SECOND CHANCE (Chapter 13)


It’s been almost a couple of hours since they had been locked inside and still Ragini was busy with her all time companions and sanky was getting really really bored. he was just staring or roaming here and there. finally he strode towards Ragini.

S: how can you always stick on to these books? don’t you get bored?

R: no

S: but I’m getting bored by keeping mum and having nothing else to do.

R: why don’t you try reading some books?

S: what! me and books is like north pole and south pole, never comes together.
ok lets do one thing, lets talk.

R: but… I don’t have anything to talk.

S: that’s not fare. I’m stuck here just because of you and you can’t even do a small things as to talk to me.

he said this by making a cute face, seeing which Ragini’s lips could not resist to form a small curve which went unnoticed by Sanskaar and she wasn’t able to say a no to him.

R: ok fine, what do you wanna talk?

S: wow, that means you are ready to talk ( rags smiled at his childish behaviour)
vaise, I always wanted to ask you, ithna kya rakha hai inn books mein. I mean,what do you get by reading all these stuffs?

R: chain

S: what?

R: nothing. voh, books lead us to a fantasy world where there is no sorrows, where you can forget yourself

her face showed that she was in deep thoughts, thoughts which she hated. Sanskaar sensed this. he was sure that something big is haunting her and he badly wanted to cheer her up.

S: kya tum hamesha maximum 1 or 2 lines mein jabab deti hai???

Ragini smiles feebly.

S: accha tho teek hai, can you suggest me some good book.

R: how about xyz? I think you will like it. wait, lets check whether it is in here or not.

they get up and starts searching for the book. Ragini stood up on a stool and was searching while Sanskaar was searching in the lower racks.
while Ragini was about to pick a book by leaning a bit, shr slipped and in an effect closed her eyes, but opened them slowly because even after couple of minutes, she didn’t feel like she hit the floor.
when she opened her eyes she saw Sanskaar staring at her with a small smile on his face. even she was lost in his eyes and both kept on staring at each other until realisation hit Ragini that she was being held in Sanskaar’s arms.

R: Sanskaar, put me down.

Sanskaar came to his senses and he immediately put her down and an awkward silence prevailed between them.
Ragini said she would search in the other shelf and rushed from there while Sanskaar stood there rubbing his head.

after a while

R: Sanskaar come here. I got the book.

Sanskaar came up to her and took the book and was returning to their seat when Sanskaar spotted a cockroach on one of the shelves and started panicking.
he jumped up on a chair beneath and started to shout.

S: ahh.. cockroach….. cockroach….. somebody help me…..pls….

seeing this Ragini bursted out laughing holding her stomach. Sanskaar was mesmerised to see her laugh, that too for the first time.
when he noticed that the cockroach had been long gone, he came down from the chair to a still laughing Ragini and was staring at her.

R(still laughing): Sanskaar, u r afraid of cockroach. well, I never knew you were such a great darpok.

S: beautiful

R: what!!!

S: haan.. voh, u look really very beautiful when you smile. never let this fade away and always keeps smiling.

R(stops smiling): ab chalo

they sat on a nearby table and started to read. but after some time Sanskaar closed his book.

S: arre yaar, when I’m having such a beautiful girl sitting in front of me, then instead of talking to her, why should I waste my time in reading these books???

R(lifts her head and look at Sanskaar, then she too close her book): ok that means, you are not interested in reading and wanna talk.

later they talk on many random things. Ragini enjoyed Sanskaar’s company. she felt free with him, as if she could tell him anything.
after that incident this was the first time she made a proper conversation, first time she smiled or better to say first time we could see the smallest spark of the old Ragini.

Next Day

Sanskaar who was sleeping in a sitting posture with his head on the table, woke up to find Ragini sleeping in a similar position opposite to him. a smile spread on his lips thinking about the previous day and by the time he looked around and let out a yawn stretching both his hands, Ragini also woke up. both smiled at each other.

S: good morning

R: good morning

S: I think tani would be here any minute to free us out.

they then heard approaching foot steps. both got up and walked upto the door and by the time they reached upto the door, it opened and there stood Tanish, who was stunned to see Ragini along with Sanskaar.
both got out

T: hey guys
I just came early picking up the keys from the dean, so that you could go home before everyone reach here.

S: thanks bro

R: Sanskaar, I’ll leave now, bye
(she smiled at tani who returned it)

S: vaise Ragini, u r coming for the party, right??

R: I’ll think about it.
(she started walking)

S(bit louder voice, so that she can hear): Ragini (she turns) can we be friends??

R: I think we already are.

she smiled and walked away while Sanskaar stood there smiling rubbing his hair with his hand.

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