Why me? Season 2 Chapter 1: VaStha and ArSam dream sequence part 2 + surprise


Chapter 1: VaStha and ArSam dream sequence part 2 + surprise

Hey guys I’m back again with the second part of this chapter, cause I can’t stop writing this story, because I feel connected with you guys, my mental sisters and the characters of this story!

Dimension 2

Varun’s pov + dream
“Teri ankhoon ne bana dia mujhko tera deewana, teri har nazar sirf bana hai mere liye aur teri khushi meri zimedari hai Aastha(Your eyes made me crazy for you, all the eyelooks of yours are only made for me and your happiness is my resposabilty Aastha).” “Tere liye main kuch bhi kar saakta hoon(I can do anything for).”

Now to the dream
I was locked up in an room and I only could see my Aastha getting married to Alec Tomson, our enemy!” “I tried to open the door, but I failed!” “No, Aastha!”
End of his dream

“I screamed then I woke up and I knew it was an nightmare for me.” “I can’t lose my Astha again, cause how would I be able to live without you, all these years without was an punishement for me!”
End of his pov

Crazy’s dream and pov
“I was running in an empty street, cause someone is trying to catch me and it was one of our enemies!” “Then I found my Armaan’s car, but he wasn’t there, so I started to look for him, bus something lying on the floor took my breath away it was my AK, the guy I was getting married to was brutally stabbed a few times, but something shocked me more, that his wounds were healing themselfs, after a while he woke up and asked me: “Sam are you allright?” “Yes, I am!”
End of her dream

Now to her pov
“Ahh, I hate nightmares!” “What happend Crazy?” Aasthu darling asked me and I replied back: “I had an nightmare!” “Doll, you can tell me anything and I’m listening!” So I told her about my dream and she said: “you should tell AK about it!” “You both are perfect for eachother and he allways tells you everything!” Aastha said. “Yeah, VK jeeju loves you a lot, he doesn’t know how to tell you, but in his eyes you can see his love for you Aastha!” “Goodnight baby!” She said and I replied back: “Good night darling!”
End of her pov

Now going back to the first dimension

Aastha’s pov and dream
“VK, whenever I see you, I feel complete, without I’m incomplete, you are the man I love, loved and allways will love!” “Crazy is right about one thing, that I’m madly and deeply in love with you!” “Main kab tumse pyaar kar ne laagi woh bhi mujhe pata nahi(I don’t even know, when I fell in love with you).” “Tumhari wajhe se main aapne aap ko dhoondh payi(cause of you I found myself).” “Tumne kabhi shikayat ko mokha bhi nahi diya mujhe(you never gave me any reason to complain).” “Mera dil khali hai tere bin(my heart is soulless without you).”

Now to her dream
“I woke up and I didn’t know, where I was!” “I only could see an blank wall and nothing else!” “I was scared, then I felt someone holding on to me and that person said: “Momsy, don’t leave me, like daddy did!” A girl said.
End of her dream.

“What I have an daughter, that can’t be!” “I’m not even married to someone!” “Aastha, calm down and don’t think about this dream, you should sleep, cause tomorrow, it’s SwaLak’s engagement!”
End of her pov

Armaan’s dream and pov
“A pregnant Crazy was walking beside me, she was 3 months pregnant, but still she was beautiful for me!” “We were talking, laughing and she was getting naughtier day by day!” “AK, I’m hungry I want jelebis!” “Oho, I will bring whatever you want my sweetheart!” “You are so cute AK, I love you!” “Love you too!” Then we went home and I made jelebis for my princess.”
End of his dream

Now to his pov
“Wow, this dream was very realistic!” “I would love to have children with her just as cute as her, but not now, after we get married!” “I should sleep now!”
End of his pov

So now to the present after A day to remember chapter 29: Shocking news!

The girls got ready into their weddingdresses and outside the Maheswari mansion 10 carriages were waiting for the brides the grooms were allready sitting there and waiting for their princesses. One was for MalVeer, the next one was NiMran’s, then SinGer, after them it was ShaNoor’s one, the next one was SwaLak’s, then JazzBhir, after them it was VaStha’s, the next one was ArSam’s and then the last but not the least it was RagSan’s. The rest of the family members, DiRuFaiHalCut and the K twins came with the car to the venue.

The wedding venue from the outside

From the inside

The priest started chant the wedding mantras at the same time all the couples promised eachother to take care, respect, love, in poverty and richness, while they took their seven rounds.

Now the boys filled the maang of the girls and made them wear the mangalsutra.

Swara’s dress, jewellery and mangalsutra

Malika’s dress and Mangalsutra

Aastha’s dress and Mangalsutra

Jazzy’s dress and Mangalsutra

Sinzo’s dress and Mangalsutra

Fizzo’s dress and Mangalsutra

Nidhi’s dress and Mangalsutra

Ashnoor(Navya)’s dress and mangalsutra

Crazy(Sam)’s dress and mangalsutra

After the wedding was finished, the priest said: “now you boys may kiss your brides!” Everyones eyes nearly fell out of their sockets, cause of what the priest said, so the boys did, what was said even Sanskar, they respectivatly kissed the girls very passionatly on the lips, which made our mindblowing brides blush very hardly. Then the rest came hugged all the couples, blessed them for an happy, blissful and colourful life.

RagSan’s convo in the carriage
“Sanky, I’m so happy today!” “Why?” “Cause all of them got married today!” “Yes, I’m happy too, but I still couldn’t diggest the fact that we aren’t normal humans!” “I can’t either, but we have to accept it!” “But what about my sisters, they can’t get pregnant, cause they didn’t marry our kind of people!” “Yes, they can get pregnant, cause they are mated to the K bros!” “Oh, I didn’t know that!” An shocked Sanky said.
End of their convo

So how’s the first part of the surprise?

More surprises are gonna come soon, for the Swaragini: You stole my heart dimension!

Bye guys, see you soon with the next update, untill then take care guys!

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