In Search Of Love- Om and Gouri FF (part-4)

Part 4:

Gouri runs to her room quickly.. she collects her wallet and her mobile.. she wears her sandals and runs down..

All looks at her running..

Jhanvi: Gouri careful..

Gouri: I’m ready.. ?

She looks at Om..
“Check ur time, its less than 2mins? that is Gouri.. ‘Time means Gouri, Gouri Means time” ?

Rudy, Anika and Sowmya look at each other.. and they give a applause
“Arey wah!! Gouri.. u rock yar”

Gouri : (blushes) thankyou thankyou ?

Om angrily looks at Gouri and simply walks outside.. Gouri smiles teasingly

Jhanvi: come Gouri let’s go..

They go outside and get inside the car..


Jahnvi: what shall we buy for Ranveer Om?

Om: ?ma I don’t have any idea about gifts and all..

Jhanvi: Gouri do u have any idea?

Gouri: (thinks) Aunty.. present him a shirt? ?

Om: very bad idea… i think it’s so formal….will buy a watch mom

Gouri: ?first I told.. and no watch because shirt will be good..

Om: ?watch will be good… we boys are not so crazy about clothes like u girls.. we like watches, gadgets.. so watch fix..

Jhanvi: yaa Gouri.. I think he is right

Gouri: no Aunty… I think ranveer already has a watch… but new clothes..? it will be new always..

Jhanvi: (smiles) yaa this is also right

Gouri: so let’s buy shirts.. ?

Om looks at her seriously, Gouri looking at his serious face

Gouri: what? Why r u looking at me like that? ? if u want u buy watch to ur girl friend

Jhanvi laughs seeing they cute fights..seeing her laughing Gouri also laughs irritating Om..
Om fumes..

Jhanvi looks at his angry face and signals Gouri to be calm..

Jahnvi: fine.. will buy both the items okay? Shirt and watch.. what say Om?

Om: ?as u wish mom..

They reach a mall

Om: ma hurry up.. il buy a watch.. you buy a shirt.. we can save time..

Jahnvi: okay..

Gouri and jahnvi leaves to buy a shirt.. they do shopping.. Gouri helps jahnvi in selection.. jahnvi enjoys her company..

After the shopping they come out and look for om..

Gouri: aunty… why Omkara is taking so much time to buy a single watch? All say that girls shopping takes time.. but look at him, he is taking so much time for a single watch..

Jahnvi laughs..

Jhanvi: may be he is confused in selection… u know Gouri Om doesn’t like shopping… if He wants to present any gifts.. he will just order it in online.. haha.. but I don’t trust online shoppings…that’s why.. I always force him to take me out.. because I like when Om stays with me..

Gouri: (stares at her lovingly) Aunty u like ur son so much na? ?

Jahnvi: obviously.. I love my Om so much.. he is very good at heart.. he can’t see my tears.. he loves me so much..

Gouri smiles hearing her words…

Gouri: Aunty u sit here.. il Search for him..

Jhanvi: okay Gouri come fast..

Gouri leaves… at that time tej and swetlena comes to the mall and passes jhanvi… but they dint see each other

Gouri looks at watch shop and gets inside.. he looks at om still shopping.. she goes towards him and tap his shoulder.. Om looks at her

Om: ?why did u come here? Where is Ma?

Gouri: Aunty told me to call u.. so I came… how much more time

Om: its done.. billing is left.. and what’s so hurry you need to have some patience understand??

Gouri: ?ohh really?? Just wait and see.. when my time comes il test ur patience

Om: ur face..

Gouri fumes.. she turns her face and goes near women watches.. while Om does billing..

Gouri eyes suddenly falls on 2 watches one rose gold watch.. and other watch with blue dial with silver strap…(she looks at the price 100000) she thinks 10000..

Gouri: ?wow 10000 is good.. and these are very nice.. (she asks the girl to show it)

She looks at the watches…she likes both.. she don’t know what to select…she looks at om she smiles and goes towards him..

She places her hands around his arms shocking Om..?

Om: what r u doing?

Gouri: Omkara.. once come with me..?(she grabs him)

Om: g..Gouri…

She takes him to the women watches side.. om looks at the way she’s holding him..

Gouri: (smiles) which one is nice? ? select one na plz..

Om: what do I know? U take what u like..?

Gouri: plz plz.. I liked both of it.. but I can take only one.. tell me na which one u liked it..plzzz.. how is this rose gold?? ? wait wait.. how is this silver watch? Tell me na.. which one is nice

Om looks at her cute expressions, continues talking…he gets spellbind seeing her cuteness..

(Sathiya male BGM plays)

Gouri: Omkara..

Om comes out from his senses..

Om: haa wo.. take that silver watch.. that dice is good.. I liked it

Gouri: ?really?

Om nodes his head signalling yes..

Gouri: ?okay il take this..

Om looks at the price.

Om: are you sure you gonna take it?

Gouri: yes i am? I liked it very’s only 10000 and you know there is a discount of 20% ? its so worthy na

Om understood that she saw the price wrong.. he teasingly smiles…

Om: yaa ya very nice…. take it

Gouri: ?thankyou Om

She goes near bill counter… while om smiles seeing her excitement

Gouri: u know Omkara.. I’m so happy? my mom will love this watch.. she will definitely tries to take my watch but I won’t give her.. 10000 watch.. and 20% discount also.. why will I give her? il keep it for myself.. haa!! ?

Om: (raises his eyebrow) Wahh ur really great..

Gouri: thankyou ?

Sales girl: mam cash or card?

Gouri: cash..? what’s d total price after discount

Sales girl: mam it’s actual price is 1lakh.. after discount it is 80000

Gouri is shocked.. Om smiles

Gouri: ?what?? 1 lakh?? This watch is one lakh?

Gouri widens her eyes.. she slowly keeps the watch aside..

Gouri: ha wo u do one thing..keep the watch safely il come within 1hour.. il bring d card..

Girl: okay mam..

Gouri goes near Om nd whispers

Gouri: Om let’s go from here..

Om: kyu Gouri?

Gouti: let’s go from here quickly.. (she holds his hands and takes him out)

Om: (teases) u dint like the watch?

Gouri: no I liked it but i dint like this price.. it’s 1lakh Omkara.. 1 lakh for one watch.. ? disgusting.. I thought it’s 10000

Om looks at her face and starts laughing..

Om: lol!! Crazy you…

Gouri: ?why r u laughing??

Om laughs loudly remembering her hungama in the shop..

Gouri is stunned to see him laughing.. she only saw his angry face..
she was mesmerised seeing him laughing..she was lost in his smile..

(Saathiya female BGM plays)

Gouri comes to her senses hearing Omkara loud laugh..

Gouri: ? om.. omkara stop laughing.. il kill u if u won’t stop..

Om still laughs irritating her.. Gouri gets angry and runs back of him.. Om runs to save himself..

Gouri: ?stop it na.. what’s so funny in it.. Om!!

Om continues laughing.. Gouri runs back of him.. and tries to hit him

Om: haha u can’t hit me okay? ? you should climb ladder to reach my height

Gouri: ?om…

He runs towards jhanvi..

Jhanvi looks at them fighting.. she is surprised to see Om laughing after many days..

Gouri: Aunty.. hold him.. I will kill him

Om: haha really?? First learn numbers then u can kill me later ?

Gouri: Aunty look at ur son how he is teasing me.. ?

Jhanvi: (smiles) om.. stop it..

Om: haha okay.. as my mom said I left u Gouri..

Gouri: how mean you are ?

His eyes suddenly falls on tej and swetlena… he is shocked..

Jhanvi: I’m so happy today.. (she caresses Om face she looks at om is looking somewhere)

Jhanvi: Om what are you looking?

(She was about to turn Om stops her)

Om: mom.. nothing come let’s go’s becoming late.

Jhanvi: okay..

She starts walking..

Om looks at jhanvi.. he don’t want to make her sad telling about tej and swetlena

His eyes are filled with tears.. Gouri looks at his tears.. she is stunned again..

Gouri: Omkara..? (she goes towards him and holds his hands) what happened?

Omkara: (wipes his tears) hurry up.. we need to go

Gouri: but.. Om is anything wrong? Why r u crying?

Omkara: ?shh… don’t shout… dint u hear what I said?? don’t talk anything.. and just move quickly

Gouri gets sad seeing his sad and angry face.. (she don’t know why but feels bad seeing him sad)

They get inside the car..

Gouri looks at om.. he is quiet and angry..
She thinks “did I said anything wrong”? Why did he cried?

Jhanvi: Om.. should I come to airport?

Om: no Ma.. me and shivay Bhai will go..

Jhanvi: okay..

They reach parks the car and simply walks inside..

Gouri feels sad..she was about to stop him, meanwhile jhanvi stops her.. Gouri looks at jahnvi..

Jahnvi: (hugs her) thankyou Gouri.. because of you, after long time I saw my son laughing.. god bless u..

Gouri smiles.. jhanvi and Gouri goes inside.. Gouri looks at om going towards shivay room.. she follows him

Shivay room:

Shivay, Anika, Rudra and Sowmya are discussing… Om comes to shivay room and sits angrily thinking about tej and swetlena.. Gouri also comes..

All looks at them confusingly

Anika signals Gouri asking her what happened

Gouri signals that “she doesn’t know”??‍♀️

Shivay: kya hua Om? Any problem?

Om: ?I saw swetlena with my mr.tej… he never takes mom to shopping.. but he takes swetlena everywhere.. I can’t tolerate this anymore Bhai.. she’s taking my mom place.. I should do something.. I should end this..

All are shocked.. Gouri is confused

Rudy: but what about mom? She told us not to involve.. but

Om: we are with her Rudra .. I should do something to stop all this.. yes I will do it? I will teach Mr.tej a lesson..

Shivay: Om.. cool down.. don’t take decisions in hurry nd don’t worry.. will think about it later.. I think we should go to airport now..

Om: okay Bhai..

Shivay: Anika and Rudra look after the arrangements..

Rudra and Anika signs okay…

Shivay and Om leaves

Gouri doesn’t understand anything…she stands beside Anika..Anika holds her hands

Rudra: ?why such things happen only when we all are happy? Poor Bhai he must felt sad seeing dad with that b*t*h.. you know Sowmya Bhai is so attached to dad.. they both used to be like friends… but now they became enemies.. only because of that swetlena?

Sowmya: aren’t u sad Rudra?

Rudra: ya I’m sad to see mom like that.. that is why I hate marriages.. I don’t trust marriage.. long lasting relations doesn’t work.. Relation should be short and sweet..

Sowmya: ?but long lasting relationship defines love Rudra..

Rudra: ohh really? if that is right where is that love between my mom and dad?

Sowmya gets upset.. she looks at Gouri and Anika .. Gouri slightly understands what’s happening..

Anika: Rudra.. not everyone are like that.. we should make ur dad realise how much ur mom loves him..

Rudra: haha that’s impossible bhabi… he will never change… anyways..let’s get into work.. it’s useless to talk about him

He leaves..

Anika : Sowmya il be in kitchen

Anika sadly leaves..

Sowmya too gets sad hearing Rudra words

Gouri: what’s happening Sowmya? Who is swetlena ?

Sowmya: tej uncle wants to marry swetlena by divorcing jhanvi Aunty

Gouri is shocked

She remembers her time with jhanvi

Gouri: she is so gud..? poor Aunty

She remembers Omkara tears in hilltop and even today.., she understood why he was sad..
she thinks about his smile..

Sowmya: we thought of spending nice time today.. but it became like this.. ?definitely om will be mood out, if he be like that.. how cum shivay and Rudra be happy?

Gouri smiles

Gouri: don’t worry Sowmya.. Gouri is there na ? she makes everything fine..

Sowmya: really? ?

Gouri: il try ?

Gouri winks.. Sowmya smiles..

After sometime..

Omkara, shivay and Ranveer comes.. Priyanka gets happy.. she looks at ranveer from the window.. she goes down excitedly…

everyone welcomes Ranveer.. Priyanka feels shy to look at him.. ranveer smiles seeing her shyness..

They all spend some time together except Om.. he is in his room spending alone thinking how to solve his mom problem


All are busy in they own world.. jhanvi searches for om
Jhanvi: shivay beta where is om?
Shivay: (covers) he has some important work…

Jhanvi: acha okay..

She again gets busy in work

Shivay thinks “I should first take him out, or else he will be upset”
He searches for Anika… Anika is talking with elders..

Shivay goes towards Anika, he signals her to come a side.. anika doesn’t understand..

Shivay again signals her to come to his room… Anika smiles and goes to meet shivay


Shivay is waiting for Anika.. Anika looks at shivay
Anika: ?shivay ur becoming so romantic day by day.. And what was that signalling? ? lol funny

Shivay : ?Anika.. stop teasing me.. and now listen.. just plan something…We need to go out.. we should take Om out

Anika: but shivay.. u know right when Om mood is not good he won’t come out..

Shivay: I know that… but ya okay will manage.. it’s my duty to bring Om out.. before that we should have a plan to go out…

Anika thinks deeply..

Shivay: quick Anika..

Anika: ?shivay I have only one brain.. just give me sometime.. ?yaaa idea.. let’s take help from our batch..

Shivay : okay wait il call them..
(He calls Rudra and tells him to come to his room along with Sowmya and Gouri)

They come to shivika room

Rudra: Kya hua Bhaiya?

Shivay tells about it..

Shivay: we should take om out.. but how can we? Ranveer is there na.. we can’t leave him alone here

Gouri gets a plan

Gouri: jiju.. will take ranveer along with us?

Rudra: will he come? ? Gouri.. he is very shy.. he is not so free with us like you are.. he takes time to mingle up..

Anika: ?he may not come with us.. but he wont say no if prinku comes

Gouri and Sowmya look at each other and gives hifi?

Sowmya: super Anika Di.. so using prinku and Ranveer…we can have a reason to go out..

Gouri: ?yes.. absolutely

Shivay: ?impressive.. done?

Rudra: but bhaiya, Om won’t come.. we know about him na

Shivay: don’t worry.. il bring him.. meantime u all get ready..

He leaves the room and goes to Om room.. he looks at om who is in dark room.. he switch on’s the light.. he gets sad seeing Om..

Shivay: Om.. what r u doing here.. come let’s go down

Om: Bhai.. I want to stay alone

Shivay: hmm.. Om (he sits beside him and places his hand on his shoulder) see today we should be happy.. we all planned to go out for dinner.. even u should come with us.. come now get ready

Om: Bhai plz

Shivay: Om.. I can understand ur problem.. but think about Priyanka.. she is so happy today.. if she sees u like this.. she will get disappointed.. at least for her u should be happy..

Om looks at shivay at tears eyes and hugs him..

Om: I don’t know what to do… I’m so worried for mom.. ? how should I explain Mr.tej.. is he not matured enough to know all this..m

Shivay: Om..Om.. ma will be fine.. we are there.. dont think about all these.. atelast now.. come om.. plz

Om: (wipes his tears) okay Bhai..

Shivay gets happy and hugs him back…

Shivay: come soon.. and ya I’m booking special table for Priyanka and Ranveer..

Om: (smiles) okay..

Shivay goes down.. and signals everyone that plan has worked.. all gets happy..

Sowmya and Gouri room:


All gets ready and they wait for om to come..
after a long wait finally Om comes down.. all gets happy seeing him..

Priyanka: Bhai u became so busy.. ? I thought u will be with me today.. but u were so busy in ur works.. I won’t talk to u ?

Om smiles and kisses her forehead…
Om: I’m sorry prinku…

Priyanka: (smiles) its okay Bhai.. don’t feel sorry.. I can understand
(She hugs him)

Rudra: ?prinku did u ever asked me like that?

Prinku: (smiles) Om bhai is Special..?

(Anika and Sowmya giggles)

Rudra: Shivay bhaiya we need to think about this ?

Shivay: Rudra don’t behave like a kid..kiddo..(he slightly hits Rudra head and smiles)

Gouri looks at they family bond.. she gets impressed

Om: (smiles) Rudra.. shall we go now?

They all reach an open restaurant.. the climate was so cool.. the perfect evening for the couples..

Rudra looks at the seating,
Rudra: bai’s where shall we sit.. this table or that table..

Meanwhile a person comes..
“Excuse me sir, there’s a table reserved for ranveer and Priyanka”

Ranveer and Priyanka are shocked..

Ranveer: but I dint reserve anything? ?

Anika :(smiles) shivay did this arrangement? for you both to spend some time together

Priyanka: ?but bhabi.. lets all spend time together

Om: prinku.. ranveer came for you, spent some time with him..

Gouri: ?arey..yaar look at prinku.. she is blushing?

Prinku: (smiles) Gouri.. ?

Ranveer takes Priyanka to there table..

Another man comes
“Excuse me sir, another table is reserved for Mr&Mrs Shivay Singh Oberoi..

Shivay and Anika are shocked

Shivay: wh..what.. but I dint reserved it?
(He looks confusingly at Anika) ?

Anika: who did it? ?

Om: (smiles) I did it.. u both always been with us.. now it’s time for u both to spend

Rudra, Sowmya and Gouri giggles..

Anika: but om its not necessary.. we are happy to spend with u all..

Rudra: bhabi.. no more talking.. go to ur table and spend time.. that’s it..

They forcefully send them

Now, Rudra-Sowmya, Gouri and Om are left..

Rudra: now let us enjoy..?

They all sit together..

Gouri looks at shivika
Gouri: di and jiju are made for each other na ?

Rudra: ya ya..

Gouri: Omkara.. when are you going to marry??

Om looks at her seriously..

Om: ?why do u want?

Gouri: chill yar.. I’m just asking casually

Om: mind ur own work..

Gouri: ? (thinks- its my fault to show u sympathy, she looks at Rudra) Rudra tell me when are you going to marry ?

Rudra: ??I’m already married

Gouri is shocked.. Sowmya looks at him shockingly

Gouri: married to whom? ?

Rudra: to sowmya? haha it’s not real.. it’s a fake one..?But that marriage was so fun.. hey na Sowmya??

Sowmya gets sad..
Sowmya: yaa its not real.. ?

Gouri now understood Why Sowmya is showing special interest to Rudra.. she smiles

Om: stop it Rudra.. when u dint regard this marriage as true one.. u don’t have right to make fun of it.. don’t hurt Sowmya again and again

Rudra: did I hurt her?? ? Sowmya did I hurt u?

Sowmya: ?no Bhai.. he dint hurt me

Om: when u both think this marriage is not real.. so leave.. if u keep on thinking, it will be problem to Sowmya in her future..

Rudra suddenly hears a DJ sound

Rudra: woww music… I wanna join? Bhai come.. will go

Om: I’m not interested.. u carry on

Rudra: Gouri, Sowmya join me

Sowmya: okay ?

Gouri: sorry Rudra, even I’m not interested..

Rudra: okay Gouri.. u stay with Om Bhai..

Om: ?with me.. take her Rudra.. I can’t bear her

Gouri: ?ya ya Even I can’t bear him..

Om: ?who told u to bear me

Gouri : acha.. then who told u to bear me

Om: don’t copy my words?

Rudra: oof again started.. Sowmya let’s go quickly form here.. Sowmya smiles

They both leaves hurriedly..

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