Why me? Season 2 Chapter 1: SinGer and ShaNoor dream sequence part 1 + intro of the 2 villain


Chapter 1: SinGer and ShaNoor dream sequence part 1 + intro of the 2 villain

Heya guys I know, I promised to finish the dream sequences in the last season, but then I changed my mind and thought: “I will start this new season with the sequence again, so everyone will have a turn with it!” Guys I didn’t forget the surprise, you all will get it soon!

The first dimension

Sinzo’s pov and dream
“We all went to sleep, I hoped for a goodnights sleep, but my wish didn’t get fulfilled!” “Cause of this dream!”

The dream starts from here
“TiK and I were having a fight, cause he flirted with my sis Ashnoor!” “I was only joking my dear wife, I know you and ShK got jealous seeing us flirting with eachother, but you didn’t have time for me!” A complaining TiK said. “Oh, now it’s my fault!” “No, it’s not your fault baby!” “Really?” I asked him. “Yes, my darling, I can’t flirt with you cause of your moodswings!”
End of her dream

“What?” “Why am I having moodswings?” “This dream is so confusing!” “I’m married to TiK!” “When and how did it happen?” “It’s better if I sleep!”
End of her pov

Shk’s pov + dream
“I’m allready missing my Ashnoor, she is the princess of flirting, not even her sisters can’t flirt like her!” “I really love her, she is the light in the darkness of my life!” The I went to sleep, but sleep was far away from me.

“ShK, I’m sorry that I can’t marry you, cause I’m still not ready for it!” “No, Ashnoor it’s ok, I can understand, why you aren’t ready and I will wait for you!” “But never forget me ShK, you are the only guy I love!” She said. “And you are the only girl, I’ll ever love!” “What about our broken hearts?” She asked me. “Let’s run away from here, far away from our misseries!” I replied back.
End of his dream

“Why should I and Ashu run away from here, for god sake I’m a vampire and she is a werewolf!” “Our enemy should fear us, cause we can do anything!” “We are more powerfull than them!”
End of his pov

Now to the other dimension, with twisty dreams or romantic ones?

TiK’s dream and pov
“Sinzo, you are my everything I told her, please come back!” “No, I won’t and who was that chaudhail with you?” “She was your cousine Sarah, I asked her for help!” “What, were you doing with her?” “Nothing!” “You don’t know, what she did, she nearly killed your pregnant wife!” “What?” “Yes, she nearly killed me!” After answering, she cut the call, the only thing I can remember is that some shoot at me.”
End of his dream

“What?” “How can I dream about someone killing me!” “But, why didn’t I die?” “What is happening to me?” “And Sarah wants to kill everyone!” “I have to warn them, about her!” “I think she is going to do something very soon!”
End of his pov

Ashnoor’s dream and pov
“In my dream I got married to ShK and someone tried to kill us, but they couldn’t!” “Our wounds got healed very fastly!” “Then we ran away!” “Then we met our other selfs!” “Who are you?” They asked us. “We are Ashnoor and ShK!” “What, that can’t be!” “Why?” “Cause if you are me and he is him, then you have to be an werewolf and he should be a vampire!” The other me said. “What?” We asked them together. “Oh no, we told them a part of their truth, which they don’t know about!” After they said that, both of them vanished.
End of her dream

“How can I have a doppelganger?” “What, I’m a werewolf?” “I have to ask RP chachu and Sujata Chachi about it!” “This dream is very confusing!” “What truth were they talking about?” “I’m so confused!” “I should sleep for a while!” Soon I fell asleep.
End of her pov

Now I’m gonna introduce the second villain to you guys!


Shesha Chaudhary, she is wicked, she has got some special powers too, she is 23 years old, she and Sarah are working together on destroying everyones lives and she hates the masked agels, but the reason is unknown. She is played by the preety Adaa Khan.

So now to the authors note

To my lovely sis Kia

Whenever I was upset you told me some things that made happy again, you brought a smile on my face. Without you, we mental sis wouldn’t be like we are now, cause you are a princess.

I wish you the best birthday, all you wishes should get fulfilled, I wish you get all the happiness, all your sadness should fly away, find someone who loves you and takes care of you. I love you my sis.

With love your crazy sis Sam❤❤????????????

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