Searching for my love- laksh epi 7


Hi guys…. Sry for the late update I don’t know wat iam writng i fought with my bf..plz forgive me I am not sure u lyk this epi or not
Here we go…
Laksh was shattered aftr reading the letter…
Laksh having tears- I ll do anythng for u.. once I achieve my goal I ll started to search u… bt without u iam nothing rags how can I live without seeing or talking to u??? I love u rags… I love u always….
At present…
Laksh close the dairy n having tear in his eyes… he call his pa for asking about the client
Pa- sir juz now only they reach our ofc sir.. they are in our meeting hall saying dis he left
Laksh went to the meeting hall… after entered he was shocked to see his friend yes it was none another than virat and his dad they are the client both are don’t knw about their company…
Laksh was happy to see him but he didn’t show becoz he left without telling so he is damn angry on him
Other side..

Virat also happy to see him but he s afraid to talk he know about him so he didn’t utter single word they stay silence but it was broken by his father malhothra he cme forward to laksh
Mr.malhothra- laksh beta how r u??? iam so happy to see u in dis position.. in this small age u achieve many things.. iam really proud of u…
Laksh- took blessings and thank you uncle iam happy to see u here.. but I think someone was not happy to see me again
After hearing laksh word..virat have tear in his eyes… n come to laksh n hug him sorry plz forgive me… I miss u dude…
Laksh- I mis u my friend…anyway I get my friend back.. I never leave u again… by the way where r u staying???
Virat- we r staying in taj hotel.. I wanna tel u something don’t be angry on me ok
Laksh- tell me first latr only decide
Virat- iam married n going to become dad…
Laksh was shocked n happy too- what?? Really??? Iam really happy man…how come u think I become angry aftr giving a gud news???
Virat- I tried to invite u even I reach ur home but It was closed I tried to find u… its all went vain..

Both friends talk was disturbed by mr. malhothras word
Mr.malhothra- first we finish our meetings later u continued ur bak bak ok?
They continued their meeting mr.malhothra was very much impressed by laksh presentation.. he is so happy to see him in this position aftr finishng the meeting both chit chat for sometyms
Virat tell him about his love marriage and tel him sorry for his behaviour on that day and says rag was realy nice u know I meet her in my marriage n I ask for her forgiveness even she forgive me but she changed totally she did nt talk much.. she lost in some thoughts I dono why…
Aftr hearing rag name his eyes filled with tears n somehow happy becoz finaly he got her back…
Virat saw laksh teary eyes n ask wat hap dude
Laksh tell him everything about his love

Virat was angry becoz he hide his lov from him – laksh how dare u to hide this from me… even u said this first also i did accept for u.. how can u thnk lyk dis… don’t u know about me….
Laksh- sorry dude I thnk u only perfct for her status dats why…
Virat- status my foot… oh god I frgt to say smethng about rags
Laksh- what hap?? Is she alright???
Virat- woh woh she
Laksh- tell me dude wat hap?? I wanna meet her….
Virat- laksh don’t felt bad ok frst promise me u don’t do anything serious n always be brave
Laksh in teary eye- virat wat hap to my rags I cant live without her plz tell me wat hap to her
Virat- shes married
Laksh shocked- what?????

plz forgive me guys…..

Credit to: rsaf

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  1. What the hell yaar ragini got married poor laksh

  2. Gosh is she really married? No it can’t happen she told she will wait for him… Awesome epi dr n plz make it long

  3. Sad please unite raglak

  4. He wat yaar… Ragini is married… Let it be fake Na…

  5. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

    What a shocking news! :O Married? with whom? Where? How? Don’t let us like this and update soon :/

  6. Nice… Thanks for the update

  7. Very interesting dear and eagerly waiting for next episode

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