SECOND CHANCE (Chapter 22)

hi guys, I’m ending Arijit’s chapter by today. this one is also a long one and i had tried to make it interesting. hope you people like it.
so here we go…..

Sanskaar reached GM 6:30 am. he was then directed towards Arijit’s room where both Ragjit were present, after his small chat with Jankhar. while entering in, he saw Arijit packing his suitcase and Ragini was busy standing at the window side talking on her phone. none of them noticed Sanskaar standing at the door.

R(on call): Ed, I swear I won’t repeat it……… ya……. I’m really sorry. I’m sending you
all some gifts… I’m not changing the topic nor am I doing it to pacify u people…….. Ed, I swear even I missed you very badly……
ok, I promise I’ll call you all once in a while. so, have u forgiven me?…….no, u have to tell that. (smiles) thank you and sorry. tell J that I miss her and ask her to call me when she is free. bye then, miss u.

S(in his mind): so J is a girl but now who is this Ed?????

Ragini then cuts the call and turns towards Arijit with a tired expression.

A: still miffed?

R: hmmmm…. not as much as he was when he called, but I know by the next time I call him he will be fine.
(bit annoyed) he was not even allowing me to talk to J. I agree she is his sister, but that doesn’t mean if he is angry on me she should also be.
(Arijit chuckled)

A: you know Edward is a bit hyper, don’t you?

R: ya, it really becomes hard to control him once he is miffed (Arijit chuckled) now stop laughing u idiot and once you reach ask J to call me.

saying so she turns to find Sanskaar standing at the door immersed in his thoughts (of course, wondering who Ed was). she then called him to get no response and then Arijit just came upto him and waved his hands infront of him, which bought him back from his trance.

A: where are you lost?

S: hmmm……nothin

A: then come in.

they then finished the packing and all headed out to leave. at the door Arijit hugged both SG and JG bidding them bye and they left in Ragini’s car with Ragini driving it and Arijit in the seat adjacent to her while Sanskaar sat at the back. soon they reached the airport.

@ airport

Arijit was all ready to leave and was gonna go towards the emigration counter. he then hugged Sanskaar who reciprocated it and then he hugged Ragini.

A: meet you soon, …. I guess (she just nods).

R: don’t forget to ask J to call me and do give all their gifts.

A: haan meri maa. (both smiles)
do think about what I told you.

both then smiled and hugged each other again and soon Arijit went in and ragsan came out and were heading towards their car.

R: Sanky, can you please drive the car?

S: sure, but u don’t like others using ur car.

R: haan, but for now I’m not in a mood to drive.

they then sat in the car and drove off. both were lost in their own worlds. Sanskaar, thinking about Ed and the conversation that Ragini had with him and also her bonding with Arijit while Ragini was lost thinking about something that happened the previous night, after the party.


A: so, what is going on?

R: what?

A: b/w u and Sanskaar.

R: nothin, I didn’t understand what you are talking.

A: u love him, right?

R: me and love! what rubbish.

A: don’t act. I have been noticing u since the day I came. U r having a special vibe while around him. U were selecting the best clothes for him. u know his each and every preferences and everything.

R: because we r frnds. even I know your preferences.

A: oh comeon, the shine and twinkle u have in ur eyes when you see him and the smile on your face and the way u are with him, its not just friendship.

R(to herself): but I can’t be in love.

A(hearing this): why?? see, either u haven’t acknowledged it till now or u don’t wanna do it,but the truth is u had fallen for him.
and I think he too loves u. the way he reacts when I’m with you or you talk about me, I can easily see jealousy and envy in his eyes. (Ragini was sitting there still confused).
OK fine (he held her hand and asked her to loose towards him) if u are still having doubts then just close ur eyes and see what comes into ur mind and if it is Sanskaar, then u had fallen for him, paagal.

he then wishes her good night and went to sleep while Ragini was lying on her bed thinking about Arijit’s words. she then reminisces her tym spend with Sanskaar and an unknown smile spread through her lips and when she closed her eyes to just give a try to what Arijit said, all she could see was Sanskaar. she then immediately opened her and sat up on her bed.

R(to herself): what!! I’m in love with Sanskaar, but…….
what if my past repeats? but why am I having a gut feeling that Sanskaar can never leave me.
oh god, I don’t know what should I do – should I be happy that I have fallen in love or stay thinking about the past to repeat? pls help me.


S: Ragini….

she was bought back from her trance and she glared at Sanskaar

S: r u ok? u were not talking the whole while.(she smiled nodding she was fine). we reached ur home.

they then got down and Sanskaar drove back to his house in his own car.

@ RSA college

in the evening

the classes were dispersed and all had left except Ragsan and Naynish as the dean was giving them the instructions on the music concert and also informed them that they could start practising from the next day. all agreed.
later when they were planning to go for a coffee, Ragini backed out saying she had promised her mother to reach early.

Next Day

@ RSA college

Ragini was seen lost almost all the time. after their classes all the 4 of them were in the room allotted to them, practising. they were discussing about different songs and all and after almost a couple of hours, they were able to get a basic idea of what they were gonna perform. they practised it for sometime making slight changes now and then.
after sometime, Naynish were getting bored so they left while Ragsan remained there for practising for some more time.

after a while Ragini’s phone rang and Sanskaar noticed the glow in her face by seeing the caller.

R(on call): hey J, so finally u got time to call me. haan, Aru had called me after he reached. well….my hearty congrats dear. I’m so happy.

Sanskaar was really happy to see her really excited. he then heard her indicating the caller as Ed and this time his envy took over him and he called her.

S: Rago, can we practice?

R: 5 minutes Sanky. pls (returning back to the call) Ed……… I’m really happy u liked my gift, actually I knew u would like it…….sure…..
(after a pause)
I’m really happy for you darling. I’ll try my best but I’m not sure. no babes, …… I was busy an……

before she could complete, Sanskaar snatched her phone and ended the call.

R: Sanskaar, what was that???
why did u snatch my phone???

S(angry): bcoz we r here for practice, not for ur loose talks and if u wanna talk to your Ed or whatever, then pls do that when you are free.

R: Sanky what is ur problem? why r u overreacting???

S: what! I’m overreacting?
the dean haven’t given u time to talk to ur Ed but for practice.

R(by now she too gets angry): Sanskaar, just tell me what ur problem is. its my life, why r u so miffed with me talking to Ed and……

b4 she complete he holds her by her shoulder and blurts out angrily

I love you and I don’t like it when you are giving more importance to others neglecting me.
I love you Ragini and will continue to do it.

saying so, he walks out of the room, frustrated, taking his guitar while tears escaped Ragini’s eyes, who had been standing there all shocked by this sudden revelation.
she could see the genuine feelings for her in his eyes and she was really happy about it. she then reminisces Sanskaar saying he loves her and she was smiling through her tears. she immediately wiped her tears and taking her violin headed out of the room with a hope to finding him, but much to her disappointment he was nowhere to be found and his car was also missin. Ragini tried calling him but it went in vain and now she knew where he might be. she then took her car keys and drove off.

Sanskaar’s car speeded up a hill and it stopped with a screech. it was a lonely place and Sanskaar came up here whenever he was angry, frustrated or wanted to be alone and only his friends knew about it. he then came out of his car and banged his hand on it. he was thinking how stupid of him it was to react like that. he knew he was overreacting but he couldn’t take it anymore and moreover he was thinking about how he could face her now as she might be really angry on him.
his thoughts were broken by the sound of another car approaching. he turned to find Ragini getting out of it, he immediately tilted his head the other side while Ragini approached him.

R: Sanskaar I wanna talk to you.

S: but I don’t wanna talk anything.

R: its okay if you don’t wanna talk but I want to.
just 3 things and u will have to listen to it. please.

she drags him by his hand and they both sit on a fallen tree trunk and then Ragini held his palm in hers.

R: Sanky, just look at me. I need clarify few things. (he looked at her)
Sanky, Aru is nothing more than my best friend and he is like an elder brother. Infact, one of the main reasons why he came to meet me was to inform that he had been engaged. he had proposed J, I mean Julia and since we were besties, he wanted to tell me this personally.
and secondly, Ed, i.e, Edward is J’s big bro. we all had been great friends since we met and had always had a good bonding. above all he is a married man and Ed was miffed with me bcoz I hadn’t attended his wedding.

S: then why were you calling him darling or whatever.

R(smiling a bit): well, that was Blair, his wife. actually she had been my classmate and friend and also I had played the cupid in their love story. and u snatched the phone while I was talking to her.

Sanskaar was totally happy that his lady love was not having anyone in her life.

S: I’m sorry.
(after a pause) what was the third thing?

R: that I love you too…

S: haan but (that is when realisation struck him and his eyes widened in shock and an even wider smile crept up his lips). really, u love me? I can’t believe this, but how, I mean when? but….oh god, Ragini u r not…..

before he could complete he felt a pair of lips that were being locked with his. he was shocked at first but then reciprocated it and after a while they parted.

R(cupping he s cheek with her right hand): I really love u Mr. Sanskaar Maheswari. (both hugged each other)

R: Sanky, I need to tell you something.

S: hmmmm

R: actually, I loved someone else while I was in London (he was stunned). I thought he really loved me but he did all those drama just for my money. from then on I hadn’t believed in love. and I came to India so that I could get a of atmosphere. actually, he was my classmate and…..

tears were escaping Ragini’s eyes and Sanskaar wiped them and kept a finger on her lips.

S(interrupting): Rago, I don’t want to hear about it. I don’t want you to dig up all those things that may hurt you. I don’t even wanna know his name. jho hua so hua.

R(holding his hands): Sanky, bohot mushkil se iss dil ne dubara pyaar karne ki himmath ki hai, isse phirse tootne math dena kyunki agli baar mein isse jod nahi paoungi.

S: kabhi nahi.
vaise, I need to thank that man because if he hadn’t been a part of your life, then u would have never been to India and I wouldn’t have u in my life.

Ragini smiled at this statement.

S: Rago, vaise when you cry na, u look very horrible, so pls don’t attempt it in future.

R: what I look horrible………. (hitting on his arm)

S(holding her hands): I said only when you cry. otherwise u look…..(leaning towards her ear) gorgeous.

both then smiled at each other and had an eye lock.
later they sat there chit-chatting looking at the sunset, with Ragini leaning and keeping her head on Sanskaar’s shoulder and Sanskaar’s head on top of hers, while both were holding each other’s hands, enjoying their new found love.

Hope you guys liked this one.

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