SECOND CHANCE (Chapter 16)

hi guys. thanks for your support. here is ragsan pov. I am really sorry that this one is short.

@ Night
Sanskaar’s room

Sanskaar was lying down in his balcony and looking up at the stars.
his mind was filled with thoughts of Ragini. he was smiling to himself thinking about his moments with her.

I don’t know what had happened to me.
for the first time when I saw her, I felt the pain in her eyes and my heart was aching to see her like that. I always wanted to talk to her and used to find ways to do that and the best means was to ask for a coffee. but every time she denied it. but one day she agreed but even that didn’t turn out well.
but then we both were locked in the library. to be frank I was the happiest man at that time as I could spend a whole day with her. even though she was cold to me in the beginning, she helped me to find books and slowly we became friends.
the moment she fell into my arms, in the library, I just wanted time to stop there. I felt like never taking my eyes off her but to keep on staring at the beautiful angel who had fallen into my arms. I felt it as if the whole moment was something magical.
then, at the party, when she agreed to dance with me, I was on cloud nine. every boy out there wanted to dance with her and I couldn’t take a chance. that is what made me to ask her for a dance. even though she refused it first, she had to give in eventually.
later when all of us became good friends, slowly I felt as if she is becoming her real self. she is such a great prankster and the most wonderful person to hang out with.
but today, when I asked her about her take on love, I saw her eyes filling with a grey shade burying in it, sorrow and pain. and her answer made it clear that she don’t believe in love, which hurt me to the core.
because I don’t know when, how or why but I love her. yes, I love you Ragini and it is just you who makes me come to college daily, who makes my day with your smile and who had captured my heart and I’m just waiting for the day when you love me back.

he dozes off in the same position with a smile on his face deeply immersed in the thoughts of his lady love.

@ RM

Ragini was lying on her hammock looking up at the at the moon and the stars lying scattered in the sky. she was thinking of her life, what it had been a couple of months ago, when she arrived at the Mumbai airport and what it is now.

I never thought that I could once again smile and do those pranks and all that, after that incident. I was really sad that I couldn’t return back my parents their Ragu.
but everything changed after I met Sanky. I feel so secured around him. I wanted to go out for coffee with him but I didn’t really had the guts.
after all those things I had really became an introvert but he along with his friends made me come out of that trauma even without knowing anything about it. I think I’m really blessed to have them as friends.
its actually a different feeling around Sanky, one which even Laksh’s presence couldn’t make.
he clearly know how to make me do things, or better to say, I’m not able to say a no to him after seeing his cute face.
that day at the party, when he asked me for a dance, I hesitated because I had stopped dancing but then seeing his pleading eyes, I had to give in.
It feels really good with him. to talk, play pranks or just hang out with him. Naynish would always be lost in each other, so, it was we who used to talk more.
I genuinely feel like Naynish love each other very much. they are such a cute couple.
but don’t know why, I’m still not ready to believe in love, because the result of my experience with it had made a deep impact in me.
sometimes I feel like I’m falling for Sanky, but I really hope it doesn’t happen because I don’t have enough strength to overcome another heartbreak. and I can’t take a chance with it and moreover I don’t think Sanky considers me not more than a friend.
It is better to stay as we are now.

even she sleeps in lying on the hammock itself.

sorry for the short update.

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