Searching for my love- laksh epi 6


Hi guys thanks for ur support
here we go….
few days passed…
their love goes lyk dat they become more closer on the tym exam are gng to start so they decided to concert only studies….bt they put one condition before gng to xams we have to meet anyhow…making dis deal n left the places
10 days before exam…
Both fully involved in their studies they realy wrk hard…at the same tym they mis each other but they do it only for their future…
On ragini house…

She’s preparing for the exam watever subjct shes studying she put the laksh photo in dat books… she used to read lyk dis only… one day she left her room without locking the doors… at the same tym her mom come to clean her room..she ‘s arranging her study table while she arrange some book falln from the table she take the books n arranging it… suddenly her eyes got stuck in the floor yes it was laksh photo she take the photo n raise her head and ragini standing near the door she shocked to see her mom wit laksh pic
She don’t knw wat to do but suddenly tight slap fell on her cheeks its her mom who get to know her love.. she told everythng to her father..
Ragini’s father ask her to cme n sit n tell me abt ur love (he didn’t react)
Ragini was numb she don’t knw wat to tel finaly she told everythng
Ragini’s father- rag I have to meet him aftr finshng ur xams den only I told my decision are u ok with it

Ragini- yes dad I am sure u ll lyk him I am ok with it
Ragini’s father- but on one condition promise me u wont talk with him until ur exam finsh
Ragini feel bad- but say ok to him n lov u dad thanks for givng ths chance to prove my love
Exam started
Laksh n rags meet each other before gng to the exams (as per the love deal) they completed all their exams well…
On the day of final exam
At ragini home everyone are moving here and there they are taking all the things into the van she asked her mom about dis she told v r shiftng our home to nxt street so she doesn’t take dis seriously n she’s busy in her exam too atlast she heard the conversation of her mom and dad..
Ragini’s father- we r moving from dis place don’t tel her .If she got to know surely she ll infrm him n make a drama so plz maintain lyk dis ok
Ragini’s mom- ok but how to take her with us if she cme to our house
in aftr scl she get to know right???

Ragini’s father- den we will take her directly from her scl.. dis mean she don’t knw anythng I hope it ll work.. I don’t lyk the middle clas boy…surely he will cme behind her… dats why I am doing dis for her…she’s my princess she always lyk dat only
After hearing all the conversation her tears flow into her cheeks she cant control her emotions without saying anything she simply left her house to scl.. before going exam hall both meet each other laksh was happy becoz his lov contract is gng to end today aftr fnshng the exam… but rags controlng her emotions infront of him she want to him becoz it might be gng to the last meetng she slowly went to the exam
Aftr finshng her exam she is in the corridor n wrte a lettr to laksh n pass dis to her friend ask her to give it to him saying gud bye n turned she found her family infront of her she simply left with them
Laksh came to the corridor n search for rags but he could nt find her…suddenly her friend pas the letr to him which was writtn by ragini

Aftr havng the lettr he slowly opened it…….
Dear laks,
Iam sorry to say this… Iam leaving dis place.. I dono where iam going… bt I trust my love fully surely we ll be together… wen we was in our study leav my mom n dad get to know abt our love.. my dad give promise to me… once we fnsh our exam he ll meet u n decide our future.. in mean time he ask me don’t talk to u until our exam fnshd I trust his word bt he lied to me.. today mrng only I cme to know dat he don’t lyk u becoz of ur status.. he think u wont gve me happiness… I never think abt ur status.. but I am helpless here.. he takng me somewhere I don’t know where it is seriously.. plz don’t spoil ur life for me.. u fulfil ur wish n dream to become a great businessman.. I know u ll surely achieve ur dreams untill u wont search for me.. I am always waiting for u… keep trusting on our love… don’t lose hope.. I love u…
Only yours

i hope u ll lyk….

Credit to: rsaf

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