Episode 24;

Scene 1:City hospital.

Avni:I have some work Ma…I will come later bye.

Reha:Avni,Neela Ma cant hear you,stop acting an insane.


Scene 2:Avni’s office.

Ayansh:Reyansh …….i think that …………Vikas Pandit ……is alive…

Reyansh:Bhai…see this .

He shows a picture to Ayansh.


Ayansh:Who’s he.

Reyansh:Ballu,the right hand man of Vikas Pandit………….and now he is controlling the illegal works of Vikas Pandit .


Reyansh:Bhai…we will have to catch him ,Vikas Pandit ran a girl gambling centre,he sold drugs and was even into human trackifing of children.

Ayansh:But….Will Avni ……..become Neo again.

Avni:Ya I will .

Reyansh:Di how’s Neela Aunty.

Avni:She is ………..fine.

Scene 3:An unknown place.

Man 1:Sirji…….a ….um…a girl tried to run .

Man 2:Don’t tell me that you all were not able to catch her.

Man….we…..w…were…n..not a…

Man 2:(holds the neck of the first man)You were not able to catch her now………..DIE.

The second man pulls out a knife from his pocket and stabs the first man in his heart and then cuts his neck.

Man 2:Chadda,burn his body .

Chadda:Ok but will you catch that girl or kill her directly.

Man 2:I am Ballu,and for Ballu girls are like shoes and we use shoes till the sole of the shoes dont get torned…..and so i will do the same with her.

He takes out his car and goes out and finally finds that girl.

Ballu:Aaha,so here you are,oh wow how beautiful your body is.

He steps towards that girl and that girl steps back.

Girl:P.p…ple..please leave me I……I cant….please.She closes her eyes in fear.

She opens her eyes when she hears a sound .She finds Ballu on the ground and his nose is bleeding and a person is standing in front of him.



Ballu:See take that girl and we we also have some more items ,you can also have them…….after all you are a man.

Neo:(Laughs)Oh ,sorry but you are wrong,Neo removes his hoddie.


Neo opens her hair and says:Ya I am a girl now you see what I will do to you.

Ballu takes out a lighter and throws it on Neo ……the fire spreads on his clothes and Neo moves towards Ballu and beats him and calls the police and hides after sometime the fire on Neo’s body gets extinguished and not even a bruise is visible.Ayansh comes there.

Ayansh:Avi……how didn’t you get burned.

Avni:The outfit was fireproof……wait t…then how …..di…did Neil…no .,it means that…

Ayansh:Avni……He is dead……He wore your outfit but maybe it was not your….I mean it could have been another type of outfit.

Reyansh comes.

Reyansh:Di you will have to go to Kashid…….for an investigation…..and you can even promote your book there,so that no one suspects you.

Avni:Ok I will leave tomorrow.

Scene 4: Pareikh Mansion.

Avni came and Reha told her that a journalist has came to take her interview.

Avni:Ok ,where’s the journalist.

Reha:In the living room.

The Journalist asked Avni some questions and then asked her say some sonnets written by her.

Avni:Roz taaron ki numaish m khalal pdta hai

Chaand paagal hai jo andhere m nikal padta h

Kal waha chaand uga karte the har aahat par

Apne raaste m jo veeraan mahal pdta hai.

Journalist:Thanks Mam,bye.

Precap:Avneil meet.

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