SECOND CHANCE (Chapter 19)

hey guys, really sorry for the delay. actually I was a bit busy. I won’t be able to update regularly for some time but will surely try to give atleast one or two updates a week and if possible more.
I’m really sorry for today’s boring chappy but nothing else came upto my mind.

@ canteen

The 5 of them were sitting around a table with Ragjit sitting together and then Nayna, next to her Sanskaar and then Tanish, i.e, Sanskaar was sitting exactly opposite to Ragjit.

N: Arijit, how could you guess us so accurately??

A: voh, actually, half of our yesterday’s conversation was filled with u people.
and cutiepie was telling so much about u all that I could easily recognise u all.

S: cutiepie????

R: voh, Aru calls me cutiepie

Naynish: oh…

N: I think you people know each other from a long time. I mean the way you people talk, it’s like you know each other very well.

A: well, we have known each other from ages. actually we are childhood buddies.

R: also, he was my senior in college.

T: oh, so you all stayed in London.

A: actually we, I mean me and my family, used to stay in London but then we shifted to Scotland 10 years back, due to dad’s business. but we used to visit London. and since Shekhar uncle was dad’s best friend, the first place we visit after reaching there would be their house, so that we could hangout.

N: then how can he be your senior, if you were in London and he in Scotland??

R: voh, I only did my first year MBA in London.
after my schooling, I was studying in Scotland for my BBA.

Sanskaar who was fully frustrated by now, got up and all stared at with a ‘what happened ‘ look?

R: kya hua Sanskaar?

S: hmmm…..voh…..(In mind: stop blabbering you stupid and think of something to say)
Haan! its been too long all of us are sitting here, so I was thinking why don’t we show Arijit around. we could also talk while doing so.

A: that sounds a good idea.
tho chale cutiepie?

he stood up and held out his hand while Ragini grabbed it with a chuckle and Sanskaar frowned seeing this.

all of them started walking while Naynish continued with their questionnaire.

T: so Rago, u used to stay with them?

R: well, kind of. because even though I had our house there I used to feel lonely there at times when I’m not much pestered with work from both college and office. then I would end up at their doorsteps.

A: and we used to do a whole lot of masti and you know what she is such a big prankster that one day………

they were walking through the college corridors with the 4 of them immersed in their talks while Sanskaar was totally annoyed with it. he was murmuring something or the other under his breath (of course, noone heard him), countering all that Arijit said as he was extremely jealous and when he heard them say that Arijit had actually come to Hyderabad and visited Mumbai only and only to meet Ragini and above all he would be staying in her house and would leave only after 3 days, his jealousy knew no bounds.
As they were passing by the dean’s office, the dean stopped them and enquired about Arijit. Later he asked Sanskaar to stay back while the rest to continue, as he wanted to talk with him.
After sometime all of them (except Sanskaar) were waiting at the parking lot for Sanskaar, so that they could leave. they, then notices Sanskaar approaching them.

T: what is it bro??

S: there is a music concert that is being held between all the topmost colleges in Mumbai and our dean want me to perform in it and also organise things for it.

N: so what ? let’s rock it man.

S: he had asked me to handover the participants list by the next working day and there should be atleast 4 members in our group and most importantly all should use different instruments and at least 2 should also sing.

T: so?

S: the problem is, he wants the 3 of us to perform along with another person, but we don’t have enough time to find another member to our group.

A: excuse me guys, could you please tell me what all instruments are you good at. I’m just asking out of curiosity.

N: well, I play the piano and Tani plays the drums and Sanskaar the guitar.

A: then, I think your problem is sorted.

R: but how?????

A(turning towards Ragini): u could help them.

R: but…..
I don’t think I can do it.

A: oh comeon cutiepie. if you can’t do it then I don’t believe no one else would be able to do it.

S(annoyed): guys, can you people please tell us what you both are blabbering??

N: ya, how can Rago help?

A: bcoz I have never seen a better violinist than her.
we had our band in college, well actually, I was just a mere listener but cutiepie was the life of the band. they say, her hands play magic with the violin.

R: Aru, now stop it. I’m not even that good.

A: oh hello, I clearly remember how the whole college used to gather around your band performing, especially you – singing and playing the violin.

T: she can even sing????

A: just ask me what she don’t know. apart from singing and using the violin, she paints really well. also, she is trained in different dance forms, she had been the women ‘s boxing champion in the city and……

R: Aru, now stop it.

the other trio were standing there awestruck listening to the different talents Ragini had and that is when something struck Sanskaar and he turned to her.

S: that is why you could dance so well and gracefully at the fresher’s party. but u told you don’t know how to dance.

R: I just told, I don’t wanna dance but u assumed it the other way.

T: so now, as things are settled, Rago is joining our group and performing with us.

R: but guys, there it was different. here, this is a new place new crowd and I don’t think…….

S: pls na Rago, its about our college’s prestige.

R: but…

A: oh ho..cutiepie, don’t worry. everything will be fine, just believe in yourself.

R: fine…
I’ll do it.

A: that’s like my girl.

then all of them share a group hug but Sanskaar was upset because she instantly agreed to Arijit but not him. they then broke the hug.

R: but I don’t have my violin. it’s in London.

A: no worries, anyways we are going around Mumbai, so lets just buy it then

R: okie

S: r u people planning to go for an outing???

R: haan voh, its Aru’s first visit to Mumbai, so I just thought to take him around.
well, why don’t you people join in????

S (instantly): sure.

N: ya, all the 5 of us can just blast it.

R: so lets catch up at 4 pm at the Bandra – Worly sea link.

N: cool, okay then, bye.

All left.

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