SECOND CHANCE (Chapter 20)


@ the Bandra-Worly sea link

all the 5 of them were standing at the bridge enjoying the moment. the cool breeze that touched them, amidst the brightly shining sun soothed each and every part of their body. Naynish was standing holding each other’s hands, beside Sanskaar, while Ragini stood in between Sanskaar and Arijit.

R: Aru, it would be really nice to have

A (cutting in): ice creams na…

R: so guys, u people stay here I’ll bring ice creams for you all. so tell me which flavour do you want?

N: vanilla

T: blackcurrent

R(turning to Sanskaar): hmmm, let me guess, double chocolate. our favourite

Sanskaar smiled. he was really very happy to know that she knew his preferences.

R: okay guys, I’ll be right back.

S: hey Rago, wait. I’ll also join you.

@ the ice cream stall.

S: Rago, why didn’t you ask Arijit about the ice cream flavour?

R: because I know he loves butterscotch.

S: but what if his taste had changed ??

R: then he would have told me and since he didn’t say anything, he still loves butterscotch.
Now enough of your questionnaire and hold these (handing him the ice creams) and come. they might be waiting.

they then roamed around the city and soon it was dark. Sanskaar was all the time irked with Ragjit’s bond and Naynish noticed something burning inside him and as they knew what it was, they were giggling and commenting to themselves on Sanskaar’s plight and even teasing him without the other two noticing it but Sanskaar dismissed all this saying that what they were talking was utter nonsense and she was just his best friend while he told himself that until and unless she accepts his love, he won’t say about his feelings to anyone.

They were sitting at the bubblegum restaurant all ready to enjoy their dinner as all were famished after their day out, especially the immense rushing and playing in the Juhu beach at night had eaten up a good portion of their energy and all were hell hungry which made them end up at the bubblegum, which was Ragini’s as well as Sanskaar’s favourite restaurant.
that is when Ragini’s mobile rang and she noticed her mumma’s name flashing on the screen with a picture of her hugging Ragini and she picked it up.

R: hello, mumma. Haan, Aru is with me. voh, we were gonna have dinner with my friends…….haan, we would reach there within an hour. hello….. Mumma. I think there is no signal here, one minute

she excused herself from there and after a couple of minutes she returned and they all stared their dinner.

A: cutiepie, why did aunty call?

R: well, dad had organised a party day after tomorrow for celebrating his business turnover.

N: oh that’s such a great news.

A: ya we would rock it.

R: actually, I hadn’t attended any parties except our fresher’s day one after I came to Mumbai.

A: what?? u nd not attending parties, thats impossible . but why?????

R: voh…….hmmmm…….
haan, voh, I felt so lonely around in those parties and also our gang was not around na.

A: par , phir bhi…..

R: ab chodo na.
anyways I was planning to attend it this time because since u r here I won’t feel lonely.
(Sanskaar seems really hurt by this statement).
R(turning towards the other three): hey, why don’t you people also come to the party, we could rock it.

S,N&T: sure

N: now, we also meet your family.

A: u people haven’t met them? (they nod no) but why? anyways, they are super cool yaar, she is really lucky to have them.

T: actually we would always be too much busy playing pranks and doing masti that we hardly had any conversation about our family, aur milna tho dhoor ki baath hai.

A: hmmmm

R: so, that’s final. all of you r coming for the party. I’ll inform you all about the venue and all after I check on it.

S: okay

by this time they finished their food and went out and when they were about to get into their cars Ragini stopped them.

R: guys, why don’t we go out for shopping tomorrow? I need to do purchases for the party.

S: well, that sounds like a great idea. in fact we could all do shopping.

N: haan

R: okay then, see you tomorrow. bye.

Naynish went in their car and Sanskaar in his while Ragjit left in theirs.

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