In Search Of True Love Part 1

It was a cool and blissful morning. In Raheja mansion, everyone was busy with their own chores except for one lazy girl. It was none other than Naina; Naina Raheja,the english professor of Hartfeld University.

She was in a deep sleep when suddenly she felt wet on her face,she realized that water had been poured on her face to wake her up . She knew it would only be her brother ; Ritik ,One of the best doctors .

Naina :Bhaiya !

Ritik : Morning sister !(smiles cheerfully )

Naina : Can’t you find any other peaceful to wake me up ?

Ritik : Even if there is any other way , I will wake you up by this way only .(rests his hand on her shoulder and smiles)

Both share a tight hug .

Naina : Where is Maa?

Ritik : Maa,Angad and Papa had some emergency, they left for Europe.

Naina :It means we…. (with a evilish smile )

Ritik : Not we ,Only you . So no party ..

Naina : Where are you going ?

Ritik : To the office , Take care .

Naina nods and waves good bye to Ritik .On the way ,Ritik gets stuck in a traffic jam. He was just looking here and there, when he spots Naina on the foot path . He gets out of the car and goes to Naina .

Ritik : Naina !

Naina : (turns back )Bhaiya !

Ritik : Why you are standing here ?

Naina :I was waiting for my friend .

Ritik : Your co-professor ?

Naina : No Bhaiya ….

“Naina” said a girl waving Naina

Naina runs to hug her .

Ritik is stunned looking at the girl’s face .

Naina :Bhaiya ! Meet my friend Shivanya . She is also a doctor

Ritik :(comes to his senses )Hi

Shivanya : Hi ! Dr.Raheja

Naina : Ok Bhaiya ! Bye .

Ritik: Bye .

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