Sec..rrret…??Ha..ha..I ‘ll keep.. 1(Devakshi)(Ishqbaaz)

Hii!!!Tiz is H..For U my Luvable Frndzz..
The new 3 chapters of A new Story..

Giving Little Questions about characters,..
Hope U ll like Tis no names ..
Bt For Ur Ref,Romeos-Dev,Om n Shivaay..
Juliets-Anika,Ishkara n Sona..

Loc:Swing Wooden Bridge..
A Romeo (Mm..BlueEyedBoy-Shivaay) whistle soundly n he is chasing someone..
(Like TV Show,We see Every Intros like EyesIntro,Lips,Hand..)
His Eyes going Sharp…
His hands spins the gun fastly….

(Mm..??Juliet (Anika) is Waiting..)
“Cuck..oo..Cuck..oo..”Bird’s Voice..
A Wooden Basket….
“Me…owwww”..(Anika’s Cat-Neo)
Neo wakes up from Basket n walks towards Hall..
His Eyes goes “What???”(Big)..
In his Eye view,
Anika is seen..

Her fingers tune a Radio..
“Ishq Mein” of “HotaHai”(Mirzya) Strts playing..
She yawn..Her lips..
She open her left hand..Her Eyes goes Twinkle of Smile..

In it,Pink Dice..
In Anika’s Eyes,
A Big Teddie is seen opposite to Anika..

What about Romeo..
Suddenly,he stops his run..In his Eyes,Lord Buddha statue is seen..on opposite..
His hand drops his gun..

Scene 2:
Loc:A Garden

Raaga (Mm..MagneticEyedBoy-Dev) see something..Many childrens too..
What is that??
Itz on air..
A feather..
His fingers..Waves..Actually controls the feather..
The feather flies in the way of his wave..
From the feather,Colors too a powder ..mixed on air..
Yellow,Pink n Orange mixture ..

(1 min Frndzz…
Juliet(Sona):”What about me?”
Dev:”Hey Bro..Sona is my Luvable Bunnie..U first tell about her”..)
The childrens fingers on their lips show “Whh.. What?? “n smiles..
His lip like as always cute..

The Sound of Kiss..
Her lips..
Forehead of a child..
Her Eyes..
Her Voice:”Come Cutie,Sleep Well”..
Hold the Child’s Hand n make her sleep..
In Her Eyes,
Many Cuties r sleeping..except one..

Sona turns n smiles..

Surroundings-Many Playing Dolls..Alphabet Charts,Small Sleeping Beds…..

Sona (mind):”Tanqqq..God..I m Very spl now.. How Sweet r these childrens??Me,Miss???!!!”(Her lips smiles..

Scene 3:
…Ssshhhh.Senorita…)(Ss..Ishaana!!)Her lips smiles..
Her fingers..
A little soldier doll….
Her lips (voiceless-Expression):”Hw R U,my little Frnd??”..

Her Eyes-search something..
Ishaana:”Where is Ur TrainTrack?”…

A Sound of A little Boy n Romeo is coming from outside..

“Chikku..Bukku…Chikku..Bhukku…”..Om’s Voice..

Ishaana:”not like a Boy’s voice..”

Ishaana opens Her House Window..
The Next House’s Last Floor is seen….

Ishaana’s Eyes going Stunned as well as Angry..
In Her Eyes,
Om n a little Boy r seen..
They r playing with TrainTrack Mm.. Actually Ishaana’s..
A painting too seen..
(About Painting::
A little girl’s image..She is holding Someone’s hair..
Ishaana’s Eyes going Sharp…
The hair belongs to Om..Ss..He is the one in the painting..
Ishaana (mind):”Who draw tiz??Is he???”

Her Eyes go “Smileee”…
In Her Eyes,
Om touch the Drawing Brush n the child’s fingers too seen below Bt Om’s fingers seem like a shell..

Dev take a Joker Card n His lip goes like The Joker’s smile in Joker Card..

-Mmmm..To be Continued…(My Eyes r fighting…n close slowly for Sleep)
Hii Frndzz..Hope U like tis Frndzz.. The Intros ‘ll be going into Story on Next..
Waitingg…for Ur Cutie Notes..
Tanqq.. Take Care Frndzz..

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  1. wow broooooooooooooo i loved all the romeo and julietsssss and ur ff its awsome

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Sissy!!!!The 2nd will be Coming Soon!! !!

  2. Neha_Pheonix

    Loved to have Ishanna back after many days..Awesome podate..totally loved it. You have a unique and great style of writting..!

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq..!!!The next ‘ll be on Soon..Tom!!!!

  3. HarSHaN

    Tanqq Neha!! !I hope the next episodes r up to tiz Epi..Waiting to Think n Write the next!!

  4. AditiB

    This is soooooo good Bhai…I could actually visualize everything I read here and all that was sheer awesomeness…I love it…and a special thanks for the pm…I love you and a biiiiiiggg thanks for writing this…keep sreading the magic.

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Sissy!!!Sure!!!Magic is on its Way…Luv U too Sissy..

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Alekhika!!

  5. Bhaiii, I loved it!!!! And I love you too ???? it is awesome!!!!!!!!! And I am happy bcz u remembered to add “Lord Buddha”. Thank you Bhaiya for posting this. I’ll surely read the next part. Ur idea expressing style is so cute and sensible. I really like it Bhaiya. It’s awesome. And don’t forget to post the link of the next part in your wall so That​ I can find it easily… I love you bhaiiii

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Sissy!!Sss.. I remember Sissy,Really I m very happy bcoz I forget to write “LordBuddha”!!!!LordBuddha gave me a precious that time!!!!!Ss.Sure!!I ll post the coming Epi’s link too in wall..Love U too Sissy!!!

      1. I got your message bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Happy vesak dayyyyy

      2. HarSHaN

        Happy Vesak Day Sissyyy!! !!!!

  6. Fenil

    really jakkasssssss

    1. HarSHaN

      Bro!!!U like tis Story like the before One???!!!

  7. Swatantra

    Just nailed it!!!

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Swatantra!!!!I think U r the One who gave the OS name “SATAN TRAVEL” to the Participation supervised by Priya Sissyyy!!!!!

      1. Swatantra

        I didn’t give ….that name … was a typing error ?

      2. Swatantra

        I didn’t give ….that name … was a typing error ?unfortunately that name came into existence

    2. HarSHaN

      Oh!!Tats K!!!I got It’s different while reading..the name!!Tats Y I was waiting to read!!!Bt I m unable??!!I Actually,OS Name???☺

  8. guuuuud epi dear love it

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Aysha!!!!

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