R: we will search na.
tho chale???

S: you know what, you are crazy. no no no, you are insane.

Ragini smiled at the cute face of Sanskaar and drove off. as it was late night almost all the shops were closed. but luckily, they saw an ice cream stall , which was at the verge of closing and both rushed there and bought ice creams for themselves and sat on a bench relishing their ice creams.

S: Rago, can I ask you something? (Ragini nods) where do you get such crazy ideas from?

R(giggling at his statement): I didn’t get it from anywhere, actually, I was born to be crazy.

S: and that is what I love the most in you.

they sat there and talked and after a while, Ragini dropped Sanskaar at his house and she drove off to hers.

Next Day

all the four were highly immersed in their practice sessions for the concert to be held the next day. they were even excused from their classes. heated up practice was going on as it was the sake of their college reputation. later the college time was over and they all were ready to leave.

R: Guys, I think we should practice more.

T: you are right, but the college is closed now.

R: we could practice at my place. I mean we will also be a little relaxed and could practice till we like.

N: that doesn’t sound a bad idea.

S: ok then, we will reach there by a couple of hours or so.

R: cool. by then. see you soon guys.

others: bye.

@ GM

R: Mumma, since it’s our music concert tomorrow, I had called Sanskar and Naynish for the practice.

JG: hmmm. don’t worry I know you people would blast it. now you go and change, before they come.

after a while, when Ragini was in her room and SG & JG were sitting in the hall, Sanskar along with Naynish comes in and greet them.
all the four of them used to visit each other’s houses often, so they all were very much attached to each other’s families. they talked for awhile and then was told that Ragini was in her room.
they entered her room to see her sitting on her couch with headset in her ears and her eyes closed, leaning her head on the head rest and listening to music. The trio went up to her and shakes her up and she gets up with a jerk while the others laugh.
soon they were involved in their practice, along with small chat, while they were served with snacks or drinks in between.

they then performed it infront of Jankhar to receive brilliant comments and were very much happy.
all had their dinner from GM and after some random talks with all, Sanskaar and Naynish left.

after a while Jankhar left to their room and Ragini went to the kitchen to fetch the water for herself and then she went upstairs, to her room.
while she entered her room, she saw the shadow of a man, in the balcony walking towards the room. she kept the jug of water she was holding on the table and stealthily approached near the figure without making any sound and gave a tight punch on the back of the intruder (remember she is a boxing champion). she was again gonna hit him, when he grabbed her hand and pinned her to the wall, closing her mouth. she widens her eyes shocked to see the person infront of her. it was Sanskaar.

S: Rago, don’t shout. it’s me Sanskaar.

he then removed his hand from her mouth and she kept staring at him.

S(as if complaining): what yaar Rago, I thought of giving you a surprise, but instead you gave me a shock (rubbing his back). it really hurts.

R: I’m so sorry Sanky, I thought you were some thief, that is why I punched you. sorry (holding her ears).

S: you shouldn’t punch even thieves like this. Arre, they are also human.

Ragini smiled. they then sat on the couch.

R: vaise, how come you are here? I mean, you has left a while ago, right??

S: I thought, my pyaari Rago will be tensed thinking about tomorrow’s concert and so thought to meet her personally.

R: you know what, I think you really can read my mind. like seriously, I’m tensed because its the sake of our college’s prestige. the place and everything is new to me. it was different out there in Scotland but I don’t know…..

S(cutting in): shhh…… don’t panic. everything will be fine. you are too good in anything you do, so don’t worry and have faith.
I think I have the perfect solution for this.

R: what????

Sanskaar takes out a chocolate bar from his pocket of his jacket and shows it to her. a wide smile appeared on Ragini’s face and she instantly grabbed it. she unwrapped it immediately and started eating it.

R: Sanky, you know exactly how to lighten my mood.

S: haan…..haan, I bought you this chocolate, got beaten up and even then you aren’t giving me a single bite from it.

Ragini looks at him with puppy eyes, she then makes him turn and kisses where she had earlier punched and then feeds him with the chocolate.

S: If these types of gifts are rewarded, then I’m ready to get beaten up by you daily.

Ragini just smiled. both then held each others hands

R: Sanskaar, I’m so lucky to have you. life doesn’t always give second chances but when it does, you shouldn’t let go of it. I’m glad that I did the same.
I can’t even imagine how my life would have been if you had not come into it.
I love you, Sanskaar. for everything – for coming into my life, for spending time with me, for making me smile again, for loving me this immensely.
I love you Sanskaar. I love you very very much.

S: I love you too Ragini and I promise to always keep you happy.

they share an eye lock.

Next Day
morning @ GM
inside Ragini’s room.

Ragini was sleeping placing her head on Sanskaar’s chest while he was wrapping his hand around her. both their hands were intertwined with each other.
Ragini opens her eyes as the sun rays hit her. she looks at a sleeping Sanskaar and smiles thinking how cute he looks while he is asleep. she then leans and kisses his forehead and he smiles in his sleep. that is when she noticed the time.

R: oh god! its already 6:30.
(shaking Sanskaar) Sanky…..get up. it’s already late.

S(waking up in a lazy mood): what yaar, why are you disturbing me????

Ragini stands up and makes him stand too.

R: Sanky, its already 6:30, you should leave before someone sees you.

Sanskaar didn’t budge. he stood there itself, looking at her.

R: Sanky, now why are you standing here itself. you should get going.

S: I’ll go only after I get my morning kiss.

R: what!!!

S: haan. give it to me and I will leave.

R: Sanky, you are impossible.

saying so she started pushing him towards the balcony and once they reached the balcony, she asked him to get down to which he shook his head in a no and stayed there like that.
having left with no other option, she came upto him and kissed him on his left cheek and he showed her his right cheek and she kissed him there too and a wide smile appeared on Sanskaar.

R: now get going Sanskaar before someone comes and sees you.

Sanskaar was standing on the other side of the railing of the balcony, all set to descend down.

S: Rago, just come here.

she goes near him.

S(whispering): I want to tell you something.

he nods his head as if indicating her to bring her head closer. Ragini then kept her ear close to Sanskaar’s face asking what. he then kissed her cheek while she looked at him surprised.

S: bye. and see you.

R: bye.
I should go inside now.

she was going in muttering ‘paagal’ and Sanskaar’s voice popped up from behind.

S: and this paagal loves you.

R(turning and showing fake anger): Sanky….

S: ok ok, I’m leaving. love you.

R(smiling): love you too.

she then goes inside while Sanskaar also leaves.

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