Why me? Season 2 Chapter 3: Before and after Suhaagraat


Chapter 3: Before and after Suhaagraat

This game will be shown in A day to remember too!

After the marriage of SwaLak, the masked angels + the K bros, everyone went to the Maheswari Mansion to play a game named: Khula khula romance(open open romance) or should I say the game is truth or dare?.

The scene starts from here
“Should we start the game?” Swara asked and everyone replied back: “yes!”  Malika started to spin the bottle, it stopped at Ragini, so she asked Ragini: “truth or dare?” “Dare!” “You have to make out with Sanskar bhai infront of us!” “No!” RagSan shouted at the same time, Malika answere back: “dare is dare, you have to do it or else you have to do something more than that!” “Ok, we will do it!” Ragini went to Sanskar and they made out for a few mins. Now Ragini spun the bottle and it stopped at Laksh, Ragini smiled evilly at him, while she asked him: “truth or dare?” “Truth!” “So Laksh do you want to romance Swara in your room or somewhere else?” After she naughtilly asked him the question SwaLak looked at eachother, doing an Ishaara bazi(battle of an eyelook), after a while he replied back: “Swara isn’t ready to romance me, so I don’t know, when we are gonna do it!” “You are lying Lucky!” Sanskar said. Swara answere back: “No, he isn’t!” Then Laksh spun the bottle it stopped at IK and before Laksh could ask him, IK said: “dare!” “IK, you have to flirt with Nidhi, until the game finishes!” “Oh lallal, Nidhu meri jaan, you look very hot today, but the other brides don’t look as hot as you do!”  The bottle got spun by IK and it stopped at Swara and she answered the question with: “dare!” “Swara bhabhi, you have to kiss Lucky bro, like had your first kiss with him!” Then SwaLak showed them, how their first kiss happend. After a few rounds everyone was tired of playing the game and our silent spectators were enjoying the make out, sitting on eachother laps, kissing, singing and the various activities!
End of this scene

RagSan + the masked angels scene
The masked angels went to Ragsan, to ask them about what the doctor said. “Bhabhi, how are you now?” Malika asked Ragini and she replied back: “I’m fine!” “Are you sure?” Nidhi asked her, but before Ragini could answer back Saankar did for her by saying: “Ragini is pregnant!” “Congrats bhai and bhabhi!” The rest said, then the K bros came and said dramatically: “Girls we are tired we are going home are you coming too?” “Yes, let’s go!” “Bhai take care of bhabhi!” “Bye!”
End of their scene

The Khurana’s went home for their suhaagraat, which you guys have allready read in the last Chapter!

So now to the morning after their suhaagraat starting, where I left it the last time with ArSam’s scene!

ArSam’s scene after she fell uncoscious
AK went out of the room and knocked at the door of MalVeer’s room, to wake TK up. “Who is it?” “It’s me Armaan!” “What happend AK?”A sleepy TK asked. “Sam is unconscious and I don’t know why!” Armaan replied back. “Give me a few seconds to get ready!” Then TK came out, both straightly went to ArSam’s room. “I know, why she fell unconscious!” TK said and AK asked him: “why?” “Cause, she
lost a quite a bit of blood!” “What?” “Did
you guys do it?” “Yes, we did!” “Did you stop!” “Yes, I did, but she wanted more!” “Great!” “What’s wrong bhai?” “Is your wife out of her mind, she could have died, can you see how much blood came out of her, but still you made love to her!” “Bhai calm down!” “How can I calm down!” “Bhai can we do anything that she doesn’t loose so much blood again?” “Yes, whenever you guys do it again, you have to be very careful!” “But, why?” An confused AK asked him and he replied back: “you are such an idiot, cause she could die!” TK shouted, Crazy slowely woke up and TK went back to his room! “Are you allright Sam?” An worried Armaan asked her. She replied back: “yes, I am!” “But what happend?” She asked him and he answered back: “Crazy, please listen to me very carefully!” “Yes!” “Whenever we make love again, we have to be very careful, cause you lost a lot of blood and you could have died!” He cryingly told, she came nearer to him, wiped away his tears and she said: “whenever I’m with you, nothing can happen to me!” “But, I can’t loose you again Crazy!” Without giving him an answer she kissed him very passionatly, he wasn’t in a romantic mood, so he tried to pull away, but after a while he gave up, cause he knew, how stubborn his wife is, he pulled her closer to him and hugged her, while playing with her hair he said: “you are the most important in  person in my life!” She wanted to say something, but before she could she pushed him away, went to the bathroom, cause she felt sick and vommited as well, AK waited at the door for her! Crazy tried to stand up, but she was to weak, so he picked her up and placed her on the bed and went to call TK again.
End of their scene

In the next chapter you guys will get to know, why she vomitted!

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