SECOND CHANCE (Chapter 17)


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A stylish Porsche halts at the college gate and Ragini comes out of it wearing a black crop-top and beige shorts and waves a bye at the person inside and the car leaves while Ragini heads to the parking lot where she knows her friends would be waiting for her.
she spotted SaNaynish standing and talking with Sanky’s back turned towards her and Naynish facing her.
Naynish was going to say a gi at her when she indicated them to keep quiet and continue talking, which they did. Sanskaar was unaware of her presence.
she stealthily moves towards him.

R: BHOOH!!!! (Jerking him a bit)

Sanskaar was startled by the sudden attack and he let out a scream. then he turned around to see Ragini laughing her heart out and Naynish joining her by giving her a hi-fi.

S: Ragini ki bacchi

he ran behind her, chasing her all over there while Ragini ran for her life. Naynish was laughing holding their stomach.
after a hectic chase, finally Sanskaar got her and dragged her towards him. they both share an eye lock but came to senses when Naynish was faking their cough. both parted and stood there all embarrassed. later Naynish came upto them and all the 4 burst out laughing.

S: vaise, where is ur car???

R: voh, I had given it to service. so dad dropped me today and told that he would come to pick me up.

Naynish: ohhh
well, now lets go to our class.

they then went to their classroom.

Inside the Classroom

as usual Naynish was sitting together but today Ragini was sitting in the last bench while Sanskaar was seated on the bench just infront of hers.
the classes were totally boring and Ragini couldn’t stand it. so, she thought of disturbing Sanskaar.
she tore off bits of paper and started throwing it in him and when he turns she acts as if she doesn’t know anything and was fully concentrated in listening to the class.
at first Sanskaar ignored her, but when this continued he was a bit annoyed but couldn’t do anything as they were in the class.

during recess
@ canteen

S: Rago, what was that, that u were doing inside the class???

R: what???(innocently)

S: now don’t ask so innocently. I know u were the one who was throwing paper bits at me.

R: ahh…voh…. I was getting bored. so…..

Naynish: even we were getting bored

T: lets do one thing, lets just bunk the class now.

R: I’m in.
ohhhhhhh……but dad would be coming to pick me up.

N: tell him that we would drop u. anyway non of have seen your house.

R: but I had promised them, to go for shopping with them directly from college.

S: it’s ok, we would reach back before ur dad reaches.

R: that sounds better.
so what are we waiting for . lets go.

outside the campus.

T: actually guys, we were planning to go on a date. so…..

S: u don’t want to come with us.

R(fake annoyance): but u could have told that. then we wouldn’t have bunked the class.

Naynish(holding their ears): sorry Rago maaa

R: hmmmm aaj jaane diya but don’t repeat it.(smiles)

she then hugs them and says to enjoy their date.

both the Naynish and Ragsan leave.

Ragini and Sanskaar was going in Sanskaar’s car and they were chit-chatting about random things and were also fighting over silly issues.
then Ragini notices a roadside tea stall and asked Sanskaar to stop the car.

S: what???

R: Sanky see that. I wanna have tea from there. actually I had never had tea from such stalls. it would be really interesting. come na. pls pls pls…..(showing puppy eyes).

S: ok. now don’t make that face. let’s go.

they then take a tea for each. they were actually enjoying the tea along with the climate as well as each other’s company.
the nature was calm and it was also a bit cold.
Ragini was sipping her coffee when a drop of water hit her and she looked up. within no time it started raining and Sanskaar dragged her to a nearby shelter.
by this time both were a bit wet. both were standing facing each other and Sanskaar noticed Ragini’s hair troubling her. he tucked those hairs behind her lock while both were staring into each other’s eyes. he then slowly leans closer to her and their lips were about to meet but just then there was a thunder which bought them back to reality.
both then turned to the other side fully embarrassed and cursing themselves thinking about the impression the other would have on them. there was a dead silence prevailing them.
after sometime, the rain stopped.

R: I think we should leave now.

S: hmmmm

they then sat in the car and drove off, with the nasty silence filling in between them. Ragini decided to break the ice.

R: Sanky, were are we going next.

S: were do you wanna go????

R: I don’t know. it’s ur place. u take me around. I have been here only form a couple of months.

S: ok then. ur wish is my command, your highness.

then both bursted out laughing.

they roamed around for quite a long time and then went back to their college.
Ragini asked Sanskaar to leave because needed to take her book from one of her classmates and the time her father would also come.
they both then parted their ways.

after Ragini completed her work, she came out and saw her dad’s car approaching the campus. they then immediately left in that.

Inside the car

R: dad, why are we going in the route of our home. we were planning to go for shopping na. vaise, where is mumma???

SG: slow down princess. u have a surprise and u will get to know about it once we reach home.

R(eagerly): surprise. what is it tell me

SG: princess……

R: ok ok.

soon they reached their house and Shekhar asked her to go inside while he would follow her soon.
she rushed to the door and tapped on it. just then, the door opens and she was bought into a bone crushing hug by a pair of masculine hands. she stood there stunned.

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