In Search Of Love- Om and Gouri FF (part-3)

Part 3

Gouri and Om are shocked to see each other

Om: tum??? What d hell r u doing here?

Gouri gets angry

Gouri: ohh hello Mr.Mean.. I should ask you this question.. what are you doing here?? ?
Gouri suddenly makes her eyes big…
“Thief..? right?? U came to snatch everything here..Wait il tell everyone..
She shouts loudly… “jiju… Di.. Rudy… Sowmya…prinku… thief thief..” ?

Om is shocked

Omkara: what d hell? stop it..

Gouri: “how can I leave you….” jiju…Rudy… thief thief….???

Omkara gets angry and closes her mouth shocking Gouri

Omkara: why are you shouting and how do you know my family members..nd what d hell ur doing here??

Gouri:?ur family members? Again lie?? I know everyone.. shivay jiju.. Rudra.. Priyanka,Anika di, dadi, prinku Aunty… I know everyone okay.. u can’t cheat me..Gouri.. Gouri kumari Sharma here.. understand??

Omkara remembers shivay telling about Gouri..
He thinks “so she is Gouri… shivayy brooooo?how can you bring her? this brain eater is going to stay with us.. disgusting?”

Gouri: hello…why are you silent.. speak up..

Omkar: acha… (he folds his hands and gives her a attitude look) so you know everyone right.. fine.. then you should know about Omkara too..

Gouri: (thinks) omkara..ohh yaa.. I know.. shivay jiju and Rudy Ka Bhai hey na??

Omkar: do u you know with whom ur speaking? Omkara.. Omkara Singh Oberoi here…

Gouri : what?? (she looks at him from top to bottom.. and laughs loudly)

Omkara: ooofffff…. now why d hell ur laughing..

Gouri: ?what a joke…super ??ur Omkara Singh Oberoi?? Lol.. what a joke

Om gets angry..

Om: what so funny in that? damn it!?

Gouri: see Mr.Mean this is Oberoi house… they are so good at heart.. shivay jiju he is very caring.. and di.. she is the best di.. and Rudra.. very funny… and everyone are so good and I guess even Omkara will be like that…. and now look at you…your always sooo angry, rude, mean… how can You be omkara?? tell me..

Omkara gets pissed off with her taunts..

Om: ?enough.. (he shouts loudly and steps forward)

Gouri is shocked to see his sudden move.. shivay and Anika comes down hearing they voices..

Omkara: how dare you..

His sentence was interrupted by shivay

Shivay: Guys what’s happening here?

Anika: Gouri.. what r u doing here at this time?

Gouri runs towards Anika…

Gouri: di.. thief.. thank god you came..see look at his attitude… and he is arguing with me..

Om: I won’t spare you if u again use the word ‘thief’?

Shivay: Om cool down… what did she do? Anyways il solve the issue.. Gouri.. he is not thief.. he is my brother Omkara..

Gouri is shocked…

Gouri: ?what? He is Omkara?? (She looks at om shockingly)

Omkara: are you happy now..

Gouri: ?I’m sorry.. but… how can this happen? I mean he is totally opposite.. see just look at his attitude… how can he be your brother?

Anika: (giggles) hehe Gouri.. the word attitude is in they blood.. you know when I first met shivay.. even he showed me his attitude.. ??

Gouri: really? what happened next?

Shivay: oofff Anika plzzz..

Anika: ?arey wait shivay I should tell our love story to Gouri na..

Shivay and Om look at each other

Om: Bhai I can’t tolerate this Gouri anymore..send her away

Shivay: Om… she’s a sweet girl.. she thought ur a thief.. she don’t know about you.. so she behaved like that.. excuse her

Om: okay only for u… if next time she comes in my way il throw her out..

Shivay smiles seeing his angry face

Om: ur laughing?? Anyways good night bro

Om leaves from there..

Shivay looks at Anika and Gouri whispering and giggling

Shivay: girls it’s too late.. let’s sleep now..

Anika: so soon? wait shivay story dint end still

Shivay: Anika plz

Anika: hmm okay .. Gouri we will continue tomorrow.. I think shivay is feeling shy..

Shivay looks at her with a question mark face while Gouri and Anika laughs at shivay expressions

Gouri: hehe okay di will continue tomorrow…bye jiju..

They go to their respective rooms

Next day:


Sowmya writes her diary..

“I love u Rudra, I know you don’t believe our marriage and you don’t like me… I know you love bhavya.. I don’t know why but that hurts me when you talk about her… How can I see you with another girl.. (tear drops down from her eyes) kyu Rudra? Why are you doing this to me… you used to be my best friend, we used to share everything.. but u avoided me when bhavya came into ur life…
I want to talk to you so much.. I want to confess my love to u… but Im not expressive nd I’m scared…May be that’s why I’m sharing all my pain to this diary…

She keeps writing…

Gouri wakes up.. she looks at Sowmya writing diary…
Gouri: good morning Sowmya ?
Sowmya closes her diary quickly.. she looks at her and wishes her..

Sowmya: good morning Gouri.. did u get sleep last night?

Gouri: yaa Sowmya..

Sowmya : ?okay.. get ready soon.. will go down for breakfast..

Gouri: okay..

Gouri gets up.. she looks at the diary.. She simply goes to washroom.. Sowmya gets bit relief and she takes out her diary again, her eyes are filled with tears again..

Suddenly Gouri comes again..

Gouri: Sowmya which one is hot water tap?

Sowmya gets tensed and hides her diary..
Gouri looks at her crying face..

Sowmya: (wipes her tears) wo.. l..left tap Gouri

Gouri confused
Gouri: okay.. (she closes the door)

Sowmya again gets relief

Gouri thinks “something is not good with Sowmya, may be I can help her, il find out

After sometime she comes out from the washroom with her bathrobe.. she looks at Sowmya sitting sadly lost in her thoughts

Gouri: Sowmya (she calls her) but she doesn’t respond..

Gouri: (shouts) Sowmya..

Sowmya comes to her senses..
Sowmya: (tensed) ya Gouri..
Gouri: haha where r u? Is everything fine?

Sowmya: (smiles) yea Gouri.. just thinking about something… tell me what do u want?

Gouri: ha wo.. tell me which colour dress should I wear? Green or pink?

Sowmya: hmm.. pink?

Gouri: thankyou ?

She changes her dress.. she drys her hair.. she again looks at Sowmya who is lost in her thoughts again..
meanwhile Rudra knocks the door..

Rudra: girls… it’s me Rudy

Sowmya gets happy hearing his name.. she smiles and runs to open the door.. she stops and looks her face in the mirror.. she wears her earrings which makes her face look more beautiful.. she smiles

Gouri is confused to see her behaviour..

Sowmya opens the door..

Sowmya: yes Rudra..

Rudra: good mrng Sowmya ? (he looks at Gouri) hi Gouri..

Gouri: hi Rudra..

Rudra: hurry up girls…I’m so hungry..(he looks at Sowmya) wow Soumya you look so gorgeous today..

Sowmya gets happy..

Rudy: anyways hurry up girls.. il be waiting down

He leaves..

Sowmya smiles.. her face glows.. Gouri gets happy seeing her happy face..

Gouri: Sowmya.. really.. u look so beautiful today, keep smiling all the time

Sowmya: (smiles) thankyou Gouri.. come let’s go now

Meanwhile Gouri gets call from her dad..

Gouri: Sowmya u go.. il talk to my dad nd il come

Sowmya: okay Gouri..

She goes down..

Gouri talks to her dad.. she tells him about Oberois.. and tells him not to worry.. she cuts the call and goes out of the room

Meanwhile jhanvi comes out from her room.. due to night drink, she has a mild headache.. she gets down on the steps and was about to slip.. Gouri holds her

Gouri: careful Aunty..
jahnvi: thankyou…
Jahnvi looks at a new face

Jhanvi asks her with a confused face
Jhanvi: you..

Gouri: hello Aunty.. I’m Gouri..

“She’s a new guest Ma” says Anika from behind

Jhanvi: (smiles and touches her face) she is so cute… (she blesses her)

Gouri and Anika smiles..

Rudy and Sowmya are talking.. they see Anika and Gouri coming..

Rudy: bhabi.. Gouri.. quick.. we are waiting for u..
Jhanvi: come let’s all have breakfast together

they join for breakfast..

Jhanvi looks for Om..

Gouri looks at different items

Gouri: wow these many items? ?

All looks at her.. Gouri gets tensed seeing all looking at her

Gouri: ?did I said anything wrong

Dadi: no Gouri beti.. as some are on diet we cook different dishes for them.. and for others routine breakfast

Rudra: yeah.. like me.. as I’m always health conscious I eat all healthy foods..?

Anika: so Gouri what do U want to have? Diet breakfast?

Gouri: no di.. u know I eat everything.. I love eating..?? no diet in my list because I’m always fit…

Rudra: same like sowmya? even she’s a foodie..

Sowmya: Rudra.. stop it..?

All laughs looking at them..

Meanwhile Omkara and shivay comes…

Om looks at Gouri.. Gouri looks at him.. she turn her face… Om too turns his face

Jhanvi: Om beta.. you woke up so late? Is everything fine?

Om: ha Ma I’m fine..

Gouri whispers to Sowmya..
“All lies”

Sowmya: Kya?

Gouri: nothing..

Om gets seated in his place..

Dadi: so Gouri beti…tell me about ur family?

Gouri: my family…? mom dad and me that’s it dadi… cute family? haha.. mom and dad both are working.. nd I always feel bore staying alone in my house.. I love joint families..? it will be so fun and mainly they will be love more…like you all

Jhanvi smiles looking at her..

Jhanvi: what do u do when u feel bore Gouri ?

Om whispers to shivay..
“She will eat other’s brains”?

Shivay slightly smiles…

Gouri: I read books a lot, and I love cooking but whenever I cook it always spoils.. I’m a bad cook actually… and you know Aunty I love designing… sometimes I design my own clothes..

Om looks seriously at shivay

Om: this is so irritating Bhai..?

Shivay: Om plz..

He takes a deep breathe

Gouri: and I love singing.. should I sing??

Om: plz for god sake.. don’t take such drastic decisions?

Gouri looks at him angrily.. while others giggles

Rudy: haha anyways Om Bhai where did u go yesterday.. I dint find u in the room

Om: Rudra.. wo actually I had a work…

gouri interrupts

Gouri: (teases) may be he went to the hilltop..

Om is shocked.. all are confused

Rudra: hilltop? ?

Om looks at her angrily..

Gouri: (teases) wo I mean.. Rudra you know what happened yesterday.. I went for a dinner.. I saw a guy attempting suicide..

All are shocked

Sowmya: ?su..suicide?

Gouri: ha Sowmya.. I was so scared.. I thought of saving him..

Rudra: but who is that guy Gouri?

Gouri: (smiles) u know.. he somewhat looks like..(she looks at om)

Om fumes..

Om covers.

Om: Ma ya I forgot Ranveer flight lands at 1:30 in the afternoon.. I’m going to pick him up..

All gets happy, Priyanka smiles..

Rudra: Gouri.. u stopped in the middle.. who is that guy? I’m so curious to know

Gouri: Rudra that guy.. ?

Om: ?Rudra.. leave that crap…

Shivay: haha anyways Om even il join u after my work .. Rudra u be here and do all the arrangements.. Anika, and Sowmya prepare Ranveer favourite dishes…

Sowmya: but Bhai.. how does bhabi knows what Ranveer likes?

Rudra: Sowmya.. Priyanka knows it na.. ?

Priyanka feels shy.. All laughs seeing her shyness

Gouri: even il join Anika Di and Sowmya in cooking..?

Om: ohh plz… don’t try new things?? when u dont know cooking.. it’s better you don’t enter the kitchen..

Gouri: how mean you are?

Om: thankyou ?

Gouri looks at him angrily…

Jahnvi smiles looking at them fighting

Jhanvi: hmm om beta.. anyways I dint do any preparations.. I should buy something for ranveer.. I should go for shopping..

Om: ma we have less time.. okay no problem il take you.. get ready soon na.

Jhanvi: okay.. and Gouri u come with me..

Gouri gets happy..

Gouri: really Aunty???

Om: ?mom.. why again this brain eater with us??

Gouri looks at him angrily again..

Jhanvi: haha Om.. she’s new to this city.. she will enjoy the city and even shopping..

Gouri: ?ya exactly

Om: we don’t have that much time to do her shopping too?

Gouri: I won’t do any shopping okay? Il just help Aunty in selections…

Jhanvi: nice one..

Gouri looks at om and winks at him

Om: whatever.. get ready soon Ma.. il just give 5mins time.. (he indirectly warns Gouri)

Gouri quickly eats her breakfast and runs to her room to get ready

Om: (thinks) such a mad girl..

Episode ends

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