Chapter 1

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Inside a really big mansion, which is no less than a palace, a lady is walking here and there looking tensed and a man is trying to calm her down.

lady: Oh my god Shekhar! She might not have gotten up from her bed even now. She will be late for her classes, that too today, the first day of her college.

SG: Oh ho Janki, why do you take tension, there is still time. Actually more than enough time. She will not be late, why do you wanna disturb my princess ‘s beauty sleep?

JG: Oh Shekhar it’s a waste of time talking to you. Let me call her.
(She goes inside & comes back with her phone dialling a number.)

SG: OK, then keep the phone in speaker. I can’t wait to hear her voice.

JG: Haan haan ,
wait , it’s ringing.

A beautiful and really big room, which is very classy as well as modern and in the middle, on the big round bed lies a girl who is nearly 22, is sleeping peacefully and suddenly her phone rings and she lazily takes it a and put it on her ear and sleepily says hello

JG: princess, you haven’t got up till now right. I knew it , it’s already 4 p.m. and you are not even up from your bed. It’s your first day in college Ragu..

Ragini gets up with a jerk almost shouting.

R: WHAT! 4p.m
(she looks at the clock)
Mumma , you always do this. Why do you always tell the IST? You know na there is a huge difference between the times in Mumbai and London.
And dad you too.

SG: now what did I do princess?

R: you should make her understand. It’s hardly a month that you two left that you completely forgot about even the time.

SG & JG (together): sorry meri maa……
(the 3 then bursts out laughing)

R: ok ok now tell me how are you people?

SG: As always, perfect. but just missin you princess.

R: me too dad

SG: aur ek baath. you don’t take much tension about the business. I have told Alex (rag’s pa) that you won’t be able to give your full time in looking after the business as you would be attending your classes frm 2day. So he have arranged your schedule accordingly.

R: tnx dad. You are the best.

JG: tho mein???

R: oh ho mumma aap tho jealous ho gayi. u r the sweetest. Haina dad?

SG: haan haan.

JG: Teek hai , teek hai. Ab bohot hogayi baatein . Ragu u get ready and get going. I don’t want you to be late on your first day.

R: ok bye mumma,bye dad love you both.

SG&JG: Love you too beta . tc. bye..

Later Ragini gets ready in a floral design short dress with her hair out and goes down where her breakfast was already on the table and Maria (her 50 yr old servant) was waiting to inform her that Alex was there. With much pressure, Alex also sat to have bf with her.

A: maam I came up to talk about a few things regarding these files ( pointpoints towards some files).

R: alex just relax, first you finish the food then we will discuss about it. I have another hr before I leave.
Later they discussed things regarding business.

A: maam, then

R( interrupting): how many times had I told you to call me by my name. You will never change.

A: but maam , I can’t . Pls understand, you are my boss.

R: OMG! What should I do with you . Hmm let it be. What were you telling?

A: that I have adjusted your schedule as per your class timing and I will mail you the details right now.

R: I know Alex that you would handle things perfectly even in my absence and I completely trust you. So, anything else?

A: nope

R: ok then , let me get going. Bye, bye Maria.

Scene 2
@ ABC college, London

A really stylish black Lamborghini comes dashing into the college parking lot and Ragini gets down from it and all are staring at her. She walks towards the corridor and was searching for the dean’s office during which she collided with a boy and both fell down and both got up immediately.

R: sry sry sry! I didn’t notice u. actually I was searching for the dean’s office and suddenly you came from nowhere, so
(she was saying this in one go)

boy ( interrupting): hey, hey,hey! it’s ok. now stop. ok. breath. feeling better?
well its fine, even I didn’t notice you. welll I could guide you till the dean’s office. just go straight then turn left the second room.

R: tnk u

both left

@ inside the classroom

the same boy was sitting inside the classroom and the dean came in interrupting the class.

dean: so students, from today you all would be accompanied by a new student.
this is Ragini and she would be your classmate from today.
So, Ragini only the seat beside Laksh is vacant so you can sit beside him.
Now class, proceed with your lectures.

R( in mind): this is the same guy with whom I collided. So, his name is Laksh.

they didn’t talk. After the class Laksh went with his friends and Ragini made literally many friends.

@ night

R(on call): hey mumma , hey dad.
SG&JG: hey princess.
JG: tho bathao ki aaj ki din kaisi dhi

R: perfect as always. I made a lot of friends.

SG: my princess hui itni achi , that everyone would be your friend

they talked for some time and later Ragini had her dinner and also had to finish some office works after which she slept.

Next Day
@ college

ragini wearing shorts and crop top came upto Laksh.

R: hey, so ur name is Laksh.
well I am Ragini.

L: hey Ragini

R: I heard that you are the heartthrob of the college a don’t mind me, a big flirt

L: oh! who told you that sweetheart. It’s just that all the girls are behind me so just to keep them happy I talk with them lovingly. but if you call that flirting, then…

R: oh handsome, you felt bad.
but I do think it is not flirting, its just that you don’t wanna hurt anyone. right?

L: exactly

then they both started flirting with each other and at last ended up laughing their hearts out.

R: so, let’s be frnds

L: wow, its for the first time that some girl is asking me to be her friend rather than boyfriend

R: oh what to do, I’m not like them.

L: ok ragini lets go to the canteen and have something.

just then the bell rings and they had to continue with the classes.

L: oh damn!?

ragini laughs

after classes both went to their houses and continued with their regular routines and then dozed off.

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