@ college

Ragini went to the classroom and talked with her classmates. later her eyes were searching for Laksh
after some time the class started and at that moment Laksh came rushing in and then sat next to Ragini

R: hey
L: hey
R: y r u late
L: hmm… I will tell you later

@ during recess

R: now tell me y were u late?

L: actually, I was with my friends partying all night. so, I was really tired and was sleeping peacefully and when I got up I was damn late. I just rushed to have a bath and then bf and straight to college.

R: oh , from next time make sure you at least keep an alarm, so that you won’t be late in future.

L: sure

just then Ragini gets called by her friends and both parted

in the evening
@ the parking

L: wow Ragini, this is ur car. this is just awesome and one of my favourites

R: actually dad gifted me on my bday. even ur car is bo less , a BMW

L: haan, vo Ragini, if you don’t mind can we both go on coffee.

R: I would have Laksh but I really have some important work, I need to go. maybe some other day.

L: ok, but can that ‘some other day’ be 2morrow pls……

R(thinking): hmmm ok

L: ok then bye
catch up with you tomorrow

R: ya bye

next day

raglak were sitting separately. during recess Laksh came up to Ragini

L: so, after the classes we are going out for coffee

R: I’m really sorry Laksh, I don’t think I will be able to make it. I have to reach some where at 5 pm
I am really sorry.

L: but u promised me

R: maybe tomorrow

L: u’ll come up with some other excuse then

R: oh so you are angry on me. let me think what should I do
( thinking) Idea!

L: what????

R: next its miss.veronica’s class and I literally hate it. its just too boring. so, lets just bunk the class and go out to any coffee shop.

L: but, how do we get out without anyone noticing us.??

R: I have a plan……

later during the class when miss.V entered and as a usual custom, tapped hard on the table to make the class quite, due to which a whole lot of compact powder which Ragini had spread on the table without anyone noticing gets completely dusted on miss.V’s face. all students started laughing looking at her state as she was looking like a ghost.
by the time miss.V goes out for cleaning herself, raglak escapes from the class.

@ parking lot

R( laughing): have u boticed her face. worth seeing na

L: haan superb idea yaar..

R: I know, I know, I’m always superb. ok now, lets get going.

both gets in Ragini’s car and drove off stealthily without anyone noticing after which Ragini drove with lightning speed and Laksh kept on shouting to reduce the speed.

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