Searching for my love- laksh epi 5


Hi here we….

Laksh felt strange smethng bt he didn’t want the love..latr he realised his feeling he cant sty away from her.. he don’t knw how to xpres so decided to wait fr perfect tym
One week passed ragini was in library searchng for sme books so it tke tym to her finally she got the book n cme out no one was der.. she saw the tymng it was 6. She startd walkng to her home she feel smeone following her she turned n say laksh wat r u doing here…
Laksh- rags I am sorry for hurting u… iam realy worried for him dats y I reactd lyk dis to u…
Ragini in mind- hmmm I thought he wil realise his lov bt he’s telling sorry wat can I do… hope he ll cme back to me
Laksh- ragini are u alright were u lost
Ragini- nothng laksh are u seriously followng for saying sry only right (lil disappointment)
Laksh- no rags I want to say smetng
Ragini excitedly- tel me laksh suddenly rain started but they r still in that position
Laksh- ragini I realise my feeling toward u… I love u… I am sorry for makng u wait.. trust me rags I never let u go.. even aftr my death also I ll behind u… he’s wrd cutted by her lips
Rag kissed him due to the excitement becoz she always waited for the moment..
Soon they come to the sense.. rag feel shy so she taught to run bt her hand was caught by laksh…laksh make her to see his eyes..n kisd her forehead n says I love u
Ragini- I love u too laksh both hug fr smetyms soon compose themselves n smiles both walking by holdng hands as they soon reach ragini home he left her and saying I ll waitng for u tmrw n both wave bye to each other….

Next day in scl
Laksh waitng for ragini from 15mins….suddenly he feel strange n look to the main gate he saw his angel yah dat was his ragini
Ragini- sry dear dnt scld me plz my cycle tyre was puncture dats why I cme late sry plz ..
Laksh simply stare her n say its ok my love … come we will go….
Ragini- wher will we go… its tym for clas
Laksh- I know rags but I wanna spend this whole day with u plz if u dnt trust me its ok u ll go I wont force u
Ragini- laksh its not lyk dat ok were u want to take me
Laksh- come on princess we ll enjoy today saying dis he blindfold her n take somewhere… he slowly opened her n make her to see the place Ragini -she was stunned becoz its full of so many flowers around her shes so happy she never saw dis plce before how do u knw dis place
Laksh-Rag I know dis place from my childhood so dat only I ll take u here
Ragini- its my wonderful day laksh saying dis both sat under the tree n her head is in laksh chest n his arms around her shoulder they spend sme quality times

i knw its boring guys only 2more epi left… have a nice day….

Credit to: rsaf

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  1. It is superb and not at all boring

  2. Nice one

  3. Why r u ending it so’s not boring.plzz continue.

  4. Superb dear and it’s not boring

  5. nic… ur really gud

    1. thank u everyone bt its a short ff i already write the story so it wll be end in 2 to 3 epi

  6. awsm….its not boring……dont end it…..

  7. Amazing… Please continue… Thanks for the update

  8. don’t end this

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