SECOND CHANCE (Chapter 12)


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Next day
@ RSA college

Sanskaar was sitting next to Ragini and as the classes were going on he asked Rags

S: hello.
voh… hmm… u were looking tensed yesterday. sab teek haina???

R(turning towards sanky): ya, everything is fine and thanks for asking. (she turns as if indicating, she didn’t wanted to talk about it).

during recess

naynish comes towards sanky and takes him aside and they talk randomly standing at a corner. but in between their talks sanky was also noticing rags. he then notices rags going out of the class and he was sure that she was going to the library, because the only place you could find Ragini, after her classroom, is the library, where she always occupies the loneliest corner and immerse herself in books unaware of the surroundings.
Later there was an announcement which stated all the students to gather in the auditorium.
All assembled there. the dean came up on the stage and spoke.

D: hello students.
It has been more than a week since ur classes had started. so our college have organised a party for all of you tomorrow.
so the college would disperse after this meeting, that is u all can go home and prepare for tomorrow.
but haan, the seniors should come here tomorrow morning itself for handling the arrangements.
ok students, that’s it. see you all tomorrow.

the assembly was over. all started to disperse but sanky was from the beginning was searching for Ragini and was unsuccessful in finding her in the crowd. all left and he was sure that she was not among them.
Just then naynish comes towards him.

T: Sanky, y r u standing here itself? come lets go.

N: ya, the college will close now.

S: u people leave. I have some work. so, don’t wait for me.

T: fine, ok then, bye

N: bye, see you tomorrow

S: bye

they left.

Sanskaar went in to their classroom and on not finding her there strode off to the library. the library was a very vast one where he thought even if the whole college assembled, there would be more than enough space to hold a small party. Right now, the library was empty, he scanned around and was about to leave when he thought of checking in one of the corners which he had noticed to be Ragini ‘s favourite reading spot.
And alas, he was right. she was right there reading a book, unaware of the surroundings. he went towards her.

S: are you planning to spend your whole day here itself??

Ragini was startled by the sudden disturbance and she just looked up at Sanskaar and stared him without saying anything.

S: arre madam, are you not planning to leave from here or just stay there staring at me??

R: sorry, I didn’t understand what you are talking about.

S: why hadn’t you attended the assembly? It had been announced and since, I didn’t find u there, so I just thought of checking in here.

R: oh, sorry.
I think the speaker over here is not functioning. why was the assembly held?

S: It’s just that our college is organising a party tomorrow and they had given us a leave for today. so, come fast or else the college will be closed and we will be stuck here.

R: Oh..

she keeps her book in the shelf and started proceeding towards the door. meanwhile, Sanskaar reached upto the door and tried to open it, which proved to be a failure and by the time Ragini reached there she saw a struggling Sanskaar at the door. she walked upto him.

R: what happened?

S: the door is not opening. I think it is locked from outside.

R: WHAT! let me try.

Even she tried hard but it was of no use. both also shouted for help only to not get any response.

R(looking towards sanky): now what do we do? I think all left.

S: oh no.
the keys would be with the peon and I heard him talking that he is going to his native for 2 days because of the party due to which the keys would be handed over to the dean.
and as far as I know there is the college administrative meeting for our dean outside the city and he would return only by midnight or something.
on the whole we are stuck and don’t have any other way other than staying here for today.

R: what? is there no other alternative?
(Sanskaar shook his head)
ok then, I will call my parents and tell them.

She calls to her home.

R(on call): haan, hello mumma, I’ll reach only by tomorrow morning…… no….there is nothing to worry about……. I’ll tell you everything once I get back….
ok bye.

S: can I just borrow ur phone? actually I kept mine in the car.

Ragini handed him the phone and Sanskaar call Tanish.

S(on call): hello tani, its me Sanskaar…… just make a call to my house and tell them that I am with you and would return only by tomorrow. If I call them then I would be shot with thousands of questions.
voh actually kya hua hai ki I’m locked in the library and…..
hello….. hello…..oh damn.
the battery is out.

he returns the phone along with a thank you. Ragini just shook her head and then got back to a table and reading a book while Sanskaar just scanned the library and started roaming around.

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