Which season of IPKKND do you like the most?


Season 1 of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon(6 June 2011 to 30 November 2012) was the love story of Arnav Singh Raizada and Khushi Kumari Gupta. They shot to fame by their immense acting skills, their sizzling on screen chemistry, their romantic scenes and their love track. Khushi and Arnav became the household names with this show. Khushi, a simple middle class girl, having their family values intact, believes in love, trust and relationships. Whereas, Arnav, rich, rude, arrogant and a business tycoon who did not believe in love. Soon they bumped and they didn’t like each other. Their Nok Jhok, sweet fights, turn into love. Anjali (Arnav’s sister) is a sweet lady who gets fond of Khushi, but her husband Shyam also falls in love with Khushi and secretly lusts for her. When Arnav sees them together, he thinks Khushi is having an affair with him and forces her to marry him, inorder to save Anjali’s marriage. Shyam tries to trouble them, but they come more closer. The story has much drama in it, and the support and trust between Arnav and Khushi made them special in people’s hearts. The story progresses well when Arnav kicks out Shyam from his house. Khushi wins the Mrs. India Crown and Arnav gets proud of her. They live their life happily ever after with their adopted son Aarav.

Season 2 is named IPKKND Ek Baar Phir( 26 August 2013 – current date). It’s the story of the couple Shlok Agnihotri and Astha Kirloskar, who go through a lot to finally love each other by their hearts. Its again, the story of a the rich guy and the middle class girl, who bump into each other by the plan of the destiny. Astha is a free minded girl who can do anything for the right people. Shlok had a bitter past and hates women. The story starts with Shlok willing to take revenge form Astha as he thinks she is responsible for the disgrace to his father Niranjan. Shlok marries her by trapping her in his fake love. When she sees his true face on the marriage night, she is shocked and then starts the journey of Astha and Shlok’s pursuing love. The hatred between them turns into love as Astha wins him over by her true love and selfless nature. Astha is a modern girl who can fight for women’ rights and seeing her mum in law Anjali, being tortured by her father in law Niranjan, she decides to teach him a lesson. The show is now focusing on how Astha is tackling Niranjan. Shlok is unaware of his dad’s truth, and Astha does not tell him thinking he will be very much hurt. Season 2 is also getting being loved a lot these days, as many people are liking its concept and the lead actors. Shlok and Astha also have amazing chemistry between them and make the romantic scenes worth watching. With both seasons rocking, which one do you like the most? Give us your opinion.

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  1. I am all for Season 1. Arnav and Khushi had amazing chemistry, they looked great together and their characters were quite catchy. I was hoping for their return for the second season. I think that Shlok and Aastha don’t quite match up to Arnav and Khushi.

  2. I love the chemistry of ashlok more

  3. Ti love the 1st one arnav and
    khushi. They are the best coupl in star plus

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  5. arunav kushi..is best for ever……

  6. Arnav & kushi was the best best best ever green couple that indian television seeen…..
    they r the best……

  7. Still can’t forgot arnav and kushi. I love their chemistry so much. Barun and sanaya’s acting was awesome.

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  9. […] the reporters clicking their pics and takes in support of the people. Anjali's parents are tensed. Also check 'Which season of IPKKND do you like the most?' Anjali says they should be treated like this only, they did not let you sleep, I can't see if […]

  10. […] Also check ‘Which season of IPKKND do you like the most?’ […]

  11. I miss arnav n khushi very much they were just awesome

  12. I love the Ashlok chemistry more!

  13. go n watch EBP.. then, see the magic of ashlok <3 😉

    1. What ebp archana???

      1. its seaon 2 of ipkknd (Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?…Ek Baar Phir)

  14. Aashlok chemistry is the best
    Lovimg avinash n shrenu so much
    Ipkknd ebp is doing greay

  15. Ipkkndebp is the bestest. Superb show and the explosive naughty cute & natural chemistry between AsthaShlok gets million ppl addicted. Their romance is something no one can watch just once, but something to be rewatched EBP EBP EBP ;;)

  16. Love Ipkknd ebp more..shlok and astha chemistry is mind blowing

  17. i like aastha and shlok chemistry,both r looking sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful

  18. Shlok Aastha ❤️

  19. Aastha and Shlok MAST chemistry… BEST JODI ON small screen EVER…LOVE IPKKND EBH. ..

  20. I love Aastha or Shlok They are my favorite Actor

  21. love the chemistry between Shlok and aastha more its curling chemistry but the story line in season 1 was more confident season 2 writers and hesitent and sometimes leaves threads unsolved completely but direction of season 2 is more effective so as the whole cast and leading actors again is making the love scenes magical

  22. humayra roshni

    astha-shlok superb jodi.

  23. AStha & Shlok r d best. iPKKNDEk baar phir wit cast & crews & NYC storyline. Always b my fav


  25. ipkknd 2 is the best luv u ashlok

  26. i loved khushi arnav

  27. I love both the seasons.. 🙂 arnav and khushi best couple tha.. but shlok and aastha best couple hein.. 🙂 both are very very good in their own ways.. i actually forgot season1 after watching season2.. new story line.. amazing chemistry.. unconditional love of aastha.. shlok’s pain for love.. evry thing is just amazing.. loving them.. my request to season1 fans.. u cann’t judge it without watching it.. so pls watch it.. staying in past is of no use..

    1. well said (y)

  28. aastha and shlok are awesome couple.nobody can beat them

  29. Both r unique in their own way but my personal favorite jodi is Astha & Shlok means Ashlok they just create magic with their sizzling chemistry.Love u Shrenu & Avinash as Ashlok keep rocking.

  30. Ashlie Jodi super forever I love him

  31. season2 is the best……..ashlokkk chemistry superbbbb…….rock ipkkndebp…….luv ashlokkkk always

  32. Love ashlok sizzling romance.

  33. ASHLOK is the bestt.. :-). Love the chemistry b/w them.. woww! 🙂

  34. avinash nd shrenu rock as shlok nd astha. their hot, naughty, cute nd sizzlng chemistry is jst mind blowng! 1st season was also gud, bt it ddnt hve a concrete storyline other than romance, bt dis season has domestic violnce nd women empowerment as d backdrop combined wid perfct dose of romance whch makes it a gr8 watch altogether! keep rockng ekb!

  35. I like 1
    khushi and arnav

  36. astha and shlok are the best gud story and great final confession of love .

  37. nice direction

  38. Arnav nd kushi ……awesom couple,…..m
    there is nobady to beat them…..
    luv the couple….

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