Sec..rrret…??Ha..ha..I ‘ll keep.. 3 (Devakshi)(Ishqbaaz)

Hi Frndzz!!Tiz is H,for U Luvable Frndzz..
3rd Jingle…
Prev:First meet of Luvable Couples..

Scene 1:
With One spin on air,
Teddy falls from Anika’s room..
Shivaay feels that something is going to fall on him ..He see Up..
Shivaay is trying to catch..
Teddy falls on Shivaay’s hands..
Shivaay see up n His Eyes turn n spins a little half..
“Surely tiz house”..
Teddy’s left hand with Shivaay’s right hand..
Shivaay knock the left hand..3 times..
Anika hears..”Who is that??”
Slowly comes down from upstairs..
Her legs slowly crossed the seconds..
Anika (mind):”??”Her Eyes r big in fear..
Slowly see from DoorLens..
(CameraShot:In Her Eyes from the lens,Shivaay’s back n Ted’s too r seen..)
Anika (enjoy):”Teddie”…
Fastly Open the door..
Shivaay n Teddy r sitting on the steps..
Shivaay turns..
Clash of Eyes..

Shivaay stands up n hold Teddy..
Anika see Shivaay..
Shivaay:”I think U missed..Actually It falls from Ur house”..
Anika see Shivaay by cat Eyes..
Anika (smile):”Tanqqq”..
Shivaay give Teddy..
Anika smiles n take Him..
Jingle Beats…
On Shivaay’s Eyes,
A mini Creative room is seen..
BuckyBalls for Sitting,
Wooden Wall..Many Jingle Bells r seen..
Small Dolls r seen..
Doll Tom holds a ball..
In it,a small clock is seen..
Wall painted in PinkishWhite..
Many PaperBoats on floor..

Shivaay (see Anika):”Can I see the dolls?”
Anika:”Suree!! ”
Enters the Entrance..
Shivaay’s Eyes goes surprize..
While seeing a doll..
Tats a Bunny Doll..
In Bunny’s hands,a Cup is seen..
Bunny’s dress seems like a Chef..
Shivaay see Anika..
N Bunny..
In Bunny’s head,A Chef’s  hat..
Back of Bunny,
A little girl painting is seen..
Painting-Looks like A little girl makes Bunny wear the Hat..
Near Bunny,A Jerry Doll too seen..
It has a little bulb..on hands..
Another Jerry Doll too..
It has a rope on hands..
Shivaay see the rope..
N it is ended on A Bulb of TopWall..
A little girl doll too..
Shivaay goes closer..
His Eyes r going Sharp..
Doll-Little Girl combs her hair..Her Dress-Tribal look..In her neck,A Rope with a little key..

Shivaay see again…
Shivaay:”Plz give tiz doll….Can U?”..
Anika(see the doll):”Mm..Suree..”
Shivaay:”Sorry for Asking tiz..I ll pay for the doll..Can I”..
Anika:”No..Tats K..U saved my Teddy”..
Shivaay take the doll..By seeing the doll,he left..
Anika see him till he goes..
Shivaay see the doll..
(Mindvoice):”I saw U in tiz doll”..
His lips smiles..
Strts walking..

Scene 2:
Dev holds Liya’ s hands..
Dev n Sona balance their cycles..

Dev:”Sorry Miss”…
The childrens smile..
Dev:”Soooo..rrrryyyy Miss”
Liya see Dev by her crocodile eyes..
Liya:”My Ma is not Ur Miss”..
Dev (see Liyaa):”O Sorry (smiles)”..
Sona:”Tats K..Honey..Come”..
Strts riding.. Sona in exact tribal dress which Shivaay see in doll..
Dev turns n see Sona..n Liyaa n strts ridingg..

Dev’s cycle reach his home..
N falls on floor..
Dev (mind):”Why my mind think about her??Mm..K..”..
On Top of the floor,Lord Shiva’s painting in blue..
Dev took a book n Strt Readingg..
By lying on floor..
He read..
“Once Upon a time,….”..
(CameraShot):In book’s cover,A Key shaped art is seen..

Loc:Sona’s home..
Liya took a small Egg..
Liya:”Mamma”..(show the Egg)
Sona(smiles)show her hand..
Liya put the egg on hands..
Sona:”Dinner ready..Honeyy”
Liya switches the TV..
Sona n Liya strt eating..
“Scoobyyyy..Doo…” from TV ..
Scooby Doo n gang enters a big house….

Scene 3:
Ishaana see Om..
Om too..
Ishaana:”I m here to learn art ..Can U plz teach”..
Om (smile):”Sure!! Come”..

Om give a paper..
Ishaana (BigEyes):”???”
Om:”Draw Anything U wish”..

Ishaana Strts drawingg..
Drawing.. ..A little boy is readingg a book…

-To be Continued…

Tanqq for Readingg Frndzz..Waitingg for Ur Haikus..So Plz write about Today’s one..Frndzz…Waitingg….
Tanqq…Take Care Frndzz

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  1. Nice one.. Waiting for the next part..

    1. Nice one.

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  2. Ishqbaaz is a television series of Star Plus which showcases the story about a rich business family. The serial has Nakuul Mehta, Kunal Jaisingh and Leenesh L Mattoo in the lead roles.

  3. Omg Omg omg omggggg !!! !”bhaiii..iIts so awesome.. I just love love love love love love love it…. This is soooooooooooo creative bhai.. The way you highlights important moments.. Its awesome.. I have never seen someone using such like things.. Its very affective.. And the characters you use is very creative and very cute… I love teddy and bunny.. I love your awesome creativeness bhaiya .. I have no words to express it. This story is full of new ideas .. I would never get those… And the way you present the story ..I realy realy realy love it… And one more thing.. Is this scene happens in night time or day time.. I think its night but dont know… You use very simple things like dolls to make a big story.. Its superb.I love you bhaiyaa.. Pls keep writing.. I think you will be a great writer .. I love you sooo much and miss you too…

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    Ohh! should I be afraid of the Teddy or not?..Hmm in a dilemma..Surely Teddy seems to be cute!
    You should Scobby fav..You really made me nostalgic at that moment.
    Another great and fantastic episode. Love it!

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      * showed Scobby doo on TV

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      Tànqq Sissy..Ya..Teddy is going to be cute..!!!

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    Fantastically written both chppy.
    Teddy Sona ??

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