Why me? Season 2 Chapter 5: Marriage with a twist!

Chapter 5: Marriage with a twist!

o guys I’m back with another chapter of Why me, I hope you guys like it, cause soon there is a lot of drama coming with a bang!

The girls went to get ready for their marriage, the dresses are the same as the first dimension, like the wedding venue, but the way they went to the venue is different, cause they flew with helicopters there!

All the couples loved the view they had from the top! Soon they landed, after that they went in, sat infront of the mandap!

At first they started with the wedding of the masked angels!

The marriage
The priest started to chant the wedding mantras, soon after it he told them to stand up for the seven rounds, they stood up, startad to do the rounds and in every round they made promises that they will be together till death do them apart. Then they sat down, the guys filled the partition of the girls with vermillion and later on they tied the mangalsutra around the girls neck. “Now you guys are married with all the rituals, so now the groom can kiss his bride!” The priest said. The guys respectivatly kissed their brides, except for SanLak, cause they’ll get married in a few mins!

The priest said: “The two brides and the grooms can sit on the mandap now!” “Bang! Bang!” This two marriages can’t happen!” MT shouted. “How did you get out of the prison?” Malika asked him and he answered back: “I have my ways baby!” “So do we!” The M bros, K twins, DiRuFaiHalCut and ChaShaHiSun(Chandni, Shanaya shiniyi , Hina Hina_shah and Sunehri Sunehrimehta ) shouted. ”

“You guys aren’t as strong as us!” Seesha shouted. “You guys don’t know, how strong these guys are!” RP said, while he pointed towards Swalak, Ragsan, the K bros, K twins, DiRuFaiHalCut, ChaShaHiSun, the M bro and the masked angels. “We know, that they aren’t as powerfull
as they should be, cause they aren’t 25, till now!” Sarah shouted, which shocked everyone, cause she is the cousin of SwaSan. “So you are behind our happiness!” “Not only Sarah, Seesha, MT and AT dearie!” PG shouted. “I’ll kill you in this dimension!” RG akka GG’s brother shouted and then AT said: “then I will kill you in the other one too!”
End of this scene

The fight scene
AT ran towards Nidhi, but she and Imran connected to eachother very fastly and they got protected by RagSan’s power. Then MT tried to attack Sanskar, but he got saved by SwaLak, so all of them swapped places, so our villains banged their heads into the wall. “Hahhahaha, their such idiots!” Crazy laughingly said. “Yes, they are!” SwaLak said while they Hifived with Sam. The villains turned around and wanted to attack again, but this time Raj and Ruma used their powers and the heroes were in another world and the villains in the other one.
End of the fight scene

The scene of the heroes plus convo between them
“Where are we?” Aastha asked Raj and Ruma and they answered back: I don’t know!”

“What the hell!” RK shouted angrilly, Jazzy stomped his foot and he asked her: “for what was that!” “Cause you are an annoying Idiot!” She answered back and the others were laughing, cause of this comedy scene. “No, you are an idiot and why did I marry this trouble!” Ranbhir said. “Why did I marry this old man!” “I’m not old and why did I fall in love with this chudhail?” “And why did I fall in love with this dumbo?” “Me and dumbo, look at you, you look like an laddo!” “What are you saying that I’m fat!” “Yes, you are fat!” After he said that and got punched by Jazzy on the face.

Stop it idiots!” Sam shouted. “Jaan, calm down!” Armaan said to her and she replied back: “Shut up idiot!” “Wow, calm down Sam!” Armaan said a little bit hurt and then he went to RagSan and SwaLak. “Sam, you should shut up, moti(fat) kahin ki!” AK shouted at her and she replied back: “You stupid gorilla, I’m gonna kill you!” Crazy shouted. “God, why did I marry this fatty!” “Oh, you shouldn’t have said that, Mr. Gorilla Khurana!” “Hahahah, Gorilla Khurana, bhai you are gone!” Varun laughed at his bro, while he hifived with the rest of the brothers. “Shut up, Varun!” Armaan shouted angrilly at VK!” “Don’t shout at my husband or you are gone Gorilla!” Astha shouted at him. “Hahahha, idiot I told you to shut up!” Sam said to Armaan. “Oh, my dear wifey, you should shut up dumbo!” “Dumbo ki aulaad(child of a dumbo), you are dead!” Then she ran after him and NiMran said: “these two dumbos are made for eachother.

“Omg, this can’t be, that person looks exactly like me!” Someone said while pointing at Ashnoor!

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