SECOND CHANCE (Chapter 11)


hi guys, thanks for all your lovely comments.I wanted to tell you all that the last part of the previous chappy was stopped there intentionally.
I am really sorry for this boring Chapter but nothing else came up to my mind.
do tell me what you think of this.

Next day
@ MM

DP goes to Sanskaar’s room to wake him up but doesn’t find him on the bed and gets confused. he then turns around and find sanky getting ready standing in front of the mirror and stands there fully surprised. sanky sees this through the mirror and turns around

S: what???
why r u looking at me like that???

DP: nothing. I was just wondering, teri thabiyath tho teek haina. because it’s for the first time I’m seeing you getting ready this early. what is the matter?

S: nothing. u r just overreacting.
ok now, let me get ready.

DP leaves.

S (looking into the mirror): what should I tell you dad, when even I don’t know why I am so eager to go to college today.

@ RSA college

sanky goes to the class and finds naynish fighting with eo. he tried to interfere between them but they were not paying any heed to them. it was while doing so he noticed Ragini sitting immersing herself in a book.
he goes and sits besides her and later coughs a little to gain her attention but she was nevertheless effected by it.

S: hello, I’m Sanskaar

he said introducing himself and she just looked up from her books and just nodded and got back to what she was doing.
he understood that she wasn’t interested in talking and so kept quiet.

during recess all went out of the class. sanky noticed rags was still inside and thought to invite her for a coffee with them.

S: hey, since u r sitting all alone here, you could join us for coffee if you want.

R: sry, I’m not interested. but thanks for asking.

sanky became a little disheartened and left from there.

for a next few days or to be precise almost a week, sanky was observing rags and then it struck him that rags was really an introvert and did not talked to anyone. she was always immersed in books and could be found either in the classroom or in the library.
he felt as if her eyes were filled with sorrows and it had hid many pain in it. he wanted to know about it, he wanted to befriend her but she was someone who kept herself always distanced from others.

one fine day, after the classes were dispersed, sanky noticed that rags had left her book in the classroom and thought to return it and went in search of her. he spotted her near her car ready to open the door and get into it.


she turned and he walked upto him.

S: u forgot ur book in the classroom.

R: oh , thank you.

S: vaise, we were planning to go for a coffee. would you like to join us ?

R: no, thanks

S: oh come on Ragini.
actually in between my friends, I mean the love birds had called me with them, and I would really feel lonely around, so if u could pls accompany me I will have someone to talk with and won’t get bored.

R: I’m sorry but I’m really not interested.

S: oh pls…
atleast for showing me some gratitude for safely returning your book

Ragini rolled her eyes.

R(sighing): ok fine.

sanky’s eyes glowed and lips spread out a glee.

Ragini didn’t understand why she agreed to him. She perfectly knew that if it had been someone else then she would have thrown the book on his face and would be gone long back. she felt nice around him. even when he was pestering her from the second day on the name of a coffee but she was never angry at him. she thought it might be because of his sweet, innocent and cute face.

@ coffee shop

Naynish was having their cute talks and silly fights. Ragini was looking at them and it reminded her of her time spent with Laksh.
Laksh, even after going this far from him she was not able to forget him.

just then the waiter arrives and asks for their orders.

N: 2 cappuccinos and 2 parts of bread pudding.

S: 1 cup Americano and blue berry cheesecake.
Ragini was stunned. she was drawn back to her coffee dates where they always used to order the same. (remember it was her and Laksh’s favourite)

S: vaise Ragini, I would suggest you to try it. It’s just too good and I love it.

R: sorry, but I don’t like it (in mind: anymore). I will have a cold coffee.

S: fine. It’s ok

Ragini was now suffocating as all her bad memories were coming back to her. she needed to some how get out of there. she excused herself and went to the washroom, shed a few silent tears and after a few minutes came out.

R: sorry guys but I should leave now. ghar se call aayi di. I need to leave.

S: but

R: pls. I need to go. bye

S: I will drop u till college since ur car is there.

R: no thanks. I will manage.

saying so she went out without waiting for a reply.

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