SECOND CHANCE (Chapter 14)


Janki was roaming here and there fully tensed about the delaying arrival of Ragini.

JG: Shekhar, why haven’t she reached till now. her phone is also switched off. don’t know in which state she may be.

SG: jaanu, don’t worry. this is not the first time she is staying alone. she knows how to handle herself.

JG: but Shekhar, you know na, our Ragu has changed a lot now and……
(there is a knock at the door)
I think she came. let me check.

She opens the door to find Ragini standing at the steps. Janki breathes a sigh of relief but is astonished to see a small smile that had crept on her daughter’s face. Ragini hugs her and get inside.
once inside she was shot with questions from Janki while Shekhar stood helplessly.

JG: now tell me, why weren’t you able to come yesterday? And why was your phone switched off?

R: voh mumma, actually I was locked in the library and my phone went dead. don’t worry I was not alone, my friend was also stuck with me (she said this with a smile creeping on her lips which was noticed by both her parents)

SG: but how come you guys got stuck there?

R: the college closed by noon yesterday due to the party that is going to be held today but I didn’t hear the announcement and my friend came searching for me and we both got stuck. also there is no class for today.

JG: but…..

SG: oh ho jaanu, she had just arrived let her take rest. why are you always behind my princess?
Princess, you go to your room and rest. If you are alright with it, then you can join me to our office. you haven’t visited there, so you will get to see everyone and everything.

R: OK dad, I will be ready right now.

SG: no need to rush. we will only be leaving after 3-4 hours.

R: ok then

Ragini goes upstairs, while Janki and Shekhar are happy that they saw their princess smile after quite a long time.

JG: Shekhar, did you notice, she was looking happy today and it is for the first time she spoke to us properly after her return from London.

SG: hmm. I could see a small vibe of our old Ragu and I do believe we will completely get our Ragu back. I just hope she remains happy always.

@RSA college

all were busy with the party arrangements. Sanskaar had come back after getting changed from his house.
even when he was busy with the arrangements he was continuously staring at the door. all the students from his class was present except Ragini. he was waiting for Ragini.

S(in mind): how do I know whether she will come or not?
Haan, I had called tani yesterday from her mob, so he will probably have her number. I will get it from him.

just then he notices Tanish passing by and he called out to him who came up to him.

S: Tani, just gimme ur phone. I need to check something.

T: here you go bro.

Sanskaar checks the call list and feeds her number in her cell and leaves while returning Tanish’s phone to him.

Sanskaar was roaming here and there in one of their classrooms making up his mind whether to call her or not. at last he decided to try his luck and dialled her number but no one was picking it up. he tried for a second time to get the same response. he tried it again only to get disheartened again.
he walks out to the classroom a bit disappointed.

S: maybe she won’t be coming today, even for the party. let it be , atleast she is my friend now.
(he got back to his works)

@ R2G internationals

Shekhar held a meeting with all his staffs to introduce Ragini to them. she mingled quite well with all regarding the company works and all were developing a certain respect for her due to her aspect to work.
after some hours they decided to leave. that is when she checked her phone and found 3 missed calls from an unknown number, which she decided to ignore. the father-daughter duo drove off in their car.

inside the car

SG: princess, aren’t you not going to attend the party?

R: I don’t know dad. I haven’t decided. what do you think?

SG: I think you should go princess. It will be a change of atmosphere for you and also you could mingle with many people. but the decision is yours.

R: fine dad, I believe I’m going.

SG: great. then lets do some shopping for you and then go home.

R: what is the need to go shopping? I will be ready in what I already have.

SG: no! u r Shekhar Gadodia’s daughter and you should be and should look the best and people should envy you.

R: but…..

SG: no but vut.

R(smiling at her father’s antics): ok dad

SG: now thats like my princess (he patted on her cheeks).

@ MM

Sanskaar is getting ready. he is wearing a grape wine color suit with a white shirt inside and a complementing tie. he is looking damn awesome.
he comes down and bids bye to his parents and went to pick Naynish as he have promised them.

@ party

all the girls were drooling over our handsome hunk but he was least interested. he was busy talking with his friends but was also occasionally glancing at the door.
his mind said that she would not come while his heart contradicted.

T: come on guys lets dance. sanky u just pick any partner for urself. vaise bhi, all are dieing to dance with u.

N: haan. come on guys.

S: no yaar, u people dance, I’m not interested. aur vaise bhi, they are not my type. u people enjoy. I will go serve myself with a coke.

after sometime

Sanskaar was sipping down his drink when one of his friends came up to him and they started talking. after a couple of minutes he felt as if a cool soothing wind hitting him and involuntarily he turned the other side to see Ragini in her white and grape wine color shoulderless gown with her hair in casual chic braid and accessorised herself with a simple diamond neck piece and it’s earpiece. she was looking magnificent beautiful and Sanskaar couldn’t take his eyes off from her.
he excused himself from his friend and walked towards Ragini.

S: I thought you won’t come.

R: even I thought the same but then dad….. you know.

S: hmmm.
so, lets move in (forwarding his hand)

R: ok (placing her hand over his)

both moved in to be encountered by many pairs of eyes, looking at them with envy and jealousy.
Both looked like a perfect couple with even their clothes complementing each other.
they fetched a drink for themselves and talked sipping it.

S: shall we dance?

R: sorry, I don’t dance.

S: it’s ok, u will be fine trust me.

R: its not that. I really don’t wanna dance.

S(puppy face): pls…… just one dance.

R(giving up): fine.

he held her hand and walked to the dance floor where a romantic song was being played.

(sorry guys, I’m not good at describing dance moves, so not attempting it)

they were dancing passionately and all the eyes were glued on them and the dance ended in a fairytale pose, which reminded her of her dance with Laksh. while the whole party was filled with applause, Ragini stealthily moved to the washroom.

Inside the washroom

Ragini let out a few silent tears and looked herself in the mirror.

R: no Ragini, u shouldn’t cry, atleast not for someone who doesn’t even care for you and doesn’t deserve neither your love nor ur tears.(wiped her tears).

Meanwhile, at the party.

Naynish walked upto Sanskaar and dragged him to a corner and stared at his with a ‘what was that’ look.

S: what????

T: so finally u got someone of ur choice.

S: huh????

N: u were telling you would dance with only someone of ur type. chakkar kya hai???

S (scratching his head and blushing a bit): voh, we r frnds. yesterday when we both got locked in the library, we became good friends. thats it. now you both stop pulling my leg and come.

Later Sanskaar saw Ragini coming out from the washroom and went to get and then bought her to his friends.

Naynish: hey Ragini (Nayna hug her while Tanish shakes hand with her)

R(smiles): hello.

the 4 talk for sometime and naynish bond well with Ragini.

R: ok guys, I should leave now. bye
(she turns to leave)

S: but Rags, stay for some more time.

Ragini was rooted to her place and a tear escaped from her eyes. she immediately wiped it.

R: Sanskaar never ever call me that. I just hate being called like that.

Sanskaar felt the pain in her voice.

S: then I will call you hmmmm ha… Rago and u could call me Sanky as they call me (pointing towards Naynish)

Ragini smiled feebly.

R: I’m afraid I should leave now.

S,T&N: ok then bye.(waving their hands at her as she leaves)

S: see u tomorrow in class.

Ragini just smiled and drove off and after the party all the three also left.

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