Why me? Season 2 Chapter 2: Suhaagraat part 2

Recap: ArSam hot + steamy romance plus consumation of their marriage and VaStha hot romance and consumation of their marriage too.

Still the first dimension

Malveer’s romance + Malika’s pov
“I was sitting on the bed and was waiting for my husband Tanveer!” “He came in!” “Tanveer, what happend that night after I got drunk?” “You raped me!” He said and I asked back: “what?” “Yes, you were a wild cat at that time you pushed me on the bed and took all my dignity!” He cryingly said. “I don’t believe you!” “You don’t have to, cause I have the mood to romance my wife!” “But, I’m not in the mood!” I said and he answered back: “soon you will be after I do that!” He came nearer and nearer to me, until our lips were a few inches a part, then after he waited a second he kissed me very passionatly, which made me get crazy about him and I kissed him back with the same passion! “So do you have the mood to romance?” He asked me, without replying I gave him the answer with a kiss. We got wilder and wilder,we made love the whole night, this time it was more intense then the last time, cause I was more in love with my husband!
End of their scene and her pov

SinGer’s romance plus Tiger’s pov
I came into my room, where my wife was sleeping peacefully, I went to her, I slowely kissed her lips, after a few seconds she kissed me back with the same passion as I had for her and I said to her: “baby, I need you!” “Oh really, you aren’t getting me like this, you have to do something else, that you’ll get me!” She saif. “But Sinzo, I wanna romance you, before the storm arrives and rhen we won’t hace time for it!” We kissed eachother again, we consumated our marriage and we were holding eachother very tightly, like our whole life depends on eachother!
End of their scene and his pov

NiMran’s sweet romance + Nidhi’s pov
“Nidhi, I know everything went fast in our lives, we got back together since a few days and now we are married!” My husband said and I answered back: “I’m happy that we got married Imran, that’s enough for me, cause I got the husband, I’ll always wanted a caring and loving from the inside, but from the outside an angry young man!” “Are telling me that I’m a coconut?” He asked me. Yes you are!” I answered back. “I would love to kiss this mouth of yours!” “Why?” I asked him, cause I thought he would say something romantic and then he answered back: “cause you talk to much!” “Really?” I threw a pillow at him, he came near me very dangerously and started to tickle me, until I laughingly said: “stop IK, I will never throw anything at you!” “That’s like my goodgirl!” Then he came closer to me and kissed me, at that moment I felt secure in his arms and I fell asleep after our kiss.
End of their scene and her pov

Shanoor’s flirting and Shahid’s pov
My wife came to and flirtingly said: “Shahid, you are looking as hot as hell!” “You look so stunningly hot Ashnoor that I only wanna look at you like forever!” “Aww baby, you can look at me whenever you want, cause I’m all yours!” “I know you aren’t ready to take our relationship a step ahead and I can wait for that day!” I told her, she was shocked then she kissed me on the lips and naughtilly said: “I’m all yours, you can have me whenever you want me!” “I would love to have you right now, but I can’t, cause I don’t wanna hurt you my flirty queen!” “From, now on you are my slave ShK!” “What, can I do for you my queen!” “Kiss me!” While she said that, she took her stole away and her milky stomach was visible for me and I did what she told me, I kissed her lips and told her: “my s*xy flirty queen, I will do it with you when you are ready for it and I know you aren’t ready right now, you just wanna fulfill a wife’s duty, cause you wanna quench my dessires/thirst, but I will controll myself for you!” After saying that to her, I wanted to go, but she hugged me fron behind!”
End of their scene and his pov

JazzBhir’s cute scene and Jazzy’s pov
I was waiting for my husband to come out of the bathroom, so that I can go to get freshened up and after an hour he came out and I told him of like: “Ranbhir, you took an hour to get out of the bahtroom!” “Are you a man or a woman?” “Jazzy, you should know, that I’m a man?” “How should I?” I asked him, then he replied back: “Cause of this!” “No, don’t show it to me!” “Ok, as you wish!” He said, then he kissed my cheek, I ran into the bathroom and locked the door behind me! “Ok, baby I will wait for you to come out and then I can romance you!” Ranbhir said.
End of their scene and her pov

FizzHarth’s sweet scene and Sidharth’s pov
I was waiting for my cute wife to come into the room, but she wanted to hear, what Armaan and Crazy were doing and I knew what they were doing! “Hahahahjajahaajjahahahah!” I was laughing evilly, then I went out to my Fizzo, there I saw Lisa running out of ArSam’s room, she stopped and told us: “don’t go inside, cause their romance is to hot to handle and I accidently stopped it!” “That’s good Lisa, so now I can sleep peacefully!” I said and Fizz said: “don’t listen to your grumpy brother!” Then she went and left us alone, I came nearer and nearer to her and asked her: “I’m grumpy, then you are a chudhail!” Before she could answer I kissed her to shut her up and took her to our room, then I made her sleep.
End of their scene and his pov

The next morning

ArSam’s scene
Both woke up, they blushed a beetroot red, but before they could say Crazy fell unconscius……

You guys have to wait to know, why she fell unconscius!

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