Sec..rrret…??Ha..ha..I ‘ll keep.. (Devakshi) (Ishqbaaz) Promo

“Secret..Secret..Sec..(voiceless..expression on air)…ret..”He(1) Turns..His Hair waves on air..His Eyes r very sharp n seem angry..

The Another One(2) smiles..
His fingers r playing a Bullet by rotate..
He (2):”Infinity..If”….
N show his hands…
In his hand,Squirrel is seen..Bullet disappears..

He (2):”I m Secret….”…

The first (1) Guy..see questioned..N take his gun..n loads the bullet..n triggers..n put on his head n take…
Aims on Another One(3) in Hall..

Another One(3) near 1st n 2nd actually didn’t see them..
He show a painting brush backwards n wave..
It seems like “Come..My Frnd Bullet”..
The pink color drop from the Brush falls on  the floor..
His fingers move a little by holding brush..
The wrist contains Many Metal bands..
N took brush in fast mode towards the cloth n write…

The Surrounding seems like Dancing Hall..

Loc:A kinder garden School..
“Shhhhh”…She(The Magician(2nd Romeo)’s Magic) put her finger on a child’s Little lips..
(The director’s camera shot goes 360 n her Eyes.. N Eyebrows..Btwn her Eyebrows,A Little Black Curved Moon)
Her lips..:”Going to hear Ghazals..”..
The claps of little childrens/cuties..
Her face..
Her eyes big..n she take something from behind..
A dove..
She moves her finger like a Circle..
Dove too moves like a Circle by holding her finger..

Fingers Open A wooden window..
In Her (Artist(3rd Romeo)’s Art)Eyes,
(Past Scene of her)
Artist near her house draw a girl painting from his last floor of his house..

A girl(Secret’s(1st Romeo) Senorita) veiled her face by Pink Cloth..
She holds Dice..
N throws..
Her Sharp Eyes (On Screen)..
The One die of Dice going to fall very soon..It seems near the floor..
A Big Bunny doll..

Hi Frndzz…
A little Intro..Hope U tiz frndzz..Without names,..Its little hard to read..Mm..
The Gun Guy(1) is Shivaay n The dice girl is Anika..
The Magician (Mm..playing Bullet n Squirrel) (2) is Dev n The Childrens’ Luvable Sona..
The PinkDropBrush(3) is Om n the Om’s Luv Window Open by Ishaana..

Frndzz..If U read again by these names..Hope U like tiz..Just for little intros,I didn’t introduce with names..
Tanqq Frndzz.. Take Care..Waitinggg..Soon..Creating Ur Reviews..for Ur Frnd.. Frndzz..

-Secret Choco Paper 1..on 7/5/17..

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  1. When I saw the cover pic I just guessed it may be u and I’m right it’s Ur ff good start bro

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      Tanqq Sissy.!!.Ss..U guessed right!!!Tanqqq!!!!

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    Nyc intro

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  3. Yipppppppyyyyyyyy I found another article of youuuuuuuuu bhaiii… I love itttttt??????????

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      Tanqq Sissy!!!U like it!!??Mm..The Epi is “Shivaay &LordBuddha”..!!

      1. But Bhai, where is Lord Buddha? In next episode???

      2. HarSHaN

        Oh It’s the Episode 1 Sissy!!While typing,”next” got erased!!Sorry..Typo error..

      3. Oh Ri8. I got it..

  4. Fenil

    This one is also nice brother.

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  5. niceee intro dear

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