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Ragini is sleeping peacefully by then someone entered her room and saw her sleeping , slowly the person moved to Ragini and smirked

” Ragini , how s*xy you are!!! How can I miss this beauty …I will soon make you mine…your dad promised me that he will make u marry me..but wo no one can save you from this vikram mishra ” by saying this he touched her body from face to neck and tried to control himself and soon left the place .


“hey sanskar what are you doing???”Rishi asked

“Huh… going through some old stuff about supernatural powers…” Sanskar said

“did you got any info???”

“not yet..where are you going rishi???”

“hmmm….going to kill…will u join???”

“kill?? whom???”

“the one who is informing about ragini to vikram mishra”

“I will deal with him rishi…u go and check ragini ” sanskar said

” Ummmm????? ok I will go to ragini ” rishi said

” One thing rishi …she didn’t know about us that we are …”

” Twins?? “

” Yeah and these powers ?? “

” Relax sanky , she doesn’t want to know about it and I will come here tmw , iam taking her to somewhere” rishi said

” If she got to know about us…. definitely she will hate us , god I don’t want her to hate me ” sanskar said

“common sanky we know compulsion , we can do it and make her forget “

” Memories are important rishi…we can’t do that everytime with her “

” That’s only way brother , No heart feelings “

I know I said him that I had no heart feelings but……let it be ‘ Rishi thought

Sorry rishi I don’t want her to hate me…may be I have attracted to her…may be I like her …I wanted to confirm that with her


Sanskar where are we going ??? ” Ragini

” Ragini, don’t call me sanskar ” Rishi said without realising

” what??? “

” Oops nothing….”

” Ok, where are we going ? “

” Surprise”

” Surprise!!! What surprise??”

” Ragini it’s a surprise….how will it be if I reveal it ?”

” Ok ”
Both were talking some random stuff and he stopped the car somewhere

” It’s bar , is this Ur surprise sanskar?”

” Sorry I lied??? ….I have some work here, I feel bore while I drive alone “

” So u got me with you ” ???

” Check !!! U find out so early ” he said sarcastically

” Which place is this ? ” She asked
He holded her hand and moved towards the bar

” Iam asking something sanskar ??”

” Isn’t it necessary  baby to answer “

Soon they placed themselves in the bar and he is searching for someone and found one person there , soon he left ragini there and followed him and Unknown to him, Ragini is following rishi…Rishi pulled him to corner and compelled him and asking something this is all seen by Ragini

Ragini saw one person heading to rishi with holding gun ? soon she ran towards him shouting sanskar name but he doesn’t heard that and she soon caught him and shouting sanskar name and the person shot her with gun

Rishi heard the gunshot sound and turned to see a person holding gun and aiming at him soon he ran like air towards him and rip his heart out and threw it away and went to ragini …

” Ragini….ragini…. wake up .”

” Ragini…pls…wake-up….pls …” He is shaking her and soon lifted her in his arms and started running

” Ragini….wake-up damn it …” He shouted at her and she started breathing heavily ..

” Rag…Ragini…Ragini…hold on to me…nothing will happen…ragini…nothing will happen ….listen to me…hold on pls ” he can’t control himself tears started their way and he turned his face and wiped the tears running them on his shoulder

” Sa..san…sanskar lis..listen…I …I have …to ….say….one..thing…”

” Please don’t talk …pls….pls ragini…”

” Listen …I…I…love…you…sanskar……may ….maybe I don’t know I will live or not ….I have to say this now…”

” Please could you please stop talking…. please baby pls….”
Unknown to him he started crying…he doesn’t want to lose her…and the thought even killing her …

” Sanskar I love you ”
He listened to her but he doesn’t stop running or he didn’t even turned because he know he is not sanskar but Rishi

” Can …can…I ask you one thing sanskar ” she breathed heavily

” Will you please stop …I couldn’t find one fuc**ng hospital near by ” he feels dizzy and couldn’t see properly anything and losing his strength , a thought losing her is piercing his heart but something is happening to him …

” Sanskar kiss me ” she asked and he stopped running
She thought he would kiss her …but he saw hospital near by and soon ran towards it and shouted for doctor ….soon doctor came and saw him with her with full of blood and he said take her to OT …but she didn’t listened to him and asked him for kiss

” Ragini…pls…pls…listen to me …”

” No….sanskar…what if I die…”

” Dare you say that…I will kill you by myself “

She smiled  and he captured her lips ❤️?

Doctor came in …he grabbed doctor’s collar and compelled him to save her otherwise he will kill him
And came out

Rishi called Sanskar and explained everything , asked him to come and disconnected the call …

sanskar reached the hospital after 3hrs ….Doctor came out and said she is out of danger and we have removed the bullet…she is unconscious now…she need to take rest so, you can see her morning.

” Thank you doctor…thank you so much…”
Sanskar went near OT and watching her from window, wiping his tears he turned to see his brother rishi…but he is nowhere to be found…sanskar thought he would have gone somewhere …so he went inside the OT and sat beside Ragini and holded her hand

” I thought I lost you Ragini…. please don’t leave me…i understood now…I can’t even think about losing you…I can’t live without you…i will save you from every obstacle and take care of you…I will never let anyone harm you…I will kill the bastard who attacked you ” by saying this he kissed her hand and came out and he heard his name very low that’s from so far ( he has that capabilities that he can hear everything if it’s even how much far ) he ran towards the source of sound and it’s a room in hospital and he opened the door and shocked to see Rishi with pool of blood ?????

Soon he ran to rishi and shouted
” Rishi , what have you done?? ”

He turned to see sanskar and started crying

” I’m sorry ….I’m sorry sanskar I tried not to hurt them ….but I felt hungry and soon…”

” So you killed these many people  ???”

Then sanskar knew he killed these 6 people for drinking blood..??? he is real meaning of monster now…

Sanskar started sweating bcz someday he will also definitely turn into this blood sucking monster and he don’t want to hurt ragini now he can’t go far from her …these thoughts are rising in his mind

Rishi came to him and asked about Ragini….
” Is she ok ?? “

” Yeah Bhai…she is ok…resting now ..”

” I’m leaving town sanskar “

Sanskar shocked to hell …
” Bhai…y now?? “

” I don’t want to hurt Ragini…if I’m here ,I can’t stop myself seeing her ….so I’m leaving this town “

” Bhai….what about me ?? “

” Sanskar look after Ragini..stop that Vikram reaching her or else kill him….”

” Bhai…you know it will happen to me also ….so we both will leave this town after ragini feels better and safe “

” yeah sanskar …you go I will clean myself and come to u “

” Be careful Bhai…it’s hospital and everything is blood here “

Sanskar left to ragini room and Rishi left hospital



Ragini slowly opened her eyes and saw sanskar sitting beside her and she smiled

” Ragini…you ok ?? How you feeling now ?? ”
She nodded for his questions

” Anything you need ??”
She nodded and he asked what ?? , She pointed her finger to him

” Iam here with you …don’t worry ….take rest and don’t do anything stupid like what u did yesterday
She slowly removed oxygen mask and said

” If anything had happened to you , how could I able to survive without you ??”
By listening to her words tears started through his eyes …he can’t explain his situation that what he is and about rishi…

He slowly kissed her forehead and left the room by saying her ” take rest “



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