SECOND CHANCE (Chapter 18)


Ragini was stunned at first but then she too hugged him happily and they both parted.

Person: SURPRISE!!!!!

R: u blood dog, why didn’t you inform me that you were coming???

R: ohhhhhhh, as if u used to inform me everything. u didn’t even messaged me that you were coming to India and ur London number was not responding and I didn’t have ur Indian number.

R(holding her ears): sorry Arijit. It’s just that…..

A: no need of any explanation cutiepie.

JG: arre, are u people going to talk standing at the door only or planning to come inside.

all went inside and started talking.

JG: Ragu, first u go and change. Arijit will wait. haina beta????

A: bilkul aunty, I’ve come here only to meet her.

R: but Mumma, we r meeting after almost 2 years, also haven’t talked to each other from the past few months.

SG: Princess, its better u listen to your mumma or else you know na, she will turn into a chudail.

JG: Shekhar, u r calling me chudail, I will show you.

they continue to fight.

R: oh ho…. stop it my tom and jerry, actually u people are worst than them (giving hi-fi to Arijit). ok now, I’ll come right away.

after sometime Ragini comes down and saw Arijit sitting in between Shekhar and Janki and talking with them.

R: Mumma, dad, now leave Aru.we have to talk a lot. Aru, come lets go to my room.

Arijit nods his head and the duo went upstairs.

Inside Ragini’s room.

Arijit was sitting on the couch while Ragini on her favourite beanbag.

R: tho, achanak India. kyu????

A: actually, I had some work in Hyderabad. you know, dad’s business and all. so, had to come to India. then, its been quite a lot time we caught up.
and when I called to London, I got to know that you had shifted to India for your studies. then, I just thought to visit you. tho, Hyderabad se flight pakda aur aagaya.

R: hmm not bad.
Haan, u should stay here for at least a week, okay.

A: sorry, I can’t stay for that long. but haan, I could extend it for another 3 days.

R: cool. Aru…..

A: hmmmm

R: is there anything else you wanna tell me.

A(smiling): ya, voh actually,…(he tells her something and I’m not gonna tell you guys what is it. atleast for today)

R(after hearing it): what seriously (she came towards him and hugged him)
I’m so happy. I love you.
now, tell me detailed.

they talk about it for sometime about it.

R: vaise, how is everyone there. are u still having contact with all of them – Angelina, James, Claire, Edward……

A: yup.
all r fine but a bit miffed with you for not contacting them till now.
when I told them, I would be coming to meet you, then the first thing they asked was to slap u hard as that was your punishment.

R: vho ho… ithna gussa.
well, lets get them all on a conference call.

later on the conference call(video).

Claire: Aru, what is so special that you made a conference call???

A: well, I’ve a surprise for you all.

all: what????

A: tta da….(Ragini comes facing the camera).

Edward: u b*t*h, where were you????

Angelina: you didn’t even tried to talk with us.

James: you ditched us you bastard.

all started shouting at her.

R: I’m really sorry guys, I swear, I won’t repeat it ever.(showing a puppy face)

all: ok, for the last time.

then they all burst out laughing. they all talked for sometime and after the call, Ragjit spend a great time talking to each other and they descends downstairs where they had their dinner and all were happy and in a jolly mood. after sometime Arijit was ready to leave.

R: but, where are you staying?????

A: In the purple daffodils hotel.

R: why, I mean you could stay here. you came only to meet me, so its obvious that you should stay here with us. haina dad????

SG: I agree to you Princess.

JG: me too.

SG: after all u r my best friend’s son and moreover our Ragu’s best friend.

R: so, its final. u r staying here.

A: ok ok cutiepie. I’ll come tomorrow.

R: why tomorrow?

A: because I have to check out and get my luggage.

SG: thats it. no problem. u go and check out now and come. even princess will accompany you.

JG: haan beta.

A: okay aunty. cutiepie come lets leave.

they reached the hotel and after sometime they were standing at the reception counter for the completing formalities, when Naynish who had come there on a date spotted them from far and was about to come upto them but by this time they left.
after reaching RM, all the 4 talked played and later dispersed themselves to sleep.

Next day

Naynish and Sanskaar waso waiting in the parking lot for Ragini, when some students came upto them and informed that that day’s classes were cancelled due to some specific meeting and all teachers were busy. all were happy because, since it was a Friday, they could get continuous 3 days holiday.

S: why haven’t reached till now.

Naynish shrugged their shoulders as if indicating that they don’t know.

T: haan, vaise, when we both went for our dinner date yesterday at hotel purple daffodils, I saw her with some boy.

S: what!!!!! boy, no, u must be mistaken.

N: no yaar, it was her only.
vaise, that boy was really handsome and cute.

S(bit annoyed): so, it might have been her brother or something.

T: we all know that she don’t have any brother.

S: cousin brother ho sakthi haina.

T: vaise, why r u getting hyper? r u gettin jealous?????

S: me and jealous. why should I be jealous?

N: that is what even we wanna know.

S: stop it guys, stop pulling my leg

just then a stylish white Audi comes into the parking lot and halts infront of the trio. while they were looking at it Ragini comes out of it.

S: why were you late???

R: voh…….

N: chod na yaar, u know what today’s classes are cancelled due to some meetings or something, which means we would get 3 days holiday.

R: what. that is such a great news.
oh damn ( she hits her head with her plam). I want you all to meet someone.

she goes to the driving seat of the car and pulls out Arijit out of it and they walked upto the trio while Tanish whispered in Sanskaar’s ears that he was the same boy.

R: so guys, this is Arijit (pointing towards Arijit and then turning towards him)
and Aru, this is (pointing towards Nayna)

A(interrupting): Nayna, right. and this is Tanish and he might be Sanskaar (pointing to each)

they all then shook their hands while, Sanskaar was gritting his teeth.

R: guys, even if the classes are cancelled we could roam around here right?

N: yup

R: ok then, come on Aru, I’ll show you the whole of our campus. come guys.
but first of all lets go to the canteen and have something. what say?

all shook their heads. Ragini held Arijit’s hand and was walking with him holding his hand and also Naynish walked along with them. but Sanskaar was walking a bit behind them.

S(muttering to himself): now who is this Arijit and she was calling him Aru, that too with so much of love.
also, what was the need to walk hand in hand.
oh……. this girl is eating my brain. but this Arijit, he is…….(interrupted by Ragini’s voice)

R: Sanskaar, where are you lost and what are u murmuring?

S: nothin

R: then, come fast.

S: ya, coming.

they all then heads towards the canteen.

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