In Search Of Love- Om and Gouri FF (part-1)

Friends I’m vini, I’m a huge fan of Shrenu Parikh in iPkknd…. I love her Astha character so much..?
.. I never watched ishqbas but when I saw Srenu, in this show I started watching Dil bole Oberoi… and I loved it too…so I thought to start my own fanfic story with this couple.. plz encourage me

Coming to the story

Shivay and Anika accepted each other.. there is no fight between them.. but the only problem between them is pinky..

And I liked Rudra and Sowmya pair.. so in this story Il write ff on rudya

Rudra doesn’t accept Sowmya as his wife.. as he doesn’t believe on that marriage and he falls in love with bhavya.. seeing his love for bhavya
Sowmya decided to leave Oberoi mansion after Priyanka’s marriage..

Coming to OM..
Om doesn’t believe in love.. he lost respect on love becz of his past nd also becz of his father who always tortures his Ma… he only wants his Ma to be happy.. he can do anything for her happiness..

Gouri: (a short story how she comes to Mumbai)

She’s totally a new character.. welly educated.. respects elder.. very funny and naughty..she knows the family values.. and she loves being with family..she believes god but doesn’t believe idol worships.. she only thinks that god is present where there is good heart not in idols ..
Her dad doesn’t send her anywhere.. one day Gouri friend compels her dad to send Gouri along with her to Mumbai for a week as a holiday trip…he first denied but finally agrees..

So How this beautiful girl meets her love?

Here we go on with the first episode…

Oberoi mansion

A pleasant morning… everyone are busy planning for Priyanka marriage..
Om Rudra and shivay are planning to make the engagement event more special
Anika and Sowmya are encouraging them

Rudy: ?Bhai.. just imagine.. when Priynku will enter the hall… rose petals will fall on her.. wow it will be so nice na

Om: but Rudy.. what so necessary to do all that?

Rudy: Bhai it’s like a surprise ? Prinku will love it.. its like we can make her feel special

He looks at Sowmya… “what say girls?”

Sowmya : ?yaa its a good idea..

Shivay: yes it is…

Anika: but shivay… idea is nice but it’s not a birthday party.. it’s engagement… and what about Ranveer? We should surprise him too..

Rudy: haha then will throw colour papers on him?

Anika and Sowmya giggles giving hifi to Rudra..

Om: stop it guys be serious plz…

Anika: okay cool cool.. we can do one thing.. when they exchange rings then we can make rose petals fall on them.. both will be happy and wowwhat a feel it is.. ?amazing

Shivay: ?cool.. its nice..

Om: and mainly let’s invite all prinku friends.. school friends, college friends.. even that should be like a surprise too.. ?

Rudra: yaaaya sure.. and mainly let’s call bhavya plz..

Sowmya gets sad hearing bhavya name..

Sowmya: guys u carry on.. i have some work..

She leaves from there…

They keep talking and planning for sometime, suddenly they hear a fight sound from the hall..
They get panic and goes down quickly and are shocked to see Tej and jhanvi fighting..

Tej: ?jahnvi Why dint u sign the divorce papers?? Today is ur deadline.. don’t forget that..

Jhanvi: I won’t sign tej.. ?

Tej: ?jhanvi

he was about to slap her… Priyanka stops him

Priyanka: (cries) dad plzzz.. don’t beat mom..

Tej: ?don’t stop me prinku..

(He pushes her)

Om is shocked and angry..

Om: dad?how dare you push my sister.. and how dare you try to slap mom… are u mad??

Tej: om.. ?

Rudra: dad?

Tej: Rudra stay away from it…

Shivay gets angry and was about to go.. Anika stops him

Jahnvi looks at Om and tej fighting…and prinku crying…she gets upset..

Jahnvi: om plz.. take prinku inside.. il solve this matter.. plz everyone move from her.. tej plz don’t make it a big issue..

Tej: am I making it a big issue?? ?

Om: dad enough…

Jahnavi: no Tej ur not responsible for this fight.. but just listen… look at prinku she’s going to get married.. its our responsibility to do her marriage together.. il sign the papers but not now plz understand..

She cries..

Tej: okay just 1 month time..

He leaves angrily…

Jahnvi falls on her knees and cries.. prinku Hugs her and cries..
Om fumes with anger seeing his Ma and sister crying..

Om: ma why r u bearing him? Divorce him mom.. and don’t worry about prinku.. we all are there to do her marriage.. I can do my sister marriage in a best way.. I don’t need ur husband help..

Jahnavi: I love him Om.. how can I divorce him?

Om is shocked..

Jahnavi: its not so easy to move on.. you will understand when u fall in love..

Om: come on mom…

Anika gets an idea to change the topic

Anika: (shouts loudly) shivay tomorrow Ranveer is coming to Mumbai na?

All looks at Anika..

Shivay: ?ya but.. Anika..

Anika: then.. tomorrow is the special day for prinku.. what say prinku??

She winks at her

Prinku slightly smiles…

Jahnvi: (gets happy) tomorrow Ranveer is coming here.. then I have to do lots of shopping for him.. I should welcome him with some gifts na?Anika will you take me to shopping..

Anika: ha Ma..

Jahnavi gets happy and kisses prinku.. prinku hugs her with shyness..

Om and Rudra smiles looking at them being happy…

Rudra: arey wahh… bhabi tomorrow shall we plan colour paper wala surprise for Ranveer ?

Anika: haha okay okay…

Om and shivay look at each other

Prinku: what colour paper

Om: rudra don’t behave like a kid.. and nothing prinku you take some rest okay..

Rudra: ?nice idea na.. wo.. ohk fine..

Om: Rudra we have lots of works to do.. shall we go?

Rudra: okay bhai…

Om leaves his room smilingly

Shivay smiles looking at them.. he holds Anika hands and thanks her..

Jahnvi looks at Anika.. and thinks
“Even Om should get such a loving and caring wife”..


Gouri and her friends reaches Mumbai.. Anjali boy friend Ajay receives them..

Anjali: Gouri he is Ajay

Gouri: (teases) I know.. ur Facebook love story?

Anjali and Ajay smiles

Ajay: anyways come let’s go home..

Gouri is tensed

Gouri: (whispers) Anjali.. are we going to his home??

Anjali: yaa Gouri.. il tell u everything when we reach okay..

They reach Ajay house..

Ajay bro Aditya welcomes them..

Gouri looks for his family members but no one is present

Gouri: where is Aunty and uncle?

Ajay: haha only me and aditya stay here.. My parents are in US

Gouri more tensed..she looks at Anjali angrily..

Aditya: so Ajay when are you guys leaving to goa?

Gouri:GOA?? ? Anjali what’s happening?

Anjali: (stammers) Gouri actually we planned for Goa.. but I know ur dad won’t accept so I’ve told them about Mumbai.. by d way don’t worry.. it’s near to Mumbai actually.. we can hide this lie..

Gouri remembers her dad words.. how he always used to praise her saying my daughter never do much he used to believe her…

She angrily looks at Anjali..

Gouri: ?I won’t come with u guys.. this is my first ever trip with friends.. my dad never allowed me to go out.. and now I can’t lie to my parents and I can’t enjoy myself..m sorry I can’t break my rules..

Anjali: Gouri plz.. understand.. I’m meeting him for a long time..

Gouri: I can understand.. that’s why I’m not stopping u.. u go Anjali.. I will stay here.. il take some room in a hotel.. I can manage until u come back

Aditya: but Gouri how can i allow you to stay in hotel.. u can stay here..

Gouri feels uncomfortable and simple nodes no..
Anjali and other friends get upset.

Ajay bro Aditya gets an idea… he calls his friend

Aditya: can I speak to Mr.SSO ?

It was shivay

Shivay: haha lol Aditya.. stop calling me with that short cut plz

Aditya: hello dude.. how r u

Shivay: I’m fine.. how r u.

Aditya: I’m fine.. shivay actually I need ur help..

Shivay: ya tell me

Aditya tells him everything

Aditya: can she stay in ur house for 3 days.. after that her friends will return to Mumbai.. there she will join them..

Shivay: sure Aditya.. and I respect her.. the way she is obeying her parents.. that’s gud.. and ya she will feel more comfortable..don’t worry..

Aditya: thankyou dude.. and tonight after dinner il drop her

Shivay: sure..

He cuts the call..

Aditya: so guys don’t worry.. I have a friend shivay.. Gouri u can stay in they house..

Gouri: ?no Bhai.. how can I

Aditya: don’t worry Gouri.. u know I live shivay dadi so much.. she will talk so nicely.. and his brothers very good people.. nd you can be with his sister Priyanka.. she’s going to get married next month.. and I promise you will enjoy they company.. (he tells about Oberois)

Gouri finally agrees..

Oberoi mansion:

Shivay goes to terrace where Anika, Rudy, prinku, Sowmya are talking..

Shivay: Anika a new guest is coming to our house.. arrange the guest room..

Om: whose coming shivay?

Shivay tells them about Gouri..

Anika: such a sweet girl na? don’t worry shivay.. il make all the arrangements for her

Rudy: ?by d way how does she looks?

Sowmya: Rudra..

Rudy: I’m just asking..what’s wrong in it..

Om smiles looking at Rudy expressions and he looks down.. he looks at jahnvi drinking and crying.. his eyes are filled with tears to see her.. he excuses and goes down..

Om: ma what are u doing?

Jhanvi looks at him and cries..

Jahnavi: he don’t love me om.. he loves that swetlena more than me.. ? I can’t live without him Om.

She hugs him and cries..

Om: ma plz.. come with me..
He takes her to his room and makes her sleep.. he looks at the divorce papers and fumes with anger.. he hears laugh sounds from the terrace where everyone are happy..
he doesn’t want to disturb that fun.. he gets into his car and leaves from there

Episode ends
Omri first meet…
How will that first meet will be?

Any idea?

So friends this is my first part..
It’s an introduction..I ended up quickly..
From next part omri part will be more

Shall I continue?

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