Second Chance (chapter 1)


Manik’s POV:
“Manik baba sahib aapko neeche bula rahe hai. Baraat ke nikalne ka time ho gaya hai” One of the servants came and informed me while I was sitting idle in my room.
“Kaka aap chaliye main aata hoon” I said dismissing him.
“Shashank I don’t get it. Why are we taking Manik with us. You know na I cannot bear his presence and today is my son’s wedding, I don’t want it to be spoiled by Manik’s presence.” I hear Mrs. Arora say as I descended down the stairs.
“Dad I am ready” I said wiping my tears and putting up a fake smile to make them aware of my presence.

Dad only nodded in acknowledgement while Mrs. Arora made a disinterested face.
“Suresh go and call Siddharth, we need to begin with the rituals” Mrs. Arora said to the servant and everyone was back to ignoring me.
All the relatives were staying in a villa specially booked by dad for bhai’s wedding, so it was just us and they will join us outside.
“Mom and dad I am ready. Do whatever you want to do so that we can get done with this shit.” Bhai came down and said in a disinterested tone.
“Siddharth for heaven’s sake stop it. You do this marriage and we get the deal. So, bear this shit for some time and then we will be in profit” Dad said in his business tone.
“Oh yes… how can I forget… deal with the Verma’s” Bhai said as if thinking very deeply but I knew this was all fake. I wonder how the life of that girl who will be coming here today will be with these people here.

“Oh come on Shashank let me perform the rituals so that we can get over with this as soon as possible.” Mrs. Arora came back with the aarti ki thali and started doing bhai’s tilak.
We all came outside so that bhai can sit on the ghodi.
“Suresh come and help Siddharth sit on the horse” Dad called out to one of the servants. All the relatives had joined us by now.
Suresh nodded and stepped forward but bhai stopped him.
“Dad come on, why do we need servants for the rituals when Manik is here. Manik here will help his bhai o sit on the ghodi by stepping on his hands right Manik?” Bhai said in a mocking tone which did nothing but hurt me.
“Of course, bhai I will help you” I said with a genuine smile because there was no harm in bending in front of my brother.

I went and put both my hands near the saddle so that bhai could step on it. But alas! Bhai never does anything with right intentions.
“Ahh” I hissed in pain when I felt the sharpness of the shoes piercing in my skin. Bhai without caring sat on the ghodi.
“Kya hua Manik all fine?” bhai asked sarcastically, smiling while seeing me in pain.
“Haan” I replied monotonously.
“Arey bhai band bajaana shuru karo, sabkopata chalna chahiye ki aaj Shashank Arora ke ekloute bete ki shaadi hai” Dad said with proud and the band started playing.
I felt hurt when dad said eklauta but that’s how my life is, I have no one. I am lonely despite being in a crowd. Heaving a deep sigh, I sat in the car and drove to the Verma Mansion.
Sneha’s POV:
“Aye ladki tayaar reh baraat agayi hai. Thodi der mein tujhe lene ayenge” Taiji came and informed me and left me alone.
It is my last few hours in this house, my maayaka, but nobody here cares enough to sit with me for a few minutes before I leave them forever. I went towards my window and started gazing at the stars.

“Maa why did you leave me. Main akeli hoon yahaan. Despite being in this crowd I am all alone. Maa everyone here hates me because I am a girl, a burden on them.” I said to the stars like I have been doing the past years and as usual tears made their way out of my eyes.
“Sneha chalo neeche bula rahe hain” I heard Bhabhi calling me as she came into my room fixing her designer saree.

“Bhabhi please mujhe ye shaadi nahi karni. Main toh jaanti bhi nahi hoon kisse meri shaadi ho rahi hai, main unke saath poori zindagi kaise bitaaoongi” I pleaded to her as my last hope but well that last try was also futile.
“Sneha don’t be so selfish. Aaj tak tum is parivaar ke kuch bhi karne ke lye ready thi and jab time aaya hai toh you want to backout!!” Bhabhi fired at me. “Ab yeh aansoo pocho aur chup chap neeche chalo”

I did not understand what Bhabhi meant by that but I was in no condition to ponder upon that. So I did what I was doing since the past 20 years, follow what they say.
“Yeh vivaah sampan hua, aaj se aap pati patni huye.” Panditji announced and I knew my fate was sealed with this unknown man sitting beside me.”Ab aap badon ka aashirvaad lijiye”
We first went towards his parents and took their blessings then followed by my family.
“Chaliye, khaana lag gaya hai” Taiji came and announced and we all proceeded towards the dinning area.
The elders were seated away from the youngsters. Now that my ghoongat was lifted I saw his face clearly. His face showed nothing but rudeness and arrogance. I just hope that living with him will be bearable.

“Bhabhi hamare bhaiya ko baad mein ghooriye ga pehle unhe khaana khilaye” I heard one of the girls saying whom I presumed to be my nanad. I immediately looked down in my lap.
“Haan bhai hume bhi hamari patni ke haath se khana hai” I heard him speaking. I looked at him only to see him smiling slyly.
After hearing everyone’s pleadings, I finally picked up a morsel from his plate and fed him. He smiled as if he had won some lottery.

We all then started eating but in between my eyes darted to a guy sitting at the far end of the table. I saw his expressions becoming that of painful whenever he tried to break a morsel. Looking at him even my expressions became painful, as if I could feel his pain. Soon I saw him leaving the food. He had hardly eaten anything but I think the pain was too unbearable. I wondered why nobody noticed him nor did he callout to someone for help.

“Chalo bachon bidaai ka time hogaya hai” my train of thoughts were broken down when chachi came and called us. Bidaai, means that my time in this house is now finished.
I was in tears thinking of having to spend my life amongst strangers but when I came to my father for a last goodbye, my miseries increased, my heart broke further.

“Ab hamara rishta khatam hogaya hai. Ab vahi tumhara ghar hai, jaise rehna hai rehna hume tumse koi matlab nahi hai. Sapne mein bhi kabhi yahaan wapas aane ki mat sochna” he said in a stern voice keeping his hand on my head. I just nodded in reply as more tears made their way out of my eyes.

I sat in the backseat of the decorated car with my husband beside me and the guy that I saw on the dining table in the passenger seat. As soon as we started moving, I felt him getting close to me which me nothing but uncomfortable. I tried to move further away but he pulled me towards him by my waist and I could do nothing but hope that he does not turn out to be the beast that I am thinking he is.

Hi everyone.. my first official story on telly updates. Hope you all will enjoy reading and please support me.

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