Sec..rrret…??Ha..ha..I ‘ll keep.. 2 (Devakshi) (Ishqbaaz)

Hi Frndzz..Tiz is H..For U Luvable frndzz..
2nd Yummie..
Mm..A little Rewind..
Romeos-Dev,Om n Shivaay Intros..
Juliets-Sona,Ishaana n Anika Intros..
Dev-A magician n Sona-KinderGarten Miss..
Shivaay&Anika-Still Suspense ..Intros with Gun&Teddy..
Om-Artie n Ishaana-Still Suspense..

Scene 1:
Shivaay drops his gun while seeing Lord Buddha’s statue..
The chaser turns n see Shivaay..
In chaser Eyes,
Shivaay see his opposite a Temple..
The chaser took the gun n his left hand made a half circle ..
N aims towards Shivaay..
The Bullet on Air..
Unexpectedly,Shivaay kneels down..n worship Lord Buddha..
The Bullet cross Shivaay..
Chaser:”He Escaped???”..
Shivaay smiles n claps…
The Chaser again triggers..
Chaser:”Oh..No!!No Bullet”..
The chaser Strts running..

On Surrounding,
Full of Snow Mountains,on both sides..
At centre,A wooden bridge..
Shivaay-Jean Cloth TShirt,Jean Trousers,Shoe…
His Ishq Beard Style,Little Long Hair..!!

Mmm..Chaser too in scene..
Chaser-Violet+Black Checked Shirt,
With Snow Mountains,Houses r present Bt space of little far..

Chaser is running..
Shivaay tries to chase..
His shoes collides with ice..
The ice nanos jumps above..
(CameraShot:In an ice nano,A little leaf is present above on tat..It too jumps..)..
Little Cuckoos fly..

Both crossed the bridge..

Both Runninggg…
Juliet now..
Anika hold Dice..
“Ishq Mei” of “HotaHai-Mirzya” on back from her radio..
N throws..with little fast..
Anika:”My Turn”..
The Die of the Dice spins on air..
N reach the board..
Another Die too..
Neo,(Frndzz..Neo is Anika’s Meow) jumps up on board..
The coins falls on ground..
Anika:”Neoo”(Her eyes See him by CrocodileAngry)..
N see PinkBigTeddy..opposite to her..

Her fingers touch Teddie’s hands..
The Pink reaches Anika..
She lift Teddy up n show towards Neo..
Neo jumps towards bear..Anika lost her control..
On Back of them,A GlassType Window..
The Teddy goes out..
In Anika’s hand,Neo..

Little minutes ago..
Shivaay reach the place n near to Anika’s house..Bt missed the Chaser..
Shivaay (turn his head on all sides):”Where did he go??”..
N stops running..n stands near the window where the room in house Anika is ..
The Teddy falls out..
“Ha ha haha.. .na …”(Mm..Carnatic Humming..from a song Goes Now in My Headphones)..
The Teddy circles himself on air..
Shivaay see Up..
His Eyes r Big..
Teddie falls on Shivaay’s Hands..
Anika sees out a little from window..

Scene 2:
Loc:Near Tibet
Dev in A Garden with kids..
He took the Card from His Jean Trousers..
Joker..Dev lips turn like Joker Expression..
In the card, On Bottom A little PinkHeart in CrayonForm..
Dev reminsc the little girl who gave the card..
Dev (mind):”Tanqq Doll..I felt I m Very Spl Aftr U give this precious”..

Dev see the childrens..
Dev:”Oh..Something We need(mindvoice)”..”Cuties.. C U all Soon..”

Dev took bicycle n strts riding..
Curved Roads..
A Bus too comes near his cycle..
The childrens in the bus identifies him..
(Dev-Frndzz,Dev is Magician!!)
Dev withdraw the fingers from cycle n slowly waves his hands..

In Hands,A little Bunny magically appears..
On the other hand,Few minutes ago..
In KinderGarten,
Sona:”Haikoos..Its Home Time.. GetUp”..(smile)..
All childrens eyes only come from their beds..
Sona make all the childrens reach their Moms/Dads..
Sona (see her Butterfly):”Liya!!(Frndzz-Liya is Sona’s child)..Come”..
Sona close the room n give the keys to head..
Sona:”Liya..Lets go”..
Sona Strts riding in her bicycle..
Liya on Front..
Both travels..
Liya:”Mamma..U didn’t tell about Today’s story”..
Sona:”I ‘ll tell Honey!!!”..

Both reach the road where Dev comes..
Sona hear the childrens’ voice..n see up.Her Eyes goes Shock..Tried to stop the cycle..Too late..
Dev too..Magic fails..Bt somehow control..
Itz 3×10^8 m/s …!!!!

Both the cycles collide…
Liyaa comes forward..from front seat..
Dev with a rabbit holds her hand tightly.
Clash of Eyes..
Dev n Sona!!!
“Na na nanaha” of “Matharghasti-Tamasha” plays on bg..

Scene 3:
Ishaana see Om n the little boy from her home window..N her soldier’s railway truck..
The floor is the last actually where Om is n tats open 360.

Om n the boy turns..
Om:”Who R U??Uuu Calling Us?”
Ishaana hides below.
Ishaana wear PinkishWhite veil on head n walks towards Lift..
On the other side,
Om:”Dude..What do U draw now?”
Little:”Donald Duck”(surprise)..
Om lightly leave his hand..
N make the little to draw..

Om…Be Careful….
Ishaana (on lift)(mind):”Railway truck” or “Drawing??”…”Mmm..Drawingg…”..
Her Eyes Twinkle…
She comes out n knocks Om’s door..
Door opens..
In Ishaana’s Eyes Om n the Little Boy..
Om n the little boy see each other..
Om:”Welcome!!!How Can We help U?”..
Ishaana (mind)-“Sorry!!I called U thief”(mindvoice) FlashBack..
She throws railway truck angrily towards next home..

-To be Continued…
Hi Frndzz..Hope U like tis Frndzz while Readinggg..
Tanqq for Readingg n Waiting for It thoughts…Plz send ur “Cuckoo”s soon about Today’s Epi.. .

Tanqq Frndzz..Take Care..

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  1. good ff bro awsome keep writingg

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Sissy!!!Sure!!!!

  2. Neha_Pheonix

    Superb great, nice allocation of space to all couples…!!Stilll wondering..Chaser Shivaay scene and Anika’s connection., U can create nice suspense of the reader. DEv a one would have thought about it…Amazing!!

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Neha!!Songs r the Secret for writingg!!Suspense ‘ll be Soon Bigger!!Magic gives some cute scenes n major keys in the story..!!Tasty,Dev is a Magician!!

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Alekhika!!

  3. niceee

  4. Amazing…

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      Tanqq Ankita!!

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  6. Bhaiii, long time no see. ? It’s ok … I love it ?? It’s awesome ????? Sona has a child too ? poor shivaay . But it’s ok running is good for exercise ? And my lovely teddyyyyyyyyyyyyyy . I want teddy bhaiiiii ??????????????????????????????????? Love youuuuuuu bhaiii and miss you so mmuchhhhhhhhhh …????????

    1. HarSHaN

      Sissy!!!!!Hw R U????Tanqq..Ss..Liya is going to be Dev’s Honey..Mmm..Teddy with Shivaay goes for journey in nxt Sissy..Luv U too Sissyyyy..Miss U so much????…

      1. Oh wooow a journey with teddy..So sweet . I want that teddy after journey .. ,??? and yes I am fine Bhai . How are you. .??

      2. HarSHaN

        I m Fine Sissy..Sureee!!U ll get Teddyyyy after journey?☺☺

  7. Bhai, I saw aditi’s post to you and other brother s’ in TU ??????

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