Why me? Season 2 Chapter 4: Good news

Chapter 4: Good news

ArSam scene
TK came again and asked Sam: “did you vommit just now?” “Yes, Jeeju I did!” “Did it suddenly just happen?” “Yes!” “Omg!” “What happend bhai?” AK asked and TK answered back: “something that shouldn’t happen!” TK sensed something was wrong and ran to his room, where he found Malika unconscious, he checked her and said: “she is a month pregnant!” “Congrats Jeeju!” “Oh yeah I forgot to check you!” Then he checked Crazy and said to AK: “she is fine and she just needs rest, that’s all!” After the convo AK picked Sam up and took her to their room, layed her on the bed, he wanted to go, but Sam pulled him towards and he fell on top of her, she took all her courage and kissed him passionatly and hungrilly. “Crazy, please stop or I can’t controll myself!” “Armaan, you don’t have to controll yourself, cause even I can’t!” “But Sam we have to, cause I can’t loose you, cause my life without you would be like depressing and colourless, with you it’s full of joy and  colouful, cause I can’t imagine my life without you!” “I don’t know what to say, cause your words made me speachless.” “My jaan, you don’t need to say anything!” “I would love to grow old with you and children, who have your qualities!”  “They should have your qualities babe!”
End of their scene

VaStha scene
Both wake up, smile at eachother, cause they remembered what happend the night before! “Aastha, that night was more than beautiful!” “Varun, the night was very special for me!” “For me too Asthu, cause I had my first time with my wife and the woman I love!” Then both of them heard an knock on the door, then VK asked: “who is it?” “It’s me Armaan!” “What do you want?” “I need to talk to Astha bhabhi!” “Wait for a while, she isn’t ready yet!” “Oho, you guys did it too!” “What do you mean?” Varun asked him and Armaan answered back: “Sam and I had our first time too, but we aren’t aloud to do it anymore!” “What?” “Cause Tanveer bhai said if we do it again then we have to be very careful!” “Oh, bro you have got bad luck!” “Yes, bro, but I love her too much and I don’t wanna loose her!” Then AK went, Varun went to Aastha and kissed her for an very long time, until they had lack of breath!” “I love you Aastha!” “I love you very much Varun!”
End of their scene

MalVeer’s scene
Malika woke up and asked Tanveer: “what happend, why did I suddenly faint?” “Cause you are pregnant Malika!” “What?” “Yes, you are 1 month pregnant!” “I can’t believe it!” “I can’t either!” “But how did I get pregnant?” “It happend, because of that night, when were drunk and lost your controll!” “Omg!” “I’m still not ready for a child!” “Me neither, but we will bring our child up in an good way!” “When I’m with you, I don’t have any worries!” Malika said to TK after she kissed his cheek.
End of their scene

SinGer scene
Tiger woke up, he was looking at his wife, who was sleeping peacefully next to him! “TiK why are you staring at me?” “I didn’t know, that you are awake my darling!” “I just sensed it and I wasn’t awake!” “Oh, you have an sixth sense or what?” “Yes, I have it!” “Then I can never look at you!” He pouted and she answered back: “you allways have the right to look at me!” “Really?” He happilly asked like a child. “Yes, baby!” “I love you my princess!” “I love you too my knight in the shining armor!” “So what’s your plan for today?” He asked her, she replied back: ” at first I need to shower!” “We could shower together!” He naughtilly said, then she answered back: “not in a million years!” “Why?” “Cause it’s dissgusting!” “But I allready saw your whole body, so it doesn’t matter!” “It matters to me!” “Ok fine do as you please!” “Thanks!” “Welcome darling!”
End of their scene

JazzBhir’s scene
“Ranbhir please wake up!” An angry Jazzy shouted, cause he was hugging her and she couldn’t get up!” “Why are you shouting, let me sleep?” He sleepilly said and she answered back: “at least move your hands away from me, so that I can get ready!” He didn’t say anything and moved his whole arm away from her, she wanted to go, but he pulled her back towards him, that she fell on top of him, accidently kissed his lips, he was enjoying, but she dig her nails into his chest and let go of her, cause he was crying in pain! “Are you mad?” He asked her, between his sobs, then she replied back: “yes, I am!” “But why?” “Cause you pulled me back!” She pouted. “If you pout like that, I will loose my controll and do something that we both aren’t ready for!” Before she could say anything, someone came into their room without knocking and it was TK. “Guys I have a good news for you!” “What and please do knock the next time bro, cause an married couple can do anything behind closed doors!” An angry RK said and he got punched by Jazz in the stomach. “Oww!” “Guys you can romance later!”
Tanveer said. “Malika is pregnant!” He shouted. “Wow, congrats bro/ jeeju!” Jazzbhir said together happilly.
End of their scene

FizzHarth’s scene
“Fiza please wake up, it’s allready 11 am!” “Oh god I overslept!” “I know why you overslept, cause you were sleeping on my chest!” “My naughty husband, I didn’t sleep well, cause I could hear ArSam the whole night!” “I didn’t hear them at all!” “So you slept like an rock!” “No, I slept well, cause my beautiful and cute wife was sleeping next to me!” “Awww, I know that I’m cute!” “Fiza and I’m not cute, hot, sweet or s*xy?” Sidharth pouted. “You are everything, you are perfect SK!”
“And Mrs. FSK is more than perfect!” “Aww, we should get up now!” Fizzo said. Then they got up and went to get ready!
End of their scene

ShaNoor’s scene
“I’m so happy that Shahid is waiting for our first time!” Ashnoor thought for herself. “What’s the time?” My husband asked me! “It’s 12:30 pm!” “Oh no, I forgot I have a shooting today!” “Then hurry up.” She said and he answered back: “I am my sweet babe!” Then he got up, went to the bathroom to get dressed and after a few minutes he came out, kissed Ashnoor’s cheek and went for his shoot! “I love my husband, he is so sweet, caring and loving!” “I heard what you said!” He said, while he came towards me, pecked my lips and happilly went.
End of their scene

NiMran’s scene
“Nidhi wake up please my arm is hurting!” “Are you making fun of me!” “No, I’m not, cause you are perfect for me like you are!” “You are such an liar!” “Why would I lie my Nidhu jaan, you are the reason of my smile!” “Awww, jeeju you are so sweet!” Sinzo said, while she came in. “Sinzo, what are you doing here, can’t you knock and come in. An annoyed IK said, then Nidhi dig her nails into his chest make him quiet. “For what was that?” Imran asked her and she replied back: “cause you were rude to my sis!” “I’m sorry Sinzo!” “It’s ok Jeeju!” After a while everyone went down, they go to know, that Malika id pregnant, they congratulated her, they had fun times together and forgot about the storm that is coming or it’s allready here.
End of their scene

End of the first dimension, now back to the other one!

I hope you guys like this update and I’ve the felling that no one Telly updates likes this story!

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