SECOND CHANCE (Chapter 15)

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Next Day
@ RM

the morning rays went tickling Ragini and she wakes up stretching her hands and yawning a bit. It seems as if she has had a good night sleep. her lips are having a sweet smile. she immediately gets ready and goes down stairs and saw Janki instructing the servants about the day’s chores and the breakfast to be made. Ragini goes to her and hugs her saying good morning while Janki is astonished by Ragini’s behaviour and is happy with it and kisses her forehead greetings her the same.
Ragini also hugs her dad and wishes him.
Janki and Shekhar feed her alternately and later she left for college.

@ RSA college

Sanskaar and Naynish was waiting for Ragini and just then Ragini arrives in her car. she got out of it and the trio waved their hands at her and she too waved back and walked upto them.

T(fake annoyed face): u r late.
we have been waiting for you.

Ragini looked at them with a confused look.

N: since we are friends now, u are into our gang and so we were waiting for you, so that we can all go to the classroom together.

Ragini let out a warm smile and turned towards Tanish

R: I’m really sorry Tanish, I promise to be not late from next time onwards.

T(smiles): its ok.
well, my friends call me Tani, u could also call the same.

Ragini nodded her head with a pleasant smile.
all this while Sanskaar was concentrating on Ragini.

N: ok now, lets go to class.(dragging all the other 3)

days and weeks were passing by. Ragini had once again turned into that old jolly, prankster kid, the difference was she no longer believed in love. her parents were very much happy to get their old Ragu back.
Sanskaar and Naynish never thought that Ragini could make such a great company with them. all the four enjoyed really well and their bond grew stronger.

one day
@ college canteen

R: guys, I’m really getting bored lets play something.

S: ok, but what?

N: ok I will tell you a game.
lets play something like, I’ll ask each and everyone of u a word, then u should tell me the word which first comes to ur mind.

T: ok then I will start.
first Nayna.

N: Tanish

Ragsan: ohhhhhhh

T: ok now, Sanky.
hmmmm… prankster

S: Rago

R: haaaaaaan

The trio then gives hi-fi to each other.

T: Rago, its ur turn now.

R: friendship

N: ok ok, now my turn. I’ll ask u.

they continue this game and after Nayna’s it was Ragini’s turn. even she asked them all questions and then it was Sanskaar’s turn. he asked both Naynish their questions and now it was his turn to ask Ragini.
he asked her the question which he had pondered over from quite some time now.

S: Rago, u r next.
so, what should I ask you.

R: hey, stop giving those built-ups and ask.

S: ok ok… love

Ragini’s face lost its color and she answered mechanically.

R: dhokha, heartbreak.

the trio was staring at her and she noticed this.

R: guys, I’ll be right back. I had given my books to karan for reference. I need to fetch them. see u in class.

saying so she got up to leave and was walking hastily that she tripped but was held by a pair of strong hands.
she looked up to find Sanky holding her.
their eyes met and they were having an eye lock. later they came to senses and noticed the whole canteen looking qt them. both were looking embarrassed and Ragini started walking and Sanskaar called out to her, while Naynish also reached upto them and she turns.

S: Rago, u forgot something.

R: what???

S: ur smile.

hearing this she smiled widely and the four had a group hug.
the trio always knew that there was something in Ragini’s past that bothered her but they never asked her anything.

Ragini came back to where the trio was standing and the four shared a group hug.

R: ab chalo, class mein chalthe hai.

they all head towards their class.

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