SDCH- New Year Celebration (2018) by Dhruvi

Hellooo all……Pehchana kon??…Umm Dhruvi☺☺☺…..okk Priyu(Riyarocks) ordered me to write OS as a new year treat so i m writing this???….but don’t expect too much coz I don’t have idea & still I m writing this…..& I also crossed more than 50 readers on my last 2 posts so plzz aise hi saath dete rho mra???…now lets come to OS…

(In this, every character is same as in SDCH but there is no love between Sanveer or Sabir in starting and new characters are Armaan & Palak & Dev)

Lets start:

Armaan & Palak loves each other but their family is not agree with their marriage & palak’s family decided to marry her wid Dev. Palak’s bestie is SaShaGya & Armaan’s bestie is Kabir. So they both call their besties & asked for help. Sanchi, Isha & Pragya was with Veer & Garv doing panchayati??…They recieved a call from Palak & Veer,Garv also decided to help them. So they reached Palak’s home.

On the other side, Kabir recieved Armaan’s call & he also reached at Armaan’s home to help him.

Armaan & Palak finally got a chance to meet each other including their besties. Now Garv, veer,sanchi,isha, pragya was hell shocked to see Kabir & same with Kabir??….Then they realised that they came here for their bestie’s help. They made a plan that on the marriage day, Palak will run away & at her place Sanchi will sit in mandap. They decided that Armaan & Palak will marry in temple & ffastly came to mandap to convince their parents & also stop Dev & Sanchi’s marriage.

On the marriage day i.e., 31st Dec, everything was according to plan….but destiny was not in their favour……Armaan & Palak married but couldn’t reached mandap on time & when they reached they saw Sanchi crying with her hairline filled with vermillion & nuptial chain in neck….They entered & didn’t understand what to say….Suddenly bridegroom removed his sehra & the face disclosed to be Kabir’s face….Everyone was shocked & ever guy has same question tht where is Dev??……

Before anybody could ask him, he spoke,”Dev is in his room unconcious”


Kabir came to know that Armaan & Palak couldn’t be on time as Armaan called him so tht he could do anything to stop marriage. Kabir thought & he said to himself,”U have to do this for saving sanchi’s life”. He straightly went to Dev’s room & mixed some medicines in juice which was drunken by Dev. Dev became unconcious & Kabir dressed up as bridegroom & sat in mandap. Sanchi was tensed as PaMaan hasn’t come yet but nor she nor anyone could stop the marriage…so finally Kanchi got married. After that Sanchi removes her ghunghat & began to cry & everyone was shocked to see her. Then Armaan & palak also came…

Flashback Ends.

Armaan & Palak convinced their parents & Kabir apolozised to Sanchi & Sanchi also accepted the marriage as she understood tht watever Kabir did only to save her life…

And its 12:00a.m…..Armaan shouted,”Happy New Year”….everybody remembered tht now its 2018…so they danced, enjoyed, etc etc….

The End

Guys, I m so sry for this OS…I know it is worst but nothing came to my mind so I wrote this. And also sry for last lines as I finished it very fastly ( ky kru mummy gussa ho rhi h ki hmesha mobile tre paas mein hi rhta h???)…Now Riyarocks(priyu) hope ki tu ye padhe aur mje jutto chappalo se na maare…tre aur apne ig gang ko dedicate ye OS…..

With love,


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  1. Anu88

    So so awesome and amazing story yaar……. happy new year sweety……

    1. Dhruviii

      Thankuuu soo much anu…& wishing u a very happy new year….

  2. Aafiya

    Superb… Happy New Year 2018…My wishes to you and your family.. Let us all have a wonderful and beautiful year…. Take care. Baye…

    1. Dhruviii

      Happieeee new year aafiya……thanku & luv uhh

  3. Happy new year….. Love it

    1. Dhruviii

      Thanku amnaa….keep supporting me & wishing u a prosperous new year…

  4. Swethaa

    happy new year dear and loved the os ..

    1. Dhruviii

      Thabks swethaa & a very happy new year to u…

  5. Superb !!! happy new year ?????????

    1. Dhruviii

      Thanku urvi & happy new year

  6. happy new year
    it was good but too short

    1. Dhruviii

      Happy new year u too cherry & thanks 4 commenting….
      Am so sry for short one but when another idea will come up, i will surely write long one as i wrote it yesterday & shortage of tym…so next tym pakka long

  7. Niyaaa

    Oyee yaar itna short os tune to kamaal kar ditta mujhse to likha hi nahi jaata??.. Kamaal dhamaal os per ending to jaise bas bahut hua ab tata type ki thi???.. Lovv u happy new year nd post ur ff asap..bye??milte h ig p??

    1. Dhruviii

      Happieee new year…vse apn ne toh 1 dusre ko wish raat ko hi kr liya tha???…kuch dimaag mein hi nhi aaya isliye hr kuch likh daala……koi ni tumko psand aaya mtlb mra likhna saarthak ho gya….☺☺☺….aur mein pkka jldi post krungi aur tu bhi jldi post krna????

  8. Riyarocks

    haye meri rajdhaani express…….wow……..ek choti si pyaari si luv story……….kamaal kar ditta kudiye………oops………daayan………..shukriya(dekh thanks nhi keh rhi)……mere kehne pe ye likhne ke liye…………luv u meri pyaari daayan………….wo bhi dherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr saara………milte hain ig pe

    1. Dhruviii

      Ab ye rajdhani express 1 aur mra naya naam????…ha pta h shukriya bola???…aapne OS likha ya nhi???….luvv u too mri brahmuu???

  9. Priyanshipp

    Oye kiski itni himmat meri dayan ko maarne ki unhe nhi pata ki dayan ko sirf mai maar sakti hoon kyu h na ? ? ? or ye chotu sa os mast h maza aa gya padh ke or haan iska part 2 likh le mujhe iska part 2 cahiye …. happy new year and luv u meri dayan. Aajkal kaha h tu

    1. Dhruviii

      Ha…khli tum ig gang hi maar skte ho…aur haa try krungi part 2 ka…aur aajkl mein gr pe hi hu thodi si ID related tension h..buss…

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