In Search Of Love- Om and Gouri FF (part-6)

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Part 6:

Omkara goes inside to meet his lawyer

Omkara: I’m sorry for disturbing u at this time, but it’s very urgent

Lawyer: no problem come in Omkara..

Omkara talks to him.. they both share a serious discussion.. Omkara tells him his plans..

Omkara: I want my dad tej Oberoi entire property on my name..

Lawyer is shocked

Lawyer: but Omkara.. as of now his property is on his name.. when tej Oberoi and jhanvi gets divorced.. she will get 40% of his share..

Omkara: ?noo.. that can’t be happen.. I want full property to be on my name.. is there any other way?

Lawyer: (thinks) I know ur family very well… and I know about ur dad affair too.. i know this is risky… buy I can help you Omkara… there is only one way… just wait for some time..
il prepare a document…

Omkara accepts

He goes into his room, while Omkara waits for him)


Gouri is waiting for om..
“Arey where did he go?” How can he leave me alone here? let him come I will bash him

She doesn’t get air

Lawyer house:

Lawyer comes out with some documents..

Lawyer: I know it’s risky… but try to make ur dad sign on these papers.. rest all il manage

Omkar: (smirks) il get it.. these papers will change the fate of Mr.tej Singh Oberoi..

Gouri starts sweating more…she wipes it…
she feels suffocated…
She knocks the windows.. but no one can hear her voice.. she tries to open the window.. but she couldn’t..

She feels more suffocated..
“No.. Gouri, just few mins, he will come.. don’t get tensed” she repeats these words to herself making herself brave

“Omkara.. where r u?? Come soon..” she cries calling him”

She becomes weak..though she is weak she keeps hitting the window for help..

Oberoi mansion:

Shivika and rumya reaches Oberoi house.. Shivay looks for om’s car..

Anika: shivay what r u looking?

Shivay: where is Om? He dint come still..

Anika: he said he is on the way na.. don’t worry.

Shivay: okay.. he looks at Rudra who is still sitting inside the car..

Anika: ?look at him he is still following Sowmya’s bet.

Sowmya tensed

Shivay: (doubts) something is wrong with him

Sowmya: (tensed) Bhai.. u go inside.. il bring him inside.. Rudra come out.. (she signals him to come out) Rudra comes out.. and was about to fall Sowmya holds him…

Before shivay watches Rudra.. shivay gets call from Priyanka.. he lifts her call

Shivay: Prinky I’m coming..

Prinky: Bhai.. u don’t come, ranveer said he will drop me..

Shivay: hmm okay.. come soon

Prinku smiles and cuts the call…

Everyone goes inside.. Shivay looks for om.. he is actually tensed for him

He calls him..

Omkara is busy with lawyer.. he gets Shivay’s call.. om lifts it

Shivay: Om where r u? It’s been 45mins since u said ur on the way.. where r u?

Om: Bhai.. we are coming.. actually I got some work in the middle..

Shivay: okay where is Gouri?

Om: she is with me.. (he suddenly remembers Gouri.. how he locked her in the car…he looks at the time… he was shocked)

Om: ?Gouri…

(He cuts the call and rushes out towards the car)

Seeing him tensed lawyer runs back of him

“Om what happend”?

Om runs towards his car.. he looks at Gouri who is hitting the window… he runs towards her.. he looks at Gouri who is very weak, she is sweating.. nd breathing heavily.. he is shocked to see her in such state

Gouri looks at him and gets happy.. nd hits the windows again signalling him to open the door

Omkara immediately unlocks the door.. as soon as he opens the door Gouri breaths heavily..
Nd falls on his arms unconsciously

Om: ?Gouri.. what happened? Are you fine?

Gouri doesn’t speak anything..

Om looks at Gouri who is in unconscious state .. he gets worried

Om: gouri? Gouri… (he wipes her sweat)

Lawyer is shocked to see her

Om: Gouri look at me? ? plz..

She doesn’t respond

His eyes are filled with tears… he feels guilty for her position..

Lawyer: Om bring her outside.. she needs air

Om lifts her and brings her outside…

Om: (shock) ?we need to take her to hospital..

Lawyer: no Omkara.. she is fine.. she just need some water and air.. first bring her inside the house..

He looks at Omkara tensed face

Lawyer: Om don’t worry.. just do what I say

Om takes her inside and again wakes her

Omkara: Gouri.. Gouri get up.. I’m so sorry.. see I came back gouri.. look at me..

Lawyer looks at her pulse..nd splashes water on her face Gouri slowly opens her eyes.. Om gets happy

Lawyer: she’s fine .. she is unconscious that’s it.. by d way how could u leave her alone in the car?? You could have bring her inside..

Om looks at her with a guilt… he holds her hands..
“I’m sorry Gouri, oka wake up”

Gouri slowly opens her eyes.. she looks at om.. Om gets happy and hugs her..

“Idiot, do you know how much you scared me?

Gouri is shocked to see his concern.. she don’t know why.. but she cries in his arms hugging him back

He breaks the hug and looks at her…

Om: I’m sorry Gouri.. I won’t leave u again.. if next time I leave you..

Gouri: ?”Ek jhaap mein Satyai jaaibe dewar pe..! ”

Om slightly smiles… Gouri too smiles

Om makes her sit..
“..are you fine now? Do u need anything?”

Gouri looks at her surrounding, it was all new place..

Gouri: take me home Omkara..plz

Om: haa okay..

He makes her sit inside the car.. he was about to close the car door.. Gouri stops him

Gouri: ?where are you going again? Don’t leave me alone plz

Om: ?Gouri.. I’m not going anywhere..I’m going back to my driving place..we should drive na..

Gouri leaves his hand..

Om starts the car… Gouri leans back and sleeps.. Om looks at her.. he gets tensed seeing her again like that.. he thinks she was again unconscious

Om: Gouri are you fine? Gouri..

Gouri: haa

He was relieved..Gouri again goes back to sleep

Om: Gouri.. speak something.. don’t be like This..I’m worried

Gouri: shh.. did u forget about ur rule? ? I should not talk and I won’t talk.. bye gud nyt

She again sleeps.. Om smiles hearing her words and thinks
“Crazy girl”!

He looks at her…she was about to fall.. Om holds her head..

He leans on her to keep the seat belt.. she wakes up…Gouri looks at him shockingly…
Om signals her showing seat belt and places seat belt on her..
they both share an eye lock.. (saathiya song plays)

They get interrupted with a light reflection on they faces..

Gouri: ?Omkara bus…

Om becomes alert and he controls it..

Gouri: ?Omkara.. careful..ade u trying to kill me today

Om: ?I’m sorry.. and sorry again for disturbing ur sleep.. take rest Gouri, u look tired

Gouri smiles… she thinks how he was tensed and how Om hugged her.. she stares at him lovingly…”how can someone be so good and so innocent” she smiles and again goes back to sleep..

Now Om looks at her.. he remembers how she was unconscious..
“How could you do that Om.. thankgod she is save..” he again looks at her..

Finally they reach they home..Om wakes her

Om: Gouri.. we reached..get up

Gouri opens her eyes..”so soon”?
She asks Om..

Om: (smiles) ha.. now go and sleep happily in ur room..

Gouri: okay..

They get down and go to they respective rooms…

Sowmya room:

Gouri knocks the door.. Sowmya opens it

Sowmya: Gouri where did u guys go? ?

Gouri: we went to Oberoi office ?

Sowmya: (confused) office..but why?

Gouri : Om has some work.. he is such a boring person.. I thought he will take me to a ride.. ?

Sowmya laughs..

Sowmya: hahaha Gouri.. u thought Om will take u to long ride ?? so funny

Gouri too laughs..

Gouri: haha true Sowmya..? Okay fine leave all that tell me how did u enjoy with Rudra..

Sowmya: (blushes) its nice.. but Gouri you would have join us

Gouri: (teases) I gave privacy to new Love birds ?

Sowmya is shocked

Sowmya: what?? love birds? Gouri..

Gouri smiles and hugs her

Gouri: don’t hide my dear sweetheart.. I know that u love Rudra..

Sowmya doesn’t speak anything

Gouri: what happen?

Sowmya eyes are filled with tears..
Sowmya: don’t tell to anyone Gouri plz?

Gouri: okay.. ? now tell me why dint u proposed him yet?

Sowmya: ?Gouri.. will talk tomorrow plz

Gouri: okay but tomorrow I won’t leave u okay ?

Sowmya smiles… and they both sleep…
Gouri wakes up again… she feels hungry.. she looks at the time it was 12:30

She gets up and goes to kitchen.. she looks for the food.. but everything is empty..

Menahiwle Om in his room..
he remembers lawyer words.. he takes out the documents and think how to make his dad to sign those papers

He thinks deeply..
“Before I take this decision I Should talk to bhai and rudra, but no no I should not inform anyone.. I won’t change my plan at any cost..”

He feels thirsty.. he looks at his bottle empty..

He walks towards kitchen.. he looks at Gouri..
“Ooof this girl won’t leave me where ever I go”

He simply walks towards the freeze

Gouri looks at him

Gouri: ?Omkara what r u doing here at this time ?

Om: u dint sleep yet? What r u doing here?

Gouri : (suddenly shouts) its all because of you..?

Om is shocked

Om: because of me? What did I do? ?

Gouri: evening where did we all plan to go? Tell Me?

Om: ha.. wo.. we planned for dinner

Gouri: where did u take me? To ur office.. where is the dinner in between? I’m feeling hungry now..??‍♀️

Om: hello.. excuse…small correction..I dint take u.. u came back of me..

Gouri: whatever… it’s all ur fault?

Om: acha.. why did u come back of Me?

Gouri: arey.. when u said long ride.. we girls expect something different.. but..

Meanwhile Om gets irritated with her talks.. he takes out flour.. and starts mixing it..

Gouri: ?what r u doing om?

Om: can’t u see I’m cooking..

Gouri: cooking? ? u cook?

Om: be silent.. don’t irritate me

Gouri gets excited.. she sits on the table.. and looks at his cooking

Gouri: do fast na.. how much more time

Om looks at her seriously

Gouri: ?sorry sorry..

After sometime Om finishes preparing roti..
he takes a plate and serves her with a pickle

Om: here have it.. now don’t ask curry adjust with pickle

Gouri gets excited..

Gouri: how sweet Omkara… ? u prepared for me? I’m so impressed.. thankyou so much

Om: okay okay.. enough of praising and start having it.. good nyt

He was about to leave

Gouri stops him

Gouri: where r u going? Wait until I eat..plz

Om: oofff okay have fast

Gouri: not here… come will sit at lawn..?

Om: why lawn? Sit here and have it..?

Gouri: u just come with me…

SHe holds his hands and takes him..

Gouri sits.. she makes Om sit..

Om: ur really a brain eater.. eat fast..?

Gouri starts having it… she eats In a hurry..

Gouri: wowww yummy!!! ?

Om looks at her and smiles teasingly

Om: ?eat slowly.. cool down..

Gouri: I’m so hungry.. u know I can’t stay without food..? I don’t understand how can people do fasting and all.. my Ma na.. in a week 4 days she does fasting.. its so stupid na.. ?
But I’m not like her.. I eat all days ??

Saying this she again eats… Om gets mesmerised seeing the way she’s eating.. he stares at her

Gouri looks at him staring…she looks at her plate.. she gives a roti to him

Gouri: here have it..

Om: ?no.. u have it

Gouri : I know even u dint eat anything.. come let’s share okay..

Om: ?Gouri.. u eat.. if u do like this il leave right now

Gouri: oh seriously.. by d way Mr.omkara I’m ur guest.. u have to do what ur guest says.. so come have it..

She gives him a bite..

Om looks at her shockingly

Gouri: what r u looking come have it… she feeds him with her hand

Om eats it hesitatingly

Gouri laughs seeing his shyness

Gouri: ?why r u shy??

She laughs loudly…

Om: ?are u mad? Why r u laughing?

Shivika room:

Shivay wakes up hearing laughs sound from the lawn..
He gets up and goes near the window..

He is surprised to see Gouri and Om..


Gouri keeps laughing…

Gouri: accept that ur shy? ?

Om: shy?? Come on yar.. I’m not shy

Gouri: good then now come have another one..?

Om: this is too much… ?

Gouri: I don’t care if it’s three much also.. now be silent and have it..

Om: oofff okay fine.. il eat.. he takes a roti and starts having it..

Gouri again laughs..

Om: ur so typical man.. ?

Gauri keeps laughing.. Om looks at her laughing and even he starts laughing..

“Ur really crazy”!!!! ?

Shivay smiles looking at them.. he never seen Om like this from past few months.. he feels happy seeing them together..
Meanwhile Anika wakes up..she comes near shivay

Anika: shivay what r u looking at?

Shivay: shhh…

Anika peeps out.. she looks at Gouri and Om

Anika: ?oh god..they are again fighting.. let’s stop it Shivay

Shivay: ?no.. don’t disturb them.. they are having nice time..

Anika: hmm okay.. I’m sleeping bye… close those windows when u sleep..

She falls on her bed and sleeps…

Shivay again looks at om and Gauri.. he smiles and closes the door.

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