In Search Of Love- Om and Gouri FF (part-5)

Part 5

Omkara and Gouri left alone.. and they keep fighting.. meanwhile Omkara gets a message
“Sir work is done”

Omkara smiles..Gouri looks at him smiling

Gouri: ?why r u smiling now? Arey how many expressions will u show in one day? Tell me??

Omkara: ?ooff enough.. I’m done now… be with Sowmya and Rudra.. I have work I should go now bye

Gouri: ?w..wait wait.. where r u going? U can’t leave me like that..

Omkara: hello.. hello don’t shout.. I’m not leaving u alone did u get that? Rudra and Sowmya are with u..

Gouri: arey I’m giving them some privacy.. how can I spoil that..

Omkara: (confused) privacy?

Gouri: yaaa…

Omkara: they are not lovers.. they are just friends.. okay?

Gouri: no Omkara.. Sowmya loves..
(She stops)

Gouri: I mean.. they went to have some fun with that music, in the pub.. so let them have fun.. Why to disturb..

Omkara: ooofff ?so what do u want me to do now?

Gouri:? take me along with u..

Omkara: that’s impossible.. ?

Gouri: then u stay here with me?.. u don’t have choice Omkara.. I’m ur guest, u should not make ur guest disappointed ?

Omkara fumes..

He thinks “this brain eater playing with my weakness.. il teach her a lesson?”

Omkara: okay come ?

Gouri is stunned

Gouri: really? Omkara your taking me out? I can’t believe this ?

Omkara: see I’m telling you now itself.. I have really important work..u should not irritate me, you should not question me, you should not eat my brain… and mainly U should listen to my words..okay?

Gouri: ?thinks….?okay done? challo let’s go…. but where r u we going??

Omkara: ur time starts now.. be quiet and just follow me

Gouri: ?okay fine..

They leave..


Anika: ?Om is such a sweet guy na.. he did this for us.. awww so sweet of him

Shivay: (smiles) yea he is very sweet… but why did he do all this? We came out because of him.. he is very upset.. we should be with him

Anika: ya shivay.. call them na.. will have dinner together.. at this time we should be with him.. call them..

Shivay calls Omkara, Omkara looks at his call
But doesn’t lift it..
shivay calls Rudra.. rudra looks at his call and picks it up..

Rudra: ?(shouts) what’s up bro? How was ur dinner?

Shivay gets loud noises..
Shivay: Rudra.. can you hear me?

Rudra: yes bro.. ?

Shivay : where r u?

Rudra: me and Sowmya came to pub…

Shivay: where is om? ?

Rudra: Om and Gouri are busy in fighting bhai? so we left them alone.. hahaha??okay Bhai.. enjoy ur dinner.. bye.

Shivay: Rudra..listen..

Rudra cuts the call…

Shivay gets tensed..

Anika: kya hua shivay?

Shivay: Rudra and Sowmya went for pub.. and Gouri and Om and are fighting it seems..

Anika laughs
Anika: ?then u don’t need to worry.. Gouri is there to take care of him.. such a sweet girl she is.. ?

Shivay: but Anika.. are you sure that he will like her company? I mean wo.. they always fight na..

Anika: yes I’m very sure.. ?

Shivay: fine then.. tell me what do you want to have?

Anika: ?wo.. Shivay.. let’s order something special.. (she takes out the menu card and looks it deeply)

Shivay: Anika.. hurry up..

Anika: wait na Shivay..

She finally orders it… they both talk for sometime..


Omkara and Gouri in car.. gouri starts talking again

Gouri : Omkara..where r we going?

Omkara: ?did u forgot my rules?

Gouri: ?such a stupid rule..
Omkara: thankyou..

Gouri: ?okay let me guess… are we going to that hilltop? ?

Om looks at her… Gouri giggles

Gouri: sorry sorry.. okay fine.. another guess… hmm… are you taking me for a long ride?

Om: Ur again breaking my rule… should I drop you back at the hotel?

Gouri: ? no.. no I’m sorry..

Om: good be like that for sometime..

They reach Oberoi office

Gouri looks at Oberoi office…
Gouri: ?wowww is this ur office? Oberoi company… u brought me here?? ?

She gets down…

Om: ?shh I have work here… be silent.. if u can’t be silent sit inside the car..

Gouri: inside the car.. no way.. il come where ever u go..

Om: hmm…
He simple walks inside… Gouri follows him..
Om look at his PA

Om: u wait here I will come..

Pa: okay sir

Om takes Gouri to his cabin…Gouri follows him….

Om: Gouri u sit here until I come…

Gouri: okay… ?

Om switch on’s the light…

she looks at his cabin and gets shocked.. it was fully decorated with his paintings.. and those paintings are so realistic

Gouri: wow… Omkara is this ur cabin? And these paintings wow very nice.. u have very nice collection.. ?

Omkara: ?Gouri..

Gouri: ?sorry sorry.. I won’t disturb..

Omkara: be here…

He goes out and talks to his pa

Pa: sir here are the documents..

Om smirks

Pa: sir I think u should meet lawyer as soon as possible.. and here is his address

Om: thankyou..

Meanwhile Gouri looks at the paintings.. she was stunned..
Her eyes suddenly falls on the name of the painter “Omkara Singh Oberoi”

Gouri is dumbstruck

“Omkara? Is this paintings were done by Om??”? wow this is really amazing..”

She runs out with excitement..

Gouri: ?Omkara…

Om and his pa looks at Gouri shockingly

Gouri: are those paintings done by u?

Om: ?Gouri.. go inside..

Gouri: arey tell me na first…

Om: yes.. now go inside..

Gouri: ?very nice.. ur so talented Omkara.. such a creative… beautifull.. haha.. I’m so impressed..

Om: ?Gouri.. I said go inside..

Gouri looks at his anger face..

Gouri: ?okay..I’m sorry..

She goes inside…

Omkara and his pa talk about some important matter..

Om: okay il meet him now.. u may leave now..

Pa: okay sir..

Pa leaves… Om goes to his cabin… he looks at Gouri sitting in his chair and playing with it by turning round..

Om: don’t you have manners? How can you sit in my chair?? ?

Gouri gets up immediately.. and checks the chair

Om: kya hua?

Gouri: ur name is not written here?
(Saying this she laughs loudly)

Om: crack? whatever… come let’s leave..

Gouri: (giggles) hehe okay…

She follows him..

Rudra and Sowmya in a pub…

Rudra: Sowmya do u have any problem if I have shots?

Sowmya: no?but Rudra.. is it necessary now?

Rudra: just one shot plz.. (he asks cutely)

Sowmya: (smiles) okay only 1..

Rudra gets happy.. and takes a shot and drinks it..

Rudra: do u want to have it Sowmya?

Sowmya: no Rudra..

Rudra: can I have another one..plz?

Sowmya: okay this is last one..if Om Bhai gets to know he will scold you..

Rudra: okay this is last…

After that.. Rudra again looks at her sweetly showing her the shots..

Sowmya: (laughs) haha Rudra.. okay u drink how many u want.. but this is the last time.. from tomorrow you should not drink..

Rudra: thankyou partner… love u.. but Om bhai?

Sowmya: (smiles) il manage..

Rudra: thankyou partner… (he kisses her cheeks) Sowmya is shocked but smiles…

He keeps drinking it unless he looses his senses….Sowmya stares at him lovingly…

Rudra: (drunk) Sowmya ur so good.. ur my best friend..

Sowmya: really Rudra? ?

Rudra: yes partner…

Sowmya smiles..

Rudra: partner.. I need ur help..

Sowmy: tell me Rudra…

Rudra: Bhavya na.. she’s not caring me at all.. it’s hurting me a lot.. I think I’m serious.. I love her.. plz partner you help me..

Sowmya eyes are filled with tears…

Sowmya: ?okay.. u don’t worry.. I will help u.. but u don’t be like this.. plz.

Rudra: okay…?

Meanwhile shivika finishes they dinner..

Shivay again calls Rudra… Sowmya looks at shivay calls..

Sowmya: Rudra speak with shivay Bhai.. normally.. don’t give them a clue that ur drunk..

Rudra: (drunk) haha.. okay..look at my acting now

He lifts the call

Shivay: Rudra where r u?

Rudra:…Bhai….I’m coming Bhai..

He cuts the call…

Sowmya: Rudra.. if u behave like this all will get doubt.. u should be stable okay..?

Rudra: s..sta…stable.. okay?

Sowmya thinks” its better if he doesn’t talk)

Sowmya: Rudra promise me that.. u won’t utter a word.. okay?

Rudra: ?okay.. rudra promise.. I won’t utter a word..

Sowmya: come now..let’s go..

They go towards shivika..

Shivay looks at Rudra..

Shivay: rudra are u alright..

Rudra: ya..(he remembers his promise) he keeps his finger on his lips and simply nodes yes..

Sowmya smiles..

Anika: what happened to him?

Sowmya: nothing di.. wo.. we just kept a bet.. Rudra should not talk until he reach home..

Anika: ?nice bet na Shivay..

Shivay: ya very nice.. that will be applicable to u actually.. ?

Anika: ?Shivay…

Shivay: okay cool cool.. by d way where is Omkara.. he is not lifting call

Anika: call Gouri…

Shivay calls Gouri…


Gouri: ?did ur work finished Omkara??

Om: u don’t have rights to question me..

Gouri: what? ?

Om: in my rule..

Gouri: ?such a boring person you are..

Om: thankyou..

Gouri: ?but I’m not Omkara.. I can’t be silent like this.. it’s very difficult..

Om: but u have to, because u don’t have choice..

Gouri: fine..? (her eyes suddenly falls on pani puri stall, where he is packing his stall to go home)

Gouri: ?golgappa… Omkara stop the car..

Om: are you crazy? Pani puri at this time?

Gouri: plz plz.. I’m so hungry..

Om: no.. when u wished to come with me.. u should follow what I say.. and you should bear me… so that next time when u think of coming with me u should think twice and thrice

Gouri: Ohoo so this is ur revenge?? I won’t forget this Mr.omkara?

She angrily keep changing radio channels..
Suddenly her phone rings

She looks at the call it was Shivay..

Gouri: shivay jiju… ?

She lifts d call…

Shivay: Gouri.. where r u both?

Om gets tensed and he snatches her mobile before she replies

Om: bhai.. we are going home..

Shivay: acha okay.. why dint u lift the call Om?

Om: i dint see ur call Bhai..

Shivay: okay.. come fast.. bye

He cuts the call

Gouri: Omkara are we going home? ? why dint u tell me before?

Om: Gouri.. ? (he looks at her angrily)

They reach a lawyer place.. Om stops his car

Gouri: (confused) where are we? (She was about to get down)

Om: Gouri u stay here.. this is not office, it’s house.. here ur naughtiness doesn’t work.. everyone will get disturbed

Gouri: but Om…

Om: bye… and don’t come out… he was about to close the door…(he looks at her mobile)

He thinks “she may spoil my plan by telling to Shivay” he takes her mobile

Gouri: why my mobile ?

Om: revenge ?

Gouri: in this way?? ? This is very unfair..?

Om: bye…and m locking the doors… so that u won’t come out..

Gouri: ?sadist… come fast na… I’m so hungry… and I’m scared too…

Om: don’t get scared unnecessarily…il be here in few mins..

Gouri: Om.. but

Before she finishes her sentence Om closes the door and locks the doors with his keys…

What happens next?

Will Om comes in few mins?

Next part


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