SECOND CHANCE (Chapter 21)

hey guys. I’m sorry that till now I had written RM instead of GM. I had only noticed it the other day.
here goes the next chappy.(its a long one as some of u had asked but sorry if its boring.)

Next Day
@ GM

the morning rays of the sun hit Ragini’s face indicating her to wake up from her beauty sleep but our sleeping beauty just tossed herself turning to the other side and resuming her sleep.
later when she woke up, she went to meet her Mumma and dad and was about to go wake Arijit when her phone rang and she took it.

R: hey Sanky.

S (on call): hey Rago.

R: so, why did you call me up this early??
(she was walking towards Arijit’s room while talking and saw him sleeping. she then notices the jug of water kept beside him and took it.)

S: haan, voh I needed to confirm whether we are going out or not?

R: of course we are going. I will msg u the time and place, u pls pass it to Naynish too.
(she then pours the whole jug of water on a sleeping Arijit and he wakes up with a jerk fully drenched.)

A(almost shouting): badmaash….. I won’t leave you today.

he started chasing her, while Ragini kept on running with her phone still kept near he ear.

S(who heard the scream): what happened Rago? why are you panting and is that Arijit who screamed?

R(on call): well, I’ll tell you once we meet, bye, actually I need to run.(call got cut).

Ragini then rushed to Jankhar (Janki+ Shekhar), who was sitting on their sofa and talking, with Arijit right behind her chasing her. Jankhar laughed their hearts out seeing Arijit’s plight and enquired what was going on and Arijit answered miffed. then Ragini came forward and sorry with her cute face and he melted.

Meanwhile, Sanskaar was deeply immersed in his thoughts as to what might have happened in GM.
he was feeling restless, insecure and a bit angry with Arijit’s presence always around Ragini but he was helpless as his Rago’s so called Aru was so much attached to her. he was really miffed with the fact that Ragini obeyed Arijit in one go while she hesitates a bit too much to others, even if they were telling her the same. and above all she was not even talking properly with him after Arijit’s arrival.
he got out of his trance only by the sound of hus mobile beeping due to the newly arrived msg and an instant smile appeared on his face as he read Ragini’s name on it.

the msg read:-
” hey Sanky, sorry for not being able to talk properly when you called and u might be upset about it.
lets catch up at the Pinkbloom mall at 11am. pls inform Naynish too “.

S(to himself, smiling a bit): this girl na, how could she know that I was upset because she didn’t talk to me properly. how can she read my mind. yeh ladki mujhe paagal karke jodegi.

@ 11 am
@ the Pinkbloom mall

Naynish and Sanskaar arrived and got out of their car and was just scanning around for Ragjit when they noticed Arijit’s car approaching them and halted infront of them and Ragjit got out of it and then the 5 of them went inside.

A: cutiepie, u also need to buy violin for urself as u hadn’t bought it yesterday.

R: haan Aru, I remember.

T: ok guys, then lets first purchase the violin.

They all entered into a musical shop and Tanish instantly picked up a violin handing it to Ragini. she just adjusted its pins and played it there itself and roamed around trying different ones.

T(bit confused): why didn’t she take it?

A: bcoz she always looks for the one that she feels would be perfect for her.

T: but what is the difference???

A: there might be something that she had noticed as a flaw and it should also be stylish.
u know what, once she went on to purchase guitar for J and we were stuck with her for hours until she found the perfect one.

S(in mind): now who is this J???

he was about to ask him about J when he turned to the other side from where he heard a beautiful melodious music filled with full of life played. he then saw Ragini playing an electric violin which was too stylish, with shiny black body embedding silver color floral designs on it. it looked more beautiful and perfect in her hands. the music she played, he believed, drawn everyone’s attention to her. he felt as if actually Arijit was right, anyone could gather around her to just listen to such great music.
‘I think she got the one’, he heard Arijit saying. indeed it was perfect. then she came upto them and they headed out of the shop after making the payment.

Since the violin hunt had taken almost 2 hrs, they decided to have rest of the shopping after lunch.

Later on they went to purchase clothes for themselves.
Tanish had already finalised a red color tuxedo with black pants for himself and now all the others were busy selecting dress for Nayna. All were coming up with one or the other but none was satisfactory for her and at last she found her perfect match – a bright red color sleeveless gown with stones, studded around the waist and the neck and it suited perfect for her.
that is when Sanskaar a peach color above the knee length dress made of printed net and having a high boat neck. he was very much impressed by it and was imagining Ragini in it. he was brought back from his trance by the voice of Nayna who had called him to ask his take on her gown.
then it was Arijit’s turn and Ragini came up with a pile of clothes for him and he was keeping on changing one after the other, until she found the perfect white tuxedo with black borders and black pants, which looked even more perfect on him.

while all were busy selecting for Sanskaar, Ragini excused herself and went to another corner of the shop and Sanskaar was deeply hurt by this. he was absent mindedly going through all the clothes his friends suggested, until there was a tap on his shoulder. he turned around to see Ragini holding a full black tuxedo with a shimmer of silver around its borders and near the pocket.

R: Sanky, howz it? I saw this while we entered here and thought it would suit u.

S: its really awesome. I loved it.

A: thats not fare cutiepie, u made us try all these stuffs (pointing towards the pile of clothes) and even then, Sanskaar got the best.

R: its nothing like that Aru, its just that when I saw this I felt it would look good on Sanky.

S (who was really happy): now, lets select a dress for u.

Sanskaar wanted to show her the dress that he had seen a while ago and was about to do so, when his phone rang with his friend calling him and he walked out attending it and by the time he was returning towards them, he saw them coming out of the showroom.

S: shopping ho gayi?????

T: yup, now lets go.

R: Tani, ek minute. I’ll come right now.

she went inside the same shop and after sometime returned. later when they were heading out, Sanskaar’s phone rang again and this time it was his dad. after the call he seemed upset.

R: what happened Sanky? y do you look upset?

S: Rago actually, one of dad’s business associates had arranged a party tomorrow and he wants me to attend it.

R(disappointed): but u promised me…..

S: even I’m not interested to go there. it would really be boring and I would even feel lonely but dad is really insisting.

R: hmmmm

T: voh….. Rago…… actually……

R: even u people want to accompany him, so that he won’t feel lonely.
its OK, u may go.

S: but they were supposed to come for your party.

R: I know. but I don’t want you to be lonely. don’t worry about me, Aru haina.

S(murmuring to himself): vahi tho mera darr hai.

R: what?

S: nothing.
are you sure about it?

R: of course, but promise me you people will not back out next time.

S,N&T: Pakka promise.

they all then roam around the city while doing some purchases and all, and by the time they all were ready to depart at almost 8 pm, all were tired, especially the boys as they had to carry all the shopping bags.

Next Day

no one was ready to get up early after their hectic schedule the previous day.
the whole day Naynish were out on their date, while Sanskaar was busy with one or the other work or even reminiscing about his lady love and Ragjit on the other hand were busy with the party preparations as this time the party was gonna be held in their house.
on the whole, all were busy that they didn’t catch up at all.

@ Night

Sanskaar was on his way to pick up Naynish as he had promised them, while his parents already left for the party. his car halted at the gate of Nayna, where he saw Nayna, along with Tanish approaching his car.
Sanskaar shot a smile at Tanish for ending up at Nayna’s door just because he was desperate to meet her. he believed that they always made a perfect couple.
Nayna looking gorgeous in her red gown with her hair tied in a messy bun and adorning herself with a simple chain and earrings. Tanish was also not looking any less in his red tuxedo that greatly complimented with her dress.

after a while Sanskaar’s car entered inside the gates of a very huge mansion that was situated in the middle of a vast lawn. the lawn was really beautiful with its garden adorning with beautiful flowers, and a small table in the middle of the garden with 4 chairs encircling it. “a perfect place for a cup of coffee”, Sanskaar thought while getting out of his car.
he was looking extremely hot and handsome in his black tuxedo that Ragini selected for him and the silver border was making it even more beautiful.
at last he reached his destination. Sanskaar then accompanied by his friends, entered inside the hall and was dumbstruck to find the grand hall in even grander way and the dangling chandelier in the exact middle adding to its beauty.

N: guys this is such a big house.

S: after all it is Shekhar Gadodia’s house. I heard dad telling that he was one of the top 5 business man in the world and one of the richest also.

T: hmmm

they then served themselves with drinks and were relishing the party when DP called them to be introduced to Shekhar.

DP: Shekhar, this is my son Sanskaar and these are his friends Tanish and Nayna (SG shares a handshake with each of them). even, they are studying in RSA college.

SG: oh really. nice to meet you people and hope u r enjoying the party. even my daughter is studying in RSA. actually DP helped with the admission and all. maybe you people might be knowing her. her name is………
(b4 he completes he sees upstairs and smiles)
there she is….

Shekhar then excused himself and went. the trio turned towards the direction he went and was stunned to see Ragini all ready to descend down the stairs hand in hand with Arijit.
she was looking extremely hot and gorgeous in her purely black, high waist lehenga skirt made of printed net with a high necked meshyoke crop-top made if the same material and the back of the top was completely mesh. she had her hair in a fishtail braided updo with smokey eyes and adorned herself with only her diamond earrings.
Arijit was also looking handsome in the tuxedo they bought the other day.
Sanskaar was mesmerised to see her, he was just staring Ragini without taking his eyes off her. Naynish saw this and thought to tease him.

T: Nayna, don’t you think Ragjit look good together.

N: haan, they look like a perfect couple.

Sanskaar was boiling with anger and that was when he even noticed Arijit walking beside her and he felt bad.
by that time Ragini reached the last step, Shekhar let out his hand and Ragini caught got hold of it with the smiling face. by this time Janki also joined them. they then went towards DP and Shekhar started introducing her to DP and AP.

SG: DP, this is my daughter Ragini and my wife Janki and this gentleman here is Arijit, Ragni best friend and also my friends son. actually he is like my son.
(then turning towards Ragjit and Janki) and this is DP, I told u people of the partnership we are having in the garments sector with the maheswaris. he is the one and this is AP his wife and this (turning to Sanskar)

R: Sanky and Naynish, you people here
SG: you people know each other???
R: hi dad I used to talk about my friends na, its them only. SG: OK then you people carry on.

then the 5 were talking.

S: Ragini you never told me this party was held by your dad.
R: even I didn’t knew we both were talking about the same party.
T: you never told us you were THE Shekhar Gadodia’s daughter.
R: well you people never asked me about my parents.

they then talked for sometime and after awhile Arijit just excused himself and went. later all noticed him in the middle of the hall with the mic in his hand.

A: So guys, a party is always incomplete without the dance. so….. let’s just rock it here.

the song ‘nachenge saare raath’ from junooniyath plays. Arijit drags Ragini to the floor and they both started dancing, soon to be accompanied by Sanskaar and Naynish.
then they had a ballroom dance and luckily Sanskaar was paired up with Ragini and they were dancing lost in each other and only came to senses by the sound of the applause that ringed around them.

soon the party was over and all were ready to leave. Sanskaar was about to enter his car when Ragini called out for him and he halted and enquired about the matter.

R: voh, actually, Aru is leaving by tomorrow’s morning flight and I was thinking of seeing him off till the airport. so, will u accompany me so that I will have company while I come back.

S(happily): sure. when should we leave?

R: by 7 am.

S: ok then, I’ll reach by that time.
bye, see you tomorrow.

R: bye.

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