In Search Of Love- Om and Gouri FF (part-7)

Part 7

Shivay again looks at om and Gauri.. he smiles and closes the window

Om and Gouri are talking..

Om: hmm I completed eating.. now bye good night..

Gouri: ?arey wait u completed but I dint completed yet

Om: ?then eat fast..

Gouri: don’t u have manners.. we should not eat Fast.. my mom says that we should eat slowly so that it will digest easily

Om: oofff.. ur really a brain eater Gouri ?

Gouri: thankyou thankyou..? by d way Omkara ur such a talented guy.. seriously I love ur paintings.. it has some magic?

Om: hmmm..

Gouri: ?arey im appreciating u..

Om: ??thankyou.. happy?

Gouri burst out laughing..
Gouri: ?you boys have an ego problem na? Sometimes even my dad behaves like that?.

Om : (teases) hahah very funny.. by d way Gouri.. tomorrow at what time ur leaving?

Gouri is shocked

Gouri: leaving? Where? ?

Om: shivay said that ur friends will come from Goa tomorrow.. and you will go with them..

Gouri: ?ohh ya.. I forgot about it.. (she remembers her time she spent with Oberois these two days) she looks at om

Gouri: ?days are so fast na Omkara.. see two days are like 2 hours for me.. I really enjoyed a lot.. tomorrow I should leave.. I can never forget these days.. thankyou so much..

Om: (teases) ya ya u should leave (he thinks thank god) and no need to tell thankyou.. pleasure is all ours..

Gouri: ?haha so sweet of u.. and Omkara.. visit Kolkata someday.. my house is very near to airport.. just 6kms.. there will be a Chandu sweet shop.. from there take 2nd left and 1st right… that’s it.. Sharma house will be infront of u.. okay??

Om: (smiles) Gouri.. why will I come to ur house? I mean what work will I have there..

Gouri: ?I know.. but if in case u have work in Kolkata plz do visit my house okay? My house won’t be big as this house.. but it looks cute ?

Om: hmm.. sure..

Gouri: ?good..

Om: now let’s sleep.. I’m so tired..

Gouri suddenly thinks about Sowmya..

Gouri: ?Omkara wait.. I..I should tell u something which is very important..

Om: about what?

Gouri: wo.. wo.. it’s a love matter

Om: (confused) what?

Gouri: haa Omkara.. I should not tell u.. but I can’t keep quiet.. as I’m going tomorrow I should tell u this.. wo..

Om is shocked.. he misunderstands that she loves him, he gets angry

Om: ?what d hell r u thinking of urself Ms.gouri kumari Sharma? (Gouri is confused)
How can u Gouri? Do u know anything about me? Being close to u it doesn’t mean u can take advantage did u get that? ?

Gouri: ?arey what happened? Let me speak first

Om angrily gets up..

Om: ?u don’t need to tell anything.. I can understand ur cheap thoughts.. and I hate u.. I will never love u.. did u get that?

Gouri is confused.. she suddenly understands what he meant.. she laughs loudly..

Om: ?are u crazy?

Gouri: ??Omkara.. never think that I will love u?.. and how can u think that girls will fall for u? Such a boring person you are.. hahhaa crazy u?

Om: how dare u?

Gouri: okay okay first listen.. I wanna tell u about Rudra and Sowmya..

Om: ?Rudra and Sowmya? Are they in love? (He gets happy) ? really??

Gouri: why r u giving so many expressions at a time? ? anyways it’s just one side.. Sowmya is in love with Rudra..

Om: really? Did she tell u?

Gouri:? yes!! I thought to unite them.. but tomorrow I’m leaving..? Sowmya will be alone.. she really loves him a lot.. that’s why I told u.. promise me that u will unite them..?

Om smiles he thinks about Sowmya… how good she is.. and how she used to take care of Rudra..

Om: ?I’m so happy Gouri.. Sowmya and Rudra.. ?I’m very happy.. thankyou Gouri.. (he holds her hands)

Gouri smiles seeing his happiness…

Om: they look so cute together na?

Gouri: ?yes Omkara.. plz do something to unite them..plz!! Sowmya na she is very innocent, she will cry in herself.. so be with her and help her
Om: okay… ?she is my sweet sis.. il take care of her…

Gouri: thankyou…now its sleeping time ? I’m so tired and thankyou for the rotis..

Om smiles

They leave…

Next day:

Shivay wakes up.. he looks at Anika sleeping.. he stares at her lovingly and pecks her cheeks..

Anika feels his touch and rubs her cheeks in her sleep..
shivay smiles seeing her cute face

Shivay: Anika.. wake up.. its already 7:00am

Anika: shivay 2mins.. plz.. only 2mins

Shivay smiles and goes to the washroom to get ready..

Sowmya room:

Gouri doesn’t sleep whole night thinking about Her fun in Oberoi house..
She wakes up early and packs her bag.. as she should go..

Sowmya wakes up.. she looks at Gouri packing her bag..

Sowmya: ?Gouri? What r u doing?

Gouri: today I’m leaving sowmya? my friends will come to take me..

Soway: ?so soon.. plz don’t go Gouri.. (she back hugs her) we will miss u so much..

Gouri: but I Should go someday na..? and I promised my friends.. that I will be with them.. but I dint spend time with them because of the change in plan.. now only 1 day left.. I should be with them.. again il go back to Kolkata..

Sowmya gets sad..

Shivika room:

Shivay comes out from washroom… he looks at Anika who is still sleeping..

Shivay: Anika 2mins over long back..

Anika: another 2 mins shivay.. plz!!

Shivay gets call from Aditya..

Shivay: hi Aditya ? whatsup?

Aditya: shivay.. thankyou for keeping Gouri in ur house…I’m coming in the afternoon to take Gouri..

Shivay is shocked

Shivay: what? Ur coming?

Aditya: ya shivay.. all planned for local site seeing.. I’m coming to take Gouri

Shivay : 3days over? So soon? I mean Aditya.. We really had nice time with Gouri..why are u taking her now? Let her be for few more days na?

Anika is shocked..she suddenly wakes up..

Anika: ?Gouri is leaving??? she jumps from the bed and snatch the phone
“Aditya ji.. Gouri will be here, plz don’t take her”.

Aditya: I’m happy to see ur love for Gouri.. it’s her wish.. if she likes to stay we don’t have any talk with her friends..

Shivay takes the phone..

Shivay : okay.. will talk with Gouri and will let u know..

He cuts the call..

Shivay thinks about Omkara and Gouri..

Shivay: I should talk with Gouri.. Gouri should be here for some days..

Anika: ha shivay.. I will miss my sissy? after so many days a girl called me di.. such a cutiepie she is..

Shivay : hmm Anika get ready soon and come down..


Gouri comes to hall.. she looks at jhanvi reading newspaper.. she goes towards jahnvi..

Gouri: good morning Aunty ?(she hugs her and sleeps on her shoulder)

Jhanvi: good morning Gouri.. u look so tired? Dint u sleep properly last night?

Meanwhile shivay comes down.. he hears they conversation and teases Gouri

Shivay: ya ya she dint sleep.. she was very busy.

Gouri: (confused) busy? No jiju..

Shivay: wo I mean.. yesterday Om has taken you for a long ride ? that’s unbelievable na mom (he winks at jhanvi)

Jahnvi is surprised

Jahnvi: ?really Gouri? So tell me how was ur ride? Did u troubled my son? ?

Gouri: aunty this is too much and jiju.. taking to Oberoi office is not a ride.. ur bhai na such a boring guy he is?

Shivay :?Oberoi office? Yesterday night u went to office?

Gouri: yaaa jiju…

Shivay and jhanvi look at each other and laughs loudly looking at gouri’s expressions

Jhanvi: haha Gouri.. ?

Gouri: when he said he will take me out I thought somewhere and I was so excited.. but the matter is office.. he is even busy at night times also..? by d way jiju is your office 24hours open hey kya?

Shivay thinks why did he go to office at that time? Is he hiding anything from us?

Jhanvi: haha Gouri.. ur so funny!! ?

Gouri smiles

Gouri gets call from her friends.. she excused her self.. and leaves

Jhanvi: (smiles) naughty girl.. she changed the house environment with lots of happiness.. hey na Shivay..

Shivay: haa ma.. (he thinks; even I thought she will bring happiness in om’s life..) but this naughty girl is leaving today ?..

Jhanvi: leaving??

Shivay tells her about Aditya

Jahnvi: no no how can she leave.. I will talk with her ?


Sowmya goes to Rudra room thinking about yesterday’s drinking incident

She looks at Rudra who is doing a gym

Sowmya: (relaxed) Rudra.. are u fine?

Rudra: (teases) what happened to me? ?

Sowmya: yesterday u drank fully.. thankgod no one noticed

Rudra: thankyou soumya? u saved me?

Sowmya: come let’s go down.. let’s have breakfast

Rudra: okay..

They go down.. they look at Shivaya nd jhanvi talking

Rudy: what’s going on here? Look like some serious discussion going on..

Jahnvi: nothing Rudra..

Shivay : by d way where is om?

Meanwhile Om comes down.. he is bit drowsy becz of lack of sleep

Rudra: there he is?

Jhanvi looks at om..

Jahnavi: Om u look so tired.. r u fine beta? ?

Om: haaa ma wo actually I slept late..

Shivay giggles and coughs teasing him

Jhanvi: il bring coffee for u..

Shivay: ha Ma bring strong coffee for om.. ?

(She goes to kitchen)

Om: (confused) kya hua bhai? U sound strange.. somewhat like u targeted me ?

Shivay: wo… nothing by d way Om yesterday night where did u go?? (He asks teasingly)

Om: (tensed) ha bhai.. wo… haaa…We went to a restaurant..

Shivay: (shocked to see his lie) restaurant? ?

Om: haa bhai..

Shivay: (doubtedly) why did Ugo to other restaurant when we are already in a restaurant

Om: ?wo.. haa that Brain eater wants a long ride.. so…

Suddenly Gouri comes.. she hears Brain eater word from Om..

Gouri: haa Omkara did u called me?

Om is shocked and tensed to see Gouri.. as he was worried that she might tell Shivay the truth

Shivay: (doubtedly) Gouri how was ur longgg ride yesterday?

Gouri: long ride? ? hahahahah?? Omkara jiju is expecting so much na.. tell him that we. Went to ur offi..

Om gets tensed and closes her mouth..

Om: haha Gouri… did u forgot we have one work.. (he signals to see Rudra and Sowmya) come na.. let’s be in that work.. why to discuss about last night…

Gouri: ?yaaa Omkara.. I forgot about it.. tell me what should I do? I’m so excited

Om: il tell.. come with me..and bhai.. we are busy plz excuse us…

(He places his hand on her shoulder and takes her away)

Shivay is angry and thinks something is wrong with Om.. but he is happy to see Gouri and Omkara like that..

Om takes Gouri to a side..

Gouri: Omkara now tell me what should I do?

Om leaves his hand and stares at her angrily

Om: ?Gouri.. I warn u.. don’t discuss about last night to everyone.. mainly don’t tell that we went to office.. especially to shivay..

Gouri: but Om I already?

Om: shhh leave that topic.. again I’m warning u.. don’t raise this topic..

Gouri: arey listen to me first.. ?

Jahnvi calls om

Om: now come.. mom is calling… and remember don’t raise this topic again..

He leaves..

Gouri: arey? this Omkara na… he never listen completely.. I was about o say that shivay jiju already knew about last night.. I told him ? crazy Omkara..

She too leaves…

Jhanvi gives coffee to Om and she sits on sofa.. Gouri comes and sits beside her..

Jhanvi smiles…Anika comes

Anika: good morning everyone ?

Gouri: good morning Di… (she hugs her… Om looks at her)

Anika : Gouri.. don’t go plz.. stay with us..

Gouri: ?but Di…

Jahnvi: ha gouri.. shivay is saying that ur leaving today..

Gouri: yes aunty.. ?

Sowmya: ?plz stay back na

Shivay: ya Gouri.. stay back.. il talk to Aditya see all wants u to stay here..

Gouri: even I want to stay.. but i promised my friends.. I should go jiju.. ?

Rudra: ?il manage ur friends Gouri.. it’s so simple.. stay back..

Jahnvi: haaa Gouri.. Rudra is specialist in it?

They hear a voice.. it was Priyanka

Priyanka: Gouri.. if u go who will design my wedding clothes? ?

Sowmya: ?ya exactly..

Gouri: il come again at that time..?it’s so simple

Sowmya: why to go and why to come again.. stay here only Gouri.. plz

Gouri: ?I like to stay back but… (she unknowingly looks at om.. but he is busy with his coffee and doesn’t bother about their talks)

Gouri: but I should go?

Shivay looks at Gouri looking at om.. he smiles..

Anika: Gouri ur so typical.. ?more than me.. shivay tell her to stay na..

Shivay: (gets a plan…he sits beside om and starts the discussion) Anika.. let her go..she said na will come again.. don’t trouble her.. let her go

Om looks at shivay..

Shivay: yaa let her go..(he says loudly for om’s attention)

Anika: (confused) shivay.. u said u will stop her..

Shivay: Anika leave this topic..anyways I have work.. and Gouri get ready…il be here within 20mins …(he walks outside)

Anika,Rudra,Sowmya are upset..

Rudra signals Anika to Do something..Anika runs

Anika: shivay listen.. plz..

She goes out… she looks for shivay.. but he is not there.. she looks at parking place..she can see Shivay’s car

Anika: ?his car is here but where is this human being?

Suddenly she was been grabbed by Shivay..

Anika: ?Shivay?

Shivay winks…”what r u searching for?”?

Anika: ?I trusted u so much.. but u simply allowing her to go..

Shivay : sweetheart.. don’t worry Gouri is not going anywhere

Anika: really?

Shivay: yaa..

Anika: but how?

Shivay: Om will stop her.. ?

Anika: ?then no use.. they always fight na.. how can u expect she will listen his words buddu?

Shivay: (teases) Even we fight so much na Anika.. then why u always respect my words ??

Anika smiles

Anika: wo becz.. It’s love..?

Shivay: yaaa the same thing will happen to them also..

Anika is shocked

Anika: ?what? Are they in love?

Shivay: don’t know but I seriously liked Gouri.. she will take care of Om.. Om will be lucky to get her.. I want to unite them

Anika; ?osm.. gouri will be here forever ryt??? Wow very nice.. nd I’m so excited.. ?

Shivay: don’t get so excited.. what if they seriously hate each other.. we can’t force them.. but I know something is happening… anyways first let’s try..

Anika: ?u don’t worry.. I’m there na il manage everything.. ???m so excited.. il tell this to Rudra and Sowmya..

She was about to run, shivay stops her

Shivay: cool down Anika..

Anika: shivay don’t worry I’m there na.. now tell me how r u going to stop Gouri now?

Shivay: simple il bring Aditya along with me..

Anika: ?if aditya comes he will take her..

Shivay: Anika.. I’m there na.. I know what to do..
U meanwhile talk to Rudra and Sowmya.. we need they help too..

Anika: okay…

She runs inside..

She immediately takes Rudra and Sowmya aside and tells them about Om and Gouri

Rudra :?what r u serious? No no I can’t believe this lol?? Gouri and Om??

Sowmya: what’s so funny Rudra… they make a cute pair.. isn’t it? ?

Rudra: yaa but… I know about Om.. he won’t love any girl now..u know about his past na Sowmya…

Sowmya: rudra.. love can happen twice. That’s not a problem..

Rudra: Im not able to believe it… I know Om very well… he loves Ishana so much? he dint come out from his past… but ya life has so many chances.. at the same time even love can have too? that means Om and Gouri… ? awesome ?

Sowmya and Anika smiles seeing him..

Will Om stops Gouri??
Who is Ishana? Will she come again in Om’s life? (Don’t worry Ishana fans.. Ishana is not negative in this story)

How Will Om and Gouri unite Sowmya and Rudra?
And how will shivika,RuVya unite OmRi

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