In Search Of Love- Om and Gouri FF (part-2)


Om leaves home and goes to his lonely place his favourite place….a hill top..
he stands near the edge and looks at the night beauty of Mumbai,

He thinks “everything is so pleasant and peaceful but why i don’t have that peace in me and my family”
He thinks about his Ma..

His eyes are filled with tears..

Meanwhile Gouri and her friends are on a way to a restaurant..

Gouri: wow this route is so nice.. ? I just loved it..

Ajay: Gouri.. look at that end, that is a hill top after our dinner il take you there.. its just a walkable distance from our restaurant.. and just trust me it’s just an awesome one will be there in this time

Gouri gets excited and peeps her head out and looks towards the hill top.. she finds OM standing..

Gouri: guys but there is someone over there..

Everyone looks at OM..

Anjali: what is he doing there alone? ?

Ajay: may be waiting for his girl friend?

Anjali: how can girl go there alone?

Gouri: ?may be he is trying to commit suicide?

All are shocked..??

Ajay: what??? no no.. no Gouri.. it’s just a scenic place.. many will come and just spend some time here.. nothing like suicide and all..

Gouri: but Ajay u said no one will come here at this time? ?

Ajay: ooof Gouri.. these many questions? Don’t worry chill okay?

They reach the restaurant..

Everyone gets down.. Gouri too gets down.. as soon as she gets down, she turns back and looks up towards the hilltop.. she can see om clearly.. his sad face.. his anger.. and finally his tears..

Gouri gets sad..

Ajay: Gouri come let’s go in..

He takes her inside..

All are busy in ordering they food.. but Gouri is lost in thoughts..
“I think he really came to commit suicide, If he did it I can’t forgive myself, I should stop him from doing it”..

She gets up..

Anajali: Kya hua?

Gouri: just a min.. il come back..

Anjali: okay

She goes out.. she again looks up.. Om is still thinking.. Gouri shouts.

Gouri: hello.. hello!!!

Om hears her voice.. but he doesn’t look down..

Gouri thinks “why he is not looking at me”?

She again shouts..

Gouri: hey Mr?? Hellloo.. can you hear me.. hello long hair..

Om gets angry.. and closes his eyes as he feels she is disturbing him…

Gouri gets angry.. she hurriedly runs towards hilltop..

Oberoi mansion:

Anika does all the arrangements for Gouri..
she talks to herself “?everything is ready for Gouri, now Anika its rest time for you.. ?”

She goes to her room.. she looks at shivay who is busy with his files.. she gets an idea
She slowly moves towards him and taps his shoulder..

Shivay looks at her..and again gets back to his work

Anika is shocked

She again taps his shoulder, but he doesn’t look at her

Anika gets angry..

Anika: shivay???you changed a lot..

Shivay: changed? ? me? I mean what happened Anika?

Anika: (smiles) sometimes I should give this shock treatments or else you won’t listen to me..

Shivay: Anika I have so many things to do..plz don’t disturb

Anika: shivay plz.. ?

Shivay: (smiles) okay fine tell me

Anika: ?so sweet of you.. come let’s go

Shivay: ?where?

Anika: long ride ?

Shivay: now? ?are you crazy?

Anika: plz plz.. shivay plz.. just one long ride.. you know just look at the weather it’s very nice.. plz shivay

Shivay: Anika plz not now.. (he again starts doing his work)

Anika gets angry and stands near the window and keeps a pout face

Shivay looks at her pout face.. he smiles.. he slowly gets up and back hugs her

Anika: ?leave me..

Shivay: (smiles) I’m sorry

Anika: I don’t need ur sorry ?

Shivay: (smiles) okay.. fine.. I thought to take my wife for a long ride.. it’s okay..fine leave it

Anika : ?really? Wow so sweet of you again..(she kisses his cheeks)

Shivay smiles and kisses her back

They leave for long ride..


Gouri reaches hilltop.. she looks at om standing alone..

Gouri: hello.. can u hear me? I’m talking to u??

Om fumes..

Here Gouri also fumes..

Gouri: (shouts) suicide is not a solution for every problem.. did u get that? ?

Om is shocked.. he thinks “suicide”?

she walks close to him.. Om senses her coming closer

Gouri: listen.. plz.. come back.. see I can’t let you die.. if I do so I can’t forgive myself.. even god won’t forgive me if I dont stop you.. come back plz

She was about to pull him.. Om shocks her by holding her hand and turns towards her angrily

Gouri looks at him shockingly when he holds her hands…seeing his angry face she gets scared

Gouri: ?leave me plz

Om looks at her tensed face.. her innocent face, her struggle to free her hand from his clutches, he gets mesmerised seeing her..

Gouri: (shouts) leave me plz…

Om comes out to his senses and leaves her hand..

Om: what’s ur problem? Why did u come here?

Gouri: I..I..came here to stop you from committing suicide

Om: suicide ??what do you mean?

Gouri: ?wo.. i..I mean.. (she closes her eyes and tells her sentence in a flow)
committing suicide is not a solution.. you may have lots of problems but this life is so small.. every moment is a gift from god.. so don’t worry.. be cool.. think for a solution.. nd your problems will be solved

Om looks at her angrily..

Om: ?enough..

Gouri stops nd looks at him…

Om: I’m not a fool to commit suicide.. did you get that? ?

Gouri: don’t tell lie.. I know everything..

Om gets angry and pulls her closer shocking Gouri

Om: what do u know? Haa?? Tell me what do U know???

Gouri: ?this is not fair.. I..i came to save you but your hurting me.. and how can you be so rude.. I mean this much rude?

Om leaves her..

Gouri smiles…

Gouri: (smiles) okay fine.. I can understand your situation..

Om looks at her..

Gouri: il tell u an easy way to come out from your problems, that’s very simple.. just close your eyes.. take a deep breathe..

She looks at om angry face..

Gouri: hmm what r u staring? come do what I say..

Om: ?out… just leave from here..

Gouri: ?kyu?
Om: I said leave.. don’t irritate me.. just get out from here..

Gouri: ?why should I leave.. this is public property.. I can stay here.. if u want u leave (she keeps a pout face)

Om: ?such a brain eater you are.. whatever I don’t want to waste my time..
he simply walks and get into his car..

Gouri: arey.. such a mean you are.. I saved you..
At least say thanks..

Om: (thinks)what the hell..
(He starts his car and leaves)

Gouri gets more angry and even she leaves..

She goes inside the restaurant.. and sits angrily thinking about Om

Anjali looks at her angry face..

Anjali: what happened Gouri? Is everything fine?

Gouri: yaaa I’m alright.. no worries

They all spend some time..and they go back to Ajay house..

Aditya: Gouri get ready il drop you in Oberoi mansion

Gouri: (tensed) everything will be fine na Bhai?

Aditya: yes?.. 3days you can spend nicely..when everyone comes from Goa then u can join them..

Gouri: okay…

she packs her luggage

Shivika enjoying car ride..
shivay: happy? Shall we go home now?

Anika: so soon?

Shivay: its 8:30pm.. did you forget Aditya will come any time with Gouri.. we should welcome her na..

Anika: hmm okay.. wait wait? I got a plan.. why don’t we pick Gouri.. like another long ride?

Shivay: (smiles) hmm okay.. as you wish..?

Shivay calls Aditya and tells him that he will pick Gouri.. Aditya agrees..


Sharma house:

Gouri dad worries for her..
“She dint call us, did she eat anything? Once call her Kumari”

Kumari: (smiles) let’s not disturb her Sharma.. let her enjoy..

Sharma gets sad.. he goes to his and looks at a small girl photograph and cries..

Sharma: I’m worried Kumari.. she went to Mumbai, we have many bad memories in that place.. and we lost our elder daughter in that place.. (he caresses her pic) now even Gouri went.. nothing will happen to her na

Kumari cries hearing about her elder daughter

Kumari: I know Sharma.. don’t worry nothing will happen to her

She looks at her lost kid and caresses it..
“Why god snatched our kid..she is so small, and that thakur I won’t spare him”?

She cries hugging Sharma..

Back to Mumbai:

Shivika reaches Aditya house

Shivay: Anika u stay here.. il bring her..

Anika: okay

Meanwhile Aditya comes out.. shivay gets down and greets him..
Aditya calls Gouri.. Gouri comes

She looks at shivay and greets him..

Anjali: take care Gouri.. and I’m really sorry?

Gouri: its okay don’t feel sorry..

Gouri gets bit tensed.. Anika looks at Gouri coming.. she gets down and goes beside shivay….Gouri looks at Anika.. she gets happy seeing a girl..

Anika: hi Gouri.. nice to meet you..? I’m Anika.. you can call me di..? and he is my husband shivay..?shivay jiju.. nice na..

Shivay: Anika.. calm down?

Anika: chill shivay..

Gouri: (giggles seeing they fight) nice to meet you Di?

She gives shake hand..

Anika smiles.. “aww so cute.. she called me Di..? let’s have a hug”?
Gouri smiles.. and they share a cute hug..
They both feel some connection..

Shivay: Anika.. shall we go now?

Anika: ya sure..come Gouri..

They leave..

Anika: Gouri I’m so proud of u.. now a days youth are like hiding things from they parents and doing many things.. but you..such a respect.. very good

Gouri: thankyou di.. ?

Anika: I’ve made special arrangements for you..

Gouri: ?really?? So sweet..

They both keep talking

Suddenly Gouri looks at a big palace on the way..

Gouri: wow.. such a beautiful house.. ? it’s so nice na jiju..

Anika and shivay smiles..

Seeing shivay’ scar watchmen opens the gate..

Gouri is shocked..

Gouri: jiju.. why are you taking inside? I just said it’s a nice palace… will come here tomorrow.. no worries

Shivay stops the car and smiles..

Shivay: Gouri get down..

Gouri gets down excitedly.. she looks at the palace and gets stunned..

Gouri: wow..

Anika: so Gouri welcome to Oberoi mansion?

Gouri: ?what?? Jiju.. is this true? Haha wowww.. u know jiju.. I’m a architect.. any help you can ask me?

Anika: (smiles) Really? Then Gouri I have lots of work with u..

Gouri: sure Di.. (they both give hifi)

Shivay thinks “how cum all girls be like this”? crazy girls..

Gouri enters Oberoi mansion..

pinky looks at her..

Shivay: mom she is our new guest.. she will stay with us for some days..

pinky smiles.. Gouri takes her blessings.. pinky blesses her..
she looks at Anika.. and turns her face seeing her.. Anika gets sad..

Meanwhile dadi comes
Gouri looks at dadi.. she takes her blessings..

Dadi: god bless you beti..

Gouri smiles..

Meanwhile rudya nd Sowmya and prinku comes

Anika introduces everyone..

Rudy: hi Gouri.. (he looks at her top to bottom) before you join in our group you should promise me one thing

Gouri: what’s that..

Rudy : shh… come here (he whispers) will u introduce ur friends to me??

Gouri laughs..
Gouri: ?sure..

Rudra: ?promise..

Gouri: ha promise

Rudy: ?Gouri welcome to our gang.. (he gives hifi)

Sowmya: what promise?

Rudy: shh.. why do u want all.. its secret..?

Sowmya: (smiles) hmm..

Shivay: guys anyways let’s sleep now..

Anika: Gouri you can share ur bed with Sowmya

Sowmya: (smiles) come Gouri.. let’s go..

Rudra: Bhai where is om ? He suddenly vanished

Shivay: may be he went out.. il call him..

Everyone leaves to they own room..

After sometime Om comes.. he goes to his room..

Meanwhile Gouri doesn’t get sleep.. she looks for water.. she doesn’t find

She gets up.. and walks towards the was all dark..

Same with Omkara.. he goes to kitchen to get water..

Gouri takes the bottle from fridge…she opens the cap and drinks it.. suddenly she hears foot steps..
she gets scared.. she looks at OM shadow and shouts droppping the bottle…Om is shocked… he immediately switch on the light.. and looks at Gouri..

Both are shocked to see each other..

Episode ends


Gouri teases om about suicide infront of everyone…. ?how will om react?

Plz do shower with your comments


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