Searching for my love- laksh epi 4


Hi guyz iam really sry for the last updte…its my frst ff dats why I did a lots of mistake I ll try to updte crctly… plz frgve me…?here we go

ragini in deep anger- what the hel do u thnk of me.. i used to watch u wenever u r in the stall… i always behnd u wenever u are….how u thnk i acpt hs proposal??? go and tell him i rejectd his proposal and remember one thing i lov u…i always lov u…i will…. sayng dis she went…
laksh – i dnt knw wat to do…becoz virat also my close frnd since childhood and rags she ws my frst crush n i lov hr too…
screen shited to tea stall
virat is waitng for laksh.aftr an hour laksh reached there…
virat- (excitedly) laksh wat hap.. did rag acpt my lov… i knw it she also lov me his wrd cut by laksh
laksh- rag loves someone.. she didnt lov u… tellng dis he left the place

next day school….
virat and his gang (except sanky) virat told his frnds abt rags rejectd his proposal aftr dat they met rags wit his frnd so they called him..
virat- ragini come here
ragini was feard becoz she dnt knw how to handle him if he knw abt my lov n laksh… oh god save me?

ragini- tel me virat i dnt hv much tym to talk i hav to go
virat- why baby… is ur byfrnd waitng fr u ah… even u also watchd me daily tea stall.. today u watch another one.. tmrw some one hw many of u in ur list dear sayng dis he hold her hand n try to misbehave wit her
ragini was shocked- plz virat i am not lyk dat typ of girl plz leav me its hurtng i nevr saw u in dat tea stall… i never lov u plz leav me saying dis she startd cryng
virat- also feel pity for her bt his ego didnt allow so he continue to harm her suddenly smeone slappd him virat and ragini was shocked becoz it was virat father…(mr. malhothra father of virat)
mr.malhothra- how dare u dnt u hve shame to behave a girl lyk dis..saying dis he slapped again… I cme to take u from their becoz we are shiftng to mumbai thank god now I know abt u I feel shame on u he draggd him to the car…
on malhothra’s car

virat- sry dad I behvd hr very badly now I realise my mistake.. I nevr do this again.. plz dad forgve me
malhothra- dnt do this again love doesn’t cme by force.. if u force her to lov u it wil broke u one day….
Virat- thanks dad fr making me understand….
On nxt day of school
Laksh didn’t knw abt the ystrdy incident he search virat everywer in the school he couldn’t find him finally he went to his frnd and ask abt virat.. he narrate the whole story.. laksh feel bad for ragini hm he thought its all becoz of him n if i accpt dis love Its kind of betrayal to my frnd so he try to avoid ragini as much as can..
On the other side…

Ragini was totally upset becoz of the ystrdy incident … she decided to move on so make her mind calm n went to talk wit laksh
Ragini- laksh I wanna talk to u
Laksh- sry ragini I am not in a mood to talk

Ragini- laksh its not my fault he only behave me wrong I didn’t do anythng…
Laksh- I know rags bt my mind don’t accpt the truth becoz of this lov only I lost my frnd even I didn’t tel my lov to u if I realy tel u to dis I dono wat wil hap nxt so plz stay away frm me I dnt want dis lov anymore
Ragini- laksh I know u r hurt.. u take ur tym bt I never leav u even in my dreams… I always love u… I make u mine…. I love u… see u latr….

Recap- will rags gert her love????

iam really sry guys

Credit to: rsaf

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