Searching for my love- laksh


scene started with few yrs later the person in black n white formal shrt with black pant (he’s none another than laksh) he s a successful business man bt he always miss someone in his heart. whenever he miss her he take the letter and read it becz it was wrtn by his lady love…. again he lost in his deep thought his thought was disturbed by his pa
pa- sir juz nw only i receive the cal frm our client sir. they are stuck in traffic.. so they will reach u in onehour saying dis she left becoz wenever she tel any mattr to laksh he never respond …
again laksh lost his thought…
he take his diary and startd to read….

Few years before In the year 2000 that time I was studied in 10th std iam a quite type n studious n clastopper also…. every teachr lyks me one day my scl was participatng intrscl competition.. wen I was watchng dance rehearsel I saw a beautiful girl I was totally lost in her beauty… she dance so well.. wen I was abt to go… my frnd calld me from the corridor.. so I went there to help him n cme back.. she is perfrmng In stage I mis her name wen the host calld her… aftr perfrmance I search all over the scl bt I mis her I was totally depressed.. bt I still have hope one day I ll surely meet her… aftr 1yr I was in temple for my family doing some puja’s .. so I also went there..wen I playing game I was collide with a girl. But still I never saw her face becoz of playing game… suddenly I heard a voice of nightingale it was so sweet n lovely dat tym only I lookd her she was the same girl wen I saw her in the dance competition.. I am so happy to see her … but shes still taking her belonging which was falln in the floor… I thought to help bt I was lost in my dream world…wen I cme back to sense I found no one infront of me. its al becoz of her beauty dats why only I again lost her…even I dnt knw her name. I went to inside the temple to pray n I wanna meet her again plz god help me….

iam not sure guys.. u lyk it or not… if u lyk dis stry den i ll updte nxt…

Credit to: rsaf

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