SECOND CHANCE – Abhigya one shot

Ah!god my head is paining a lot with unanswerable questions? What he think about me?? Did he feel iam his puppet??Seriously ?? she look at mirror. No iam not looking like that, then whats all this?? Why he is torturing me to hell?? No,its silent torture..silence, just go to hell.she thrown away the pillow.i feel so bad today,this is not a new thing for me, this is how I felt for each day after my marriage with him. Why don’t he marry me? Is he really felt that iam a showcase iam not. I have my own feelings. Its all because of my one wrong decision.but,I don’t knew that, I have to pay back for it. I sill remember the day my mom jumbing in excitement, her joy was a priceless thing for me. I will do anything to see her smile.yes, I love my mom that extend.she is not mom for me, she is my mother India . she suffered a lot for me, she forget to smile in her miserable life.its all because of that man, unfortunately he is my father for name. yes, I hate him a lot,he who havnt show any love, concern or care for us.she always hurt me and mom when he got drunked. But, still my mom havnt raise a voice against him, I don’t knew how can she be like this.The so called reason is he Is , he is her husband.when he leaves me and my mom for another cheap women, she didn’t complaint him , she feel like its her fault,that’s why I call her Mother india.When his father come up with this alliance, she was jumping in joy,then how can I say no to this.For me, my mom is my world.there wasn’t a single day in my life without her but now, iam living without her for one month,the way we are connected is through phonecalls,that too mainly about him. What will I talk about him to her , when we are strangers with pole apart?This reduce our talks, I cant tell too much lie to her and I cant hurt her with bitter truth of my life.Haa, I thank God a lot, when I saw his photo for first time. He was like a greek God, with dashing and hansome look, perfect mascular Abs.yes, He has all the good look a girl expect for.Everything set so soon and we get married. As he is dealing with an important project, we need to shift to this place on our marriage Day itself, but now I knew its just a reason to get rid of all the mess.yes, for him family relationship is all a mess.He is an introvert that I can understand ,but why this much. The day we reached here, he left me for work.i wait for him a lot meanwhile I slept there. When I woke up,I saw him lying on couch. I get up fast and make breakfast and tea for him but, he didn’t have a time to just show his face after got up.without saying anything, he just left away. I feel bad ,but my stupid brain thought may be its because of his work load. That night be same as like before, the same stuff happen for some days.After that, I taken a serious decision, how much he got late, I will see him not his sleeping face. But, that night was a shock to me, he came home as drunken just look at me with his red eyes. I was in fear to talk with him at that state, as it remember my mom, I feel like he will beat me like him.But, next day was a super shock to me, like all the day , I prepared breakfast and he joined with me on table. I serve him breakfast and coffee. He ate all that without a word but I expect few words from him but again he hurt me ,leave me just like that. The same thing repeats again..i just hate all this .but, there came an another shock
‘Pragya, I have some guest today for dinner? So will you??’ he asked
‘Haa, what all things I need to prepare?’
‘You don’t need to prepare anything for them. Just stay in your room and don’t come out as I don’t like to create any scene.’ I was dumbstruck with his words, creating any scene , staying at room?? What does he really mean? I questioned myself as an idiot. Idiot , Stupid idiot havnt understand his meaning in those words. But, he made me understand it wonderfully on the same day itself.
’Did I told you pragya, Don’t create a scene?’
‘that flowervase..just slipped’
‘just slipped or you purposefully you did that’I look shocked.
‘don’t look me like this? I knew you kind of girls’
‘you kind of girls?? What you mean?’
‘don’t open your dirty mouth me’
‘dirty mouth’ I whispered
‘I knew you done this just to notice your presence here, revenge for staying at this room? I have always gave you space at this house na, then why cant you just stay here for some hours’
‘who iam to you’ I asked
‘tell me who iam to you??’
‘you are my so called wife??’ he mocked.
‘so called wife? So iam not your wife right?’I ask back by holding my tears .
‘look at mirror, there is mangalsutra and sindoor on you which indicates you na you are my wife.then why are you questioning me’ he asked in irritation
‘this is just a symbol , but there is no value for it if you havnt tied wholeheartedly ‘
‘seriously, whats your problem pragya? Why are you wasting my time with your stupid questions’
‘its not just waste of time, iam just trying to knew the value of time I wasted for you by doing things here’
‘Did I told you to do so?’he look at me ‘no right,then why are you doing all this stupid crap pragya’ he leaves me again just like that.
After that, I havnt talk with him for once, why should i? when he don’t care for me? But how long I will stay like this?*mobile ring*
“Haa, maa I just thought about you now? How are you maa?Did you taking your medicines on time?”
“after you got married, you become busy with him and havnt time for your maa right?”
“maa, how can you say so? You are always my first priority maa” no you are my only priority , there Is no one for me other than you, she thought
“I just told it na pragya, how is he?what all you plan for him”
“plan? What plan ma?”
“don’t make me a fool pragya, why are you hiding it from me? tell what all things you prepared for his birthday”
Birthday, is it his birthday today? Even if it is, why should I care..
“pragya, are you listening?”
“maa, I think he have reached, I will call you later”
Unknown pov
“maa,I think he have reached, I will call you later” she cut down the call and looked at me. As always iam not in a mood to deal with her.i started to move
‘Happy birthday Abhi’ I look at her in shock. ‘iam sorry,I knew I have no rights to wish you,but even strangers wish na’ Today, I saw some strange fear on her eyes, why she should so? Oh, may be my state is the reason for it.
‘thanks’I replied just looking at her for once and leave the scene.
After sometime, I saw her at room with a cake on her hand.she kept that on table and forward a knife at me,
‘Did strangers cut cake too’ I mocked at her. I saw her struggling with tears.
‘hey don’t struggle much with that crocodile tears, let them escape from that trap you b***h’ A slap is heard. He pull out her hairs ‘how dare you slap me’ he push her to floor
When he come forward to touch her, ‘Don’t you dare to touch me? You lose that right when you call me that…chee…iam ashamed of myself ‘ she replied
‘Ashamed?? You shameless creature have?’
‘just cut your crap, not a word more from your dirty mouth’
‘oh, if so why are bearing me like this? ’I barked.she leaves without a word more.
I knew, I just broken her into pieces…I called her those bad words, I just pull her hairs and make her fall. I did all this for a purpose, just to make her leave. Why you just troubling me like this pragya? Why cant you just leave me? Why don’t you understand iam not worth for you?? Tears started to drift fastly, he grab a bottle of wine and gulp it quickly.there he saw the cake which she made for him, he cut it and have a bit ‘thanks pragya and iam sorry too’ soon he drift to sleep .
‘abhi, abhi…’ he slowly drift in sleep and look at her in shock.he rubbed his eyes to knew is it dream or not.
‘Have that lemon water, it will help you from headache. I have kept all your dress and towel , and within that time breakfast will be ready’
‘what are you doing? Why are you doing all this?’
‘means?? Don’t you knew iam you wife, NO..iam your so called wife and its my duty to do all this afterall you are my so called husband right’
‘I don’t want you to do all this for me’
‘you don’t want, but I want’
‘did you have any shame’
‘shame,if I have a husband like you, then I will be shameless na’
What happened to her? From where this confidence came?? Abhi beta, look like she is in some plan, deal with care.
‘if your self talk end, will you have this and do what I say’
‘who are you to order me?’
‘arrey, again same question, I think you are dumb that’s why repeating same’
‘cant you just leave me alone’
‘for this moment? Or for whole life?’ Again she surprised me…how can she behave like this as I hurt her to core with my words..
‘if I say it for whole life will you do it for me?’
‘why should I abhi ?’
‘what you mean by that?Acha, so you enjoy your freedom and luxury which you are exploring here’
‘haa, absolutely you are right, iam enjoying here, enjoying your love’
‘LOVE…??’’ is this love for you?
‘till yesterday it wasn’t but today it is’
‘why you make complications pragya? Cant you say it openly?’
‘that’s what I want to ask you abhi? Why cant you open your heart and change your assumptions’
‘okay, then I will open up.why you hate me abhi ?’ how iam going to answer for this.
‘is it you feel that I will do same as what your mother did?’ I look shocked by her question.’haa, I knew answer for it. Its not because of that, it because you feel that I will hate you as its your maa who is the reason behind my maas state and you feel I will started to hate you once I knew the truth’ she look directly into my eyes. I don’t have any answer for her.yes she is right, I feel she will leave me once she knew the truth, that’s why I tried to hurt her and make her leave from me..
‘Abhi, when you came to knew he is my father?’ there is nothing to hide now she knew whole truth
‘when we are leaving to my home, I saw his photo on your wall’
‘then you thought all this and behave so right?’ she ask me in low voice. I have no courage to look in those eyes. I just gave a nod.
‘how can you think so abhi when you are not at fault? What will happen if your dad havnt call me last night, I may have gone far from you..’ I look at her in shock
‘ yes, I decided to leave you as I don’t want to be a burden to you, but that time your dad call me and tell about your past. He thought you keep me away because of feelings that I will cheat you’ pragya look at abhi who is crying like a baby.
‘Abhi’ she hugs him tight
‘iam sorry pragya, sorry for whatever I did to hurt you.i was really a stupid who thought that you will just leave me as I tried to ignore and hurt you because I cant tolerate your hate once you strated to love me pragya. What papa thought is not right, I knew you can’t just do that to me. You are innocent and mostly lovely, caring person I have met till now.will you able to forgive an give us a second chance ‘
She didn’t get words to express what she feel now, she wrap her arms around him tightly and started to find her solace on him.

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