Sec..rrret…??Ha..ha..I ‘ll keep.. 4(Devakshi)(Ishqbaaz)

Hi Frndzz..Tiz is H..4th Love Strts..
“Tanqqq”..Shivaay smiles..
“Once Upon a time” Dev read..
“Draw anything”Om said..


Shivaay holds the girl doll n smiles..
“Tanqq”He smiles..
Anika smiles..
Shivaay’s legs slowly left from Anika’s house..

His foot travel on the steps on entrance..
Anika see Shivaay’s going n close the Door.

Shivaay left hand fingers hold the doll..n his foot travels..

Shivaay(mind):”I need to hide U”

“A clown masked Guy lived”Dev reads..(Loc:Dev’s house)..

Om see the mask n wear tat..(Loc:Om’s house)..

Dev’s house..
Dev(mind):”Something Happened to Shivaay..”..
Dev see Up from lying..
LordShiva as LittleAnime..
Dev magically Disappears..

Om took the mask from face and see painting brush..Opposite,A Big FaceSeeingGlass..
Om:”Aaru..(Om’s LittleBoy(Mm.Student!!)..
I ‘ll be on Ten mins”..
Brush plays Beethoven’s Symphony fastly on Colors..
YellGree.. .Blu….oww..
Colouring on Mask..
Om’s fingers on cheeks..
Om(mind):”Mmmm..???I think it’s gud now”..

Om wears…n comb his hair..
Little BonyTail..

Om:”Kathakali(Kerala’s Traditional Dance)..Lets start”..
Near him Chenda Melam (Instrument) seen..
Om took the sticks..
Sticks r going to touch Chenda Melam..
Sticks on air..
Nano secs..

Shivaay’s fingers (CameraShot)..
Loc:Shivaay’s house
His fingers touch the door lock..
Shivaay(mind):”Someone is here already”..
His Ears Hear TV Sound..
Circles the lock to Open..
Loc:Sona’s house..
Liyaa on Sona’s laps..
Sona hide her face on Liyaa’ s back..Her Eyes lightly slept..
(2:22 of EdSheeran’s “GalwayGirl” on bg- My Apsara Pencil going to be my extra mark Secret)(Mm..Perfectly sync..Lil think)..

ThunderSound from TV..
Sona’s Eyes suddenly conscious..
Scooby Doo gang opens the door of a Big House..
The Lock circles n opens..

Loc:Shivaay’s house
Music Still Again on bg..
Shivaay see Someone is sitting on top of the Sofa..
See the floor..
ChessBoard,TV Remote,Dev’s StoryBook too on floor..
In Shivaay’s Eyes
All chess coins on air..
Steadily seen like arranged on Board..

Shivaay(mind):”Who is this?”
Slowly he take his move..
Shivaay (shock):”What???I m unable to move”..
The Mystery Guy (None other than Dev!!!)
moves the coin n the King of the Opposite goes up n going to fall below on floor..
Bt Didn’t fall..
He whistles…

Loc:Anika’s house
Whistle of Shivaay’s Juliet..
Anika see Teddy..
Anika:”Who is he??Is he Ur frnd”…
Teddy-Big Silenceeee
Anika:”Tell.. ”
Her lips smiles..
Neo (Anika’s little cat-mmm..Is the Meow’s name Crct..Sorryyyy..I forget) pull Teddy’s left Hand..
Anika:”Neo..Time to Sleep..”..
Anika holds Neo on hands n put him in a basket..

Neo travels in it..
Loc:Om’s house..
Ishaana travels to Aaru (Little Boy!! )..n see his drawing.. .
Ishaana:”What is ur name??””
Aaru see her..
Aaru (smile):”Aara”..
Ishaana:”I m Sshhh(her fingers on lips)..Ishaana”(smile)..
Both turns by hearing Sound of Chenda Melam..
-To be Continued…
Hi Frndzz..Hope U like tis Frndzz..
Comingggg Sooonnnnnnn..Waiting for Ur Cuckooss..After readingg,Don’t forget to Send Cuckoos..Tanqqq..Take Care Frndzz..

3rd Luv

Sec..rrret…??Ha..ha..I ‘ll keep.. 3 (Devakshi)(Ishqbaaz)

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      1. Oh wow Bhai.. but Bhai how is Lord Buddha related to the story? I’ll surely read it. And I like cuteee cat…so adorable.. cuty cuty cuty cuty cuty pie.. love u kitty .. if I was there I would surely taken kitty to my hands and would have hugged . And u call him “meow”!!it’s so adorable ..

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