Why me? Season 2 Chapter 2: Suhaagraat part 1


Chapter 2: Suhaagraat part 1

A special thanks to Halima akka my pyaari villain for writing my and AK’s hot and steamy romance in this chapter.

So now back to the story in the first dimension!

Only people above 18 can read the story!

Armaan’s POV:
I walked up to my beautiful wife sitting on the bed waiting for me. I slowly approached her and sat besides her.

“I love you” I slowly whispered in her ears.

She looked at me and smiled, “I love you too AK, I wouldn’t imagine my life without you.” She said and hugged me.

I hugged her back, then I drew a line with my index finger from the bottom of her back up to her neck slowly, she shivered and broke the hug. We both looked at each other, she blushed and looked away. I leaned near her neck slowly and started kissing it and giving her the wet kisses. She started moaning and moved back and unexpectedly kissed me on my lips while wrapping her arms around my neck and sitting on my thighs, I kissed her back passionately and started rubbing my hands behind her back, I also unhooked her blouse. She broke the kiss and leaned in near my ears, her hands reached in front of my sherwani and she started opening the buttons.
I kissed her neck and she left her hot breath near my ears and moved to my cheeks slowly. She first pecked my cheek and then licked me. A smile appeared on my face and I licked her neck from the side.

Her blouse came off sliding down her arms after she took my sherwani off. I closed my eyes and kissed her collarbone. I could feel her shiver. She placed her lips on my shoulder near my neck and I could feel her hot breath. Just then there was a knock on the door. I opened my eyes shockingly.

She, without moving back, reached out for her stole and wrapped it around her. We both looked at each other worriedly.

She got off me and rushed inside the bathroom, I sighed.

“Who is it?!” I shouted in a frustrated voice.

“Sorry, wrong room!” The person says and runs out, it sounded like Lisa.

Ugh!! I’m going to kill her!

End of Armaans POV

Sam’s POV:
I was in the bathroom, I was enjoying it but someone disturbed my moment. I stood in front of the mirror with the blanket wrapped around me. I took the blanket off,
I was standing in my underwear. Just then I could feel two hands wrap around me, I could see my AK through the mirror and a faint smile appeared on my face.

“Sorry Jaan, it was Lisa.” He slowly whispered as he placed his chin on my neck and was feeling me with his eyes closed.

I also closed my eyes allowing him to feel me.

“What did she want?” I said in a soft voice.

“Nothing.” He whispered.

I could feel his hand going to the skirt, he unzipped my skirt and it slid off. He turned me towards him, I slowly opened my eyes and looked at him. He ran his hands down my soft skin of my arms making me shiver. I placed on of my hand on his bare chest, my other hand opened the knot of his panama and they slid off but I was only staring him in the eyes. His hands made it up to my underwear and he unhooked it. I helped him come out of it and he slowly ran his hands down to my thighs and pulled my underwear down while joking his head with mine. We had an beautiful eye-lock. I smiled and walked forward making him walk back. He was smiling at me, then I pushed him inside the bathtub and he fell inside on his back, it was filled with the warm water that I had opened earlier, the tap is still running, he knew everything that was going to happen and turned the tap to the shower side which made water dribble down from the top. I smiled and turned but he held my hand and pulled me towards him which resulted me on top of him, we were inside the water with extra water dripping from the shower that is hanged on the top.
He pulled me closer to him and our cheeks were touching, he kissed my neck and I moaned, I then got up and helped him stand too, he placed his lips on my lips and we started kissing passionately under the water, he broke the kiss and made me turn and picked me up. He got out of the bathroom and placed me on the bed.

“I love you AK” I said and opening my arms wide.

“I love you too Jaan.” He said and came on top of me.

He started kissing, biting and licking me while I stroked me hands on the back of his head. I was moaning with my eyes closed each time he kissed me on my sensitive part. It was getting hotter because we both were wet, our desires and lust were getting stronger. I really wanted him inside me but he’s tempting me.

“Aahhh.” I moaned getting him more happy, he liked teasing me like that.

I could feel the desire burning inside me. I need him, I want him and now. He then moved up to my neck and started kissing it while I started rubbing his back.

“AK!! I need you… Now!” I moaned and demanded.

“Be patience Jaan!” He said, I knew he said that to tease me.

I had enough and turned him, now I was on top of him and we were looking at each other in the eyes. I kissed his lip passionately and he kissed me back, while rubbing my back. I kissed his bear chest and he groaned a little. I then went to his neck and started kissing him.

“AK, I need you.” I slowly whispered in his ears.

He turned me and now was on top of me, I arched back each time he moved up. I opened my legs, separating my thighs wide away from each other.

“Make… me yours.” I moaned with my eyes closed.

There, he made me his, he entered into me, it hurts a lot, I feel like screaming, he then went back out. I opened my eyes with tears in them and looked at him.

“AK!! Please, I need you!” I moaned, trying to control my anger.

I sat up leaning my back on the bed-board behind me and saw the blood on the bed and coming out of my private, he sat up and looked at me. I widened my legs and spread my thighs as far away from each other giving him access to enter me.

“AK…” I said and managed to control my tears.

He understood my desire and slowly approached me, he entered he inside me and it pained, I moved forward making him enter more and wrapped my legs around his hips, I wrapped my arms around his neck and he kissed my neck.

“Faster!” I moaned, he listened and was doing it faster.

“I love you so much.” I moaned.

“I love you too.” He said and kissed me on the lips, I kissed him back passionately.

I forgot my pain and the whole night we made love and had pleasure.

This was one blissful night.

End of Sam’s POV

VaStha romance scene + plus Varun’s pov
“AaStha are you allright, you don’t seem happy?” “No, Varun I’m very happy that we got married, cause now I can do whatever I want to do with you!” My naughty Aastha said, while she came closer to me, kissed me very passionatly on the lips and said: “I want you right now baby!” Then she pushed me on the bed, started to take of my sherwani, I opened the strings of her blouse, while I kissed her neck passionatly, she kissed my abs, then she opened my troussers, I opened her strings of her skirt, we helped eachother out untill we were nacked, the she said: “I wanna feel you inside me!” “What?” “Yes, I want to have s** with you, is that a problem for you?” “No, it isn’t, but I thought you weren’t ready!” “I’m ready my cute husband!” “Ok, I will, if it hurts you then yell at me, so that I will stop!” I told her. Then we started to make love, but my dear wife is very strong, she was like: “faster, VK, faster!” So I did what she told me and we got wilder and wilder trough the whole night we did it!
End of their scene and his pov

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